Indigo Children

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My question this evening is pertaining to indigo, crystals, and starseeds children and adults, could you elaborate on this a bit and am I and my youngest niece any of these? What is your opinion on this?

MICHAEL: The area of indigo children, crystals, and starseeds is one of varying considerations. We do not include these elements in our teachings because they do not pertain to the work of evolving in love, the major goal of the human being.

Crystals have energy that can be applied to various parts of the human body and psyche and as such have been explored and written about and taught. We recommend looking for one of several volumes that deal with them.

We do not work with the idea of the 'blue star' children. It is true that the human race is not static and that there is an ongoing adjustment in the intellectual and physical make up that the inhabitants of this planet are even now experiencing. But these are very slow and not very obvious and will take several generations to fully come to the fore.

The problem of 'star seeding' is associated with the longing for the deus ex machina, the god from the machine to come and solve the problems of life on the physical plane. This is a myth that has been resurrected any number of times over the millennia. It is a very minor imprinting from the original casting from the Tao, a longing to return to safety, perfection, and love.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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