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Understanding and accepting the differences of others is the key to unlocking greater levels of compassion, both for ourselves and those around us. The Overleaves offer the necessary tools to increase our capacity for tolerance and acceptance, and also show how we pre-incarnationally decided to experience life, providing a roadmap for what it means to be human, and how to operate from the true personality -- the state of being where real spiritual growth occurs.  

Overleaves are personality traits that “overlay” the essence. We choose them before a lifetime begins to facilitate the purposes of that lifetime, and usually select a new combination of them for each lifetime. The overleaves include the goal, mode, attitude, center, and chief feature.

  • The goal influences what we do;
  • The mode, how we do it;
  • The attitude, why we do it;
  • The center, the part of self from which we do it;
  • And the chief feature, what tends to block or distort our doing.



Here's a comprehensive collection of articles on the overleaves.  No stone was left unturned in this impressive study. To get started, read the introductory articles for each overleaf (goals, modes, etc.) then read the seven specific entries for each group.

  • An Introduction To Goals

    Our Goal is our primary motivation, the thing that drives us, the general bottom line we want to accomplish in any situation we’re in. More than the other overleaves, goals determine how a lifetime tends to be shaped and therefore has a lot to do with the kinds of experiences we have. Understanding the goals can shed a great deal of light on the human drama.

    The Seven Goals:

  • More On Goals:


  • An Introduction To Modes

    The Mode is the way in which people pursue their Goal. It is also their general manner of conduct or deportment. It is the underlying behavior pattern or "modus operandi" of the personality — the standard operating procedure. It is how people do things: their style, their path.

    The Seven Modes:

    More On Modes:


  • An Introduction To Attitudes

  • The seven attitudes are the ways personalities frame their experiences, placing them in a context. You must frame your experiences one way or another; otherwise they are random and have no meaning. The way you frame your experiences has a lot to do with how you experience them. This is why no two people agree on everything; some people are generally inclined to see things in a more positive light or try to make the best of them, while others have a more negative way of framing them.

    The Seven Attitudes:

    More On Attitudes:


  • An Introduction to Centers
  • Centers govern how we experience life, and how our response to experience is expressed. Each person has one center that predominates in their life, which could then be thought of as a window that looks out at the world.    

    Centers usually represent the most prominent part of a person, especially how the person is perceived by other people. Understanding centers involves learning to understand how people can react so differently to the stimuli around them. Intellectually centered people, for example, might view their perceptions of the world as reality itself, and this can make it very difficult for them to comprehend how an emotionally centered person can view the world so differently.

    The Centers:

    More On Centers:

  • Introduction to the Chief Features

    Our chief feature is our Achilles’ heel or primary stumbling block—it is the focus of our fears and illusions. Since it is our dominant blind spot, it can be hard to recognize it, and even if we acknowledge it in theory, it can be difficult to recognize in action. The chief feature and the negative poles of the role and other overleaves are activated by fear. Ironically, they make matters worse because they generate inappropriate responses, and then it seems that more fear is warranted when these responses don’t work. The inappropriate responses build on themselves, increasing the hold of the false personality and maya. False personality is made up of the chief feature and the negative poles of the overleaves; maya means illusion, and relates to the essence, particularly the negative pole of the role.

    The Seven Chief Features:

    More on Chief Features:


Body Types

Each Bodytype has a number of distinctive physical characteristics. These traits are adopted from the astrological and mythological attributes of the planets for which the Bodytypes are named. The traits apply to males and females both, although some bodytypes are more "masculine" and some more "feminine" according to cultural stereotypes. There are also personality traits associated with each Bodytype.  Most people are a mixture of various proportions of two or three Bodytypes.



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