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People with a primary need for Power seem driven to be in a position of influence. They enjoy being in charge, or "calling the shots," and desire to be figures of authority in any area they choose to master. There's an impetus to place themselves in situations where they can exude confidence, and a strong sense of responsibility is learned from that.

People with this need tend to be good organizers; they're self
disciplined and they usually set a good example of leadership that others can follow. While this need often involves an exploration of leadership in one form or another, the need can also be fulfilled by association with others who are in a position of power, or by helping people empower themselves.

Being blinded by personal agendas is a common pitfall of this need, and a sense of detachment is necessary in order to manifest what is most desired in life. Indeed, the creation of personal reality is a chief lesson here.

Not surprisingly, the art of diplomacy is actively studied by those with this need, requiring the development of patience and tolerance of other people and learning to accept their individual points of view. Not succumbing to the debauchery of power is yet another lesson, one where moderation in all things is learned and self-indulgence and excess is avoided. This is a common old soul focus. 

In the positive pole, the attainment of Power is used for the greater good and true equality is shared. There's also the ability to work with others in a positive way and the art of diplomacy is in full vigor.

In the negative pole, issues of control becomes an obsession, often to the point of tyrannical behavior. Anger and manipulative behavior can result, along with explosive emotional outbursts and abuse. 

How the 3rd Chakra Affects the Need of Power

This chakra governs personal power, the things we stand for in life, and learning to choose wisely.

7 Levels of Power

1) Crush Opposition  2) Oppress Self & Others  3) Control Self & Others  4) Guide/Influence Self & Others  5) Erase Personal Energy Leaks/Self Discipline  6) Spiritual Practices to Build Power  7) Personal Authority/Spiritual Power


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