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People with a need for Security are quite happy with the status quo.  They don't like to rock the boat because this could lead to perilous situations, and these people never want their lives to be in jeopardy.  With this need there is an overwhelming compulsion to feel safe at all times.  All decisions in life will be based on such templates, which involves finding a sense of balance and trust in the knowledge that everything will be alright.  

Related to the Instinctive center and the 1st chakra, Security focuses on the machinery of survival that's needed in life, ranging from having warm clothes to wear to getting a steady paycheck.

Similar to the Chief Feature of Stubbornness, people with a need of Security are wary of change.  They can be obsessively cautious, will rarely take risks, and in their negative manifestations can become so indecisive and paralyzed by the fear of a new set of experiences that they're unable to function.  

In everyday existence, people with a need of Security might be those friends you have who preach the virtues of getting a secure job with lots of benefits. Having a substantial amount of money in the bank and amassing as much life insurance as their monthly salary will allow are additional indicators.  Of course, many people aspire to these same ideals, but security minded folks can almost become phobic in such ambitions. 

People with a need of Security are forever researching and investigating their options, and they will never step into action, for instance, to take a new job, without the assurance that they have a "sure thing."  

In the positive pole of Trust, people with Security are stable and grounded. Since they have built a secure foundation to stand on, they feel comfortable with the winds of life in their face, and will even takes risks when necessary. 

In the negative pole of Fear, there's an irrational sense of apprehension and caution, and like Stubbornness, a refusal to move forward or confront life in any way. In extreme cases the person actually becomes too terrified to move.

How the Need of Security Affects the 1st Chakra

The 1st chakra governs basic survival issues and the will to live. An important task of this chakra is to learn to be fully present in the body. By staying in the positive pole of Security and avoiding fear-based reactions to events in life, the 1st chakra remains more balanced and healthy.

The negative pole of Security can affect the 1st chakra, resulting in problems like financial difficulties, addictions and compulsive behavior, sexual dysfunction, and intense fear.

Loss of grounding is a common issue, making life a constant struggle. People who are ungrounded can become victims of their own fears and lose the ability to manage their most basic needs. A total dependency on others is often an unfortunate outcome.

Finding an attainable goal can be the first step towards re-balancing the 1st chakra and the need of security. Simple acts like going for a walk or tending to the garden can be a simple catalyst in breaking negative patterns.

Positive affirmations to try are:

  • I am safe and protected.
  • I am loved.
  • I release all negativity from my life.


7 Levels of Security

1) Blind Faith  2) False hope  3) Clinging to tradition  4) Security based on theory  5) Security based on reliable sources  6) Security based on experience/intuition  7) Trust in Tao


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