Michael Channels (and Related Sites)

Although the Michael teachings were originally popularized in books by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, a growing number of individuals now channel Michael professionally. If you're looking for a Michael teachings channel, here's an index that includes both channels and related sites.  

While it's best to look for a channel that you resonate with, try to avoid channel shopping, where one goes from channel to channel till the most desired set of overleaves are given. It's been proven that getting multiple readings for the same individual leads to less accurate results and is counter productive overall.

A good way to choose a channel is to get referrals from like-minded people, and, especially, to experience channeling by different people and see whose work you most resonate with. However, not resonating with a particular channel doesn't mean that he or she is a poor or invalid channel, and even a piece of clearly faulty channeling doesn't necessarily reflect the overall quality of the person's work.

Since rating the personal expertise and quality of a channel is beyond the scope of this site, just bear in mind that each channel has their own individual strengths and weaknesses.

Read more about this in the article,
Evaluating Channels. Also, read the article: Channeling Michael Information More Than Once

Just for grins, check out: Top Ten Signs That Your Michael Channel Is Crazy

Michael Channels

Causalworks (Colorado Area)

Emily is an astrologer and author of some of the Michael books, including Celebrities and Parallel Universes, whose organization Causalworks has a newsletter, tapes, and channeling services. 



Aaron Christeaan (San Francisco Bay Area)

Aaron is a Michael channel, and co-Author of Michael --
The Basic Teachings 

Note: Currently not channeling

Ted Fontaine (Davis/Sacramento, CA)
Ted channels "Michael Lines," an on-line book of new Michael information, and a newsletter, "Channeling Arts." Ted also conducts professional channeling sessions.
E-mail: tedfont@mother.com

Note: Site is currently offline.

Flight of the Hawk (Half Moon Bay and Oakland, California)

Victoria is a Shamanic Teacher and professional channel. She does private readings, e-mail readings, Michael Retreats, Michael tapes, workshops, soul retrievals and shamanic healing. She conducts monthly Michael channeling groups that meet in Half Moon Bay.

Email: raveness@aol.com

Lori Gilbert (Sacramento, CA)
Lori has been channeling Michael since 1994.  She currently is a California Licensed Acupuncturist and does intuitive medical readings, along with her healing work.
E-mail: LoriGilbertLAc@sbcglobal.net.


Nancy Gordon (Boulder County, Colorado) 

Nancy has been a student of the Michael Teachings since 1997, as well as a student of metaphysics for half a century.  A computer channel, as opposed to a vocal channel, she is developing on an agreement made with Michael in 2004.  Nancy does private channeling by email.
Email:  ang936@aol.com


Eileen Haisler (Austin, Texas)

Eileen, Michael student since 1990, includes Michael "shorthand" to describe older soul personal growth challenges and opportunities in intuitive consulting sessions. She assists people in getting back on track of their own unique personal journey which makes all of life complete.

Kay Heatherly (San Francisco, CA)

Kay has been channeling Michael since 1989. She is also a Certified Hypnotherapist who specialized in Past Life Regression Therapy, and this appears to be her primary pursuit now.

E-mail kay@kayheatherly.com

Carol Heideman (Austin, TX)

Carol is a professional Michael channel and author of Searching for Light: Michael's Information for a Time of Change through Twelve Star Publishing which also has channeled articles by Carol. 

E-mail: ccarol77@austin.rr.com
Note: Site is offline. Email address is "good."

Shepherd Hoodwin (Laguna Niguel, CA)

Shepherd is a professional Michael channel and author of The Journey of Your Soul--A Channel Explores Channeling and the Michael Teachings and Loving from Your Soul--Creating Powerful Relationships. He does channeling sessions and intuitive readings via telephone, mail, and e-mail. Shepherd is particularly known for the detail in his overleaves charts.

Read transcripts of channeling Shepherd did for this site.

Contact: https://shepherdhoodwin.com/contact/


Michael Educational Foundation (Orinda, CA)

JP Van Hulle is a professional Michael channel and author of Michael books including Michael's Gemstone Dictionary.  

E-mail: jpmef@writeme.com

The Michael Teaching (Sacramento, CA)

Stephen Cocconi teaches Michael classes, as well as classes in No-Fault Communications. He also conducts personal channeling sessions and monthly meetings. 

Email: stephen@themichaelteaching.com


Open Gate (Santa Fe, NM) 

Kay Kamala is a professional Michael channel and visionary artist, specializing in relationship dynamics, Essence Roles and Overleaves, and new information on the Michael Teachings. Groups, personal readings, workshops, and complimentary newsletter available.
E-mail: KayKamala@aol.com.


Power Path Seminars (Santa Fe, NM)

Jose and Lena Stevens are authors of several Michael books, including Tao to Earth, Earth to Tao, and Transforming Your Dragons. Their web-page offers some Michael material, but is now more focused on shamanism and geared toward seminars for business leaders, lawyers, and entrepreneurs.

Joya Pope (Fayetteville, AR)

Author of two Michael books, including The World According to Michael, and a co-author of The Michael Game. She is a professional Michael channel who offers personal Michael channelings and some travel.

Note: Site is offline.

Rainbows & Miracles (Orange County, CA) 

Barbara applies the teachings to the business world and mainstream settings. Her website includes articles on "Michael Math," and how to use the teachings in business.

Terri Benning
Terri is a Metaphysical mentor and channel. Her MySpace site has music, videos, and other material related to spirituality.

Michael Toth (DECEASED)

Introduced to Gurdjieff and Ousoensky at age 19, Michael began channeling, becoming a student of the teachings in 1995. He is both a vocal & keyboard channel, doing charts, addressing present day & past life questions with an emphasis on animal and medical concerns. He is known as Gray (photographis2003)

Email: michael.michaelgray@gmail.com

Karen Murphy

Karen has been a Michael student since 1981 and a channel since 1999. Also a Reiki Master, she does channeling sessions and intuitive readings by telephone and email, specializing in past-and current-life connections and relationships.

E-mail: karen.lightspring@gmail.com


Caris Palm Turpen (Ft. Worth, TX)

Caris says: "My True Work is, "Telling people what they don't know."  A Michael student since 1980, I have been a professional channel since 1997.  I am very good at bringing in info on past lives that are resonating now."
Note: Currently not channeling.

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