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The Michael teachings explore the spiritual philosophy of the mid-causal plane entity Michael, popularized in the best-selling book, "Messages from Michael" by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.

The Michael
                          TeachingsThe Michael teachings provide a liberating set of tools that help chart our spiritual progress as we journey from first incarnation to last.

Learning about the roles (server, priest, artisan, sage, warrior, king, scholar) and the overleaves system, teaches us to validate our overall development in the reincarnational cycle (soul age -- mature soul, old soul), show where we are on the path, what lessons we will encounter, why we are here, and what is yet to come.  It also helps us understand the unique qualities we bring to the world, and why people and societies are the way they are. 

The teachings are very spiritual at their core, with many words and ideas that are primarily in Eastern religions, but unlike the religions and beliefs, seek to embrace the human experience in every form as a valid learning experience and an integral part of the whole being. 

This site offers the largest resource of Michael teachings articles, Michael channeling,  and related material available online, including monthly channeled chats (where you can ask Michael a question), a FAQ, an extensive collection of channeled Q & A, a gallery of role photos to learn your unique soul type, a special personality test, the original Michael transcripts, and an active discussion list

MichaelTeachings.com is a labor of love that was created for students, channels, and those wonderfully inquisitive souls still destined to discover the teachings.

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Attend a live chat session with Michael and ask a general question at the Michael teachings chat room!  See the schedule for times and dates. (All chats are currently dark).

Shepherd Hoodwin and other Michael channels have graciously agreed to channel on the first and third Sundays of the month, usually at 9PM EST. You can read this growing archive of Michael channeling at the main channeling page. 

If you're new to channeling, please read the following articles:

With your participation these channeled chats will add new material to the site and become a valuable resource for the community. Thanks in advance and enjoy your interaction with Michael! 

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