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This article is a summary of the lecture at the second Michael Symposium in 1999, and a special channeling at J.P. vanHulle's Wednesday night group on February 28, 2001. (Marybeth, Lonnie and Stan.) The Symposium lecture was titled: Global Jobs and Community Responsibilities. I wrote the original version of this on March 4, 2001. Some notes were added later as I got more information.

It's from memory, so if I get it wrong, it's me, not the channels.

Working from the top down, the largest unit of organization is the "Energy Ring." An energy ring consists of twelve cadres, each of which consists of seven entities. The ring itself is circular (which is why it's called a ring), although it has a triangular cross section, not circular like an inner tube or a hula-hoop. The cross section is twisted. The channels insist that the twist is similar to the twist in a mobius strip, although that image doesn't fit with the step image in the Global Jobs handout. I need more specificity here - either the "mobius strip" image is incorrect, and it is a full twist rather than a one third or two thirds twist, or there is an inconsistency in the structure.

As a parenthetical note, there is a larger unit - twelve energy rings are organized in a support structure, although each of the rings are incarnate in a separate species. That is, only one of the twelve rings on this structure is incarnate on earth. The others are in species on other planets, which look nothing like us - although they do look like dragons, centaurs, and other creatures out of our mythology. We are unlikely to achieve space travel and meet them before we get to the old soul part of the cycle. The cetaceans are not part of any of our energy rings.

Either 21 or 36 energy rings are organized into a larger unit (I didn't get the numbers.) The first three rings comprise a set of truth, love, and beauty. As the 17th ring, we're the second ring in the sixth set, so we are a love ring. Our global responsibility (as a ring) is kindness. Other rings stand for other things.

[Note added later: I've also seen this energy ring described as the 14th ring. 1/31/2003]

The twelve cadres in an energy ring are organized in the same order as the support structure chart. That is, the first cadre would be in the love position, the second cadre would be in the knowledge position (? I need to go over that material again, sorry.)  Michael is the fourth entity in the seventh cadre; Seth is the seventh entity in the seventh cadre. The entire seventh cadre is cycled off, as is the tenth and twelfth. Orin is the first entity in the twelfth cadre. Immanuel is the sixth entity of some cadre; I didn't get the number in my notes. They're all in the same energy ring as we are. We are the first cadre (and some of us are in the second cadre) of the seventeenth energy ring to hit the planet.

[Note: I've also seen Michael and Seth placed in the 11th cadre of the previous energy ring. This makes somewhat more sense than the 7th cadre. 1/31/2003.]

[Note: Troy Tolly's Cadre's and Entities article has the 12 positions defined. There will also be an article under Advanced Topics -> Relationships -> Support Groups at some point in the future. 1/31/2003]

While the twelve cadres in an energy ring have somewhat of a basic responsibility according to the support structure, the seven entities in a cadre do not have the characteristics of the numbers one to seven. The first entity of the first cadre has a warrior feel because of the large numbers of warriors, it does not have a server feel because of the server qualities of the number one. The third entity has a somewhat chaotic feel because of the large number of wild cards. Michael feels very task oriented because of the large numbers of warriors, the entity as a whole may very well serve a scholar function, but it does not feel like a scholar!

The first entity of the first cadre is the first entity of the ring to incarnate. How it operates depends on the main role in the entity. An entity with a plurality of warriors would tend to wipe out all opposition so it would be safe for the ones following, whereas a scholar entity would be more likely to explore and take notes.

Early energy rings have an agreement to stay around longer to serve as a foundation for the rings that come after. Many of the energy rings that followed us have already completely cycled off.

Essences are cast into energy rings in two waves. The first wave usually fills up the standard entity and cadre structure. The second wave is wild cards. They either fill out partial entities or hang on "in the cracks" between essences. In either case, they provide a more chaotic energy than the first wave essences. Wild cards don't always play by the same rules as everyone else.

The energy ring has three sides: truth, love and beauty. Essences are cast into an entity in rows of seven, beginning with the truth side, then the love side and finally the beauty side. Each side has seven blocks of seven rows, for forty-nine rows or 343 essences. All three sides thus have 1029 essences in the structure.

Each row of seven is called a cadence. Each block of seven rows, or 49 essences, is called a greater cadence. Beyond this, the terminology becomes quite murky and confusing. Within the row, each essence has some of the characteristics of its position in the row: the first essence is one, so it has some server type characteristics, and so forth. If you chart the side with each row across the page, and the rows down the page on 49 lines, then all the essences in the first column are "1" or have server casting, all the essences in the second column have artisan casting, and so forth.

Each block of seven rows is a greater cadence. Each row within the greater cadence also has the characteristics of its row: all seven essences in the first row have server casting, all seven essences in the seventh row have king casting. The same principle applies to the seven greater cadences on a side of the entity.

For example, the 43rd essence in casting order has server, king, server casting. That is, it is the first essence (server) in the seventh cadence (king) of the first greater cadence (server) on the truth side. Doing some examples will help.

Another way of looking at this is the Global Jobs and Community Responsibility matrix. Each of the 49 cadences on a side has a specific global job; so all seven entities in a particular cadence have the same global job. The name of the job is a statement of the cadence and greater cadence casting order. (See chart).

[Note: My copy of the chart is probably back in Benicia. If anyone has a copy, I'll see if I can enter it and get it posted.]

Community Responsibilities are names assigned to each of the 49 positions within a greater cadence; they are a reflection of the casting order within the cadence and greater cadence. There are therefore seven essences on each side that have the same Community Responsibility, and seven essences with the same Global Job.

Since casting order is part of essence level structure, like role and frequency, it gets practiced every lifetime. By the time an essence has reached old soul, they are so well practiced that it is pretty automatic. Many essences resemble their casting order as much as they do their role, especially later in life.

Essences within the normal casting order have six connections to other essences. They are connected to the essences on each side of them in the cadence, to the essences ahead of and after them in the prior and succeeding cadence, and to the essences with the same casting order in the cadences on the other two faces.

Using the 44th cast essence as an example, it is connected sideways to the 43rd and 45th essences, vertically to the 37th and 51st essences, and horizontally to the 681st and 975th essences in the previous entity. These six connections are the first to be expanded.

Wild Cards are essences that get added to the energy ring after the normal slots have all been filled. They attach to the connections between essences in a cadence row. (I don't know why they have to attach to that connection, rather than the other two, but that's the example I've gotten so far.)

[Note: Wild Cards have the Community Responsibility implied by their casting order, but have the Global Job implied by the place in the structure that they attach to. 1/31/2003]


John Roth is a sixth level old scholar with scholar casting, a goal of growth, in the observation mode sliding to caution, and an idealist sliding to skeptic on occasion.  He's in the emotional part of intellectual center with a chief feature of stubbornness. He's a wild card in the third entity of the first cadre of the 14th energy ring (which is the same ring most of the rest of us are in.)  Interestingly, John walked-in during the late 70's; before that the essence running his body was a fourth level old king with a goal of discrimination.

On a more mundane level, John is a computer programmer (currently unemployed) and an astrologer. He got interested in Michael during the early '80s, and gets most of his Michael fixes through JP van Hulle's group.


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