Are Aliens Real?

Michael Channeling On Extraterrestrials and Alien Races


A question like "are aliens real?" is a complex one. Without even establishing first contact, aliens (or extraterrestrials) have already infiltrated our mass consciousness on many levels. At the primal level, they have given us new nightmares to contend with and upped the ante on the available fears we draw upon each day. More positively, they have appeared in books and films in ways that stretched our imagination and gave us hope that there may be others in the universe that share our experience of life.

Sorting through the glut of information about aliens, however, either through the media, UFO forums, or channeled material is quite an undertaking. Names of the different alien races, what they look like, and what their intentions might be are as disparate as the number of sources providing them.

As a channel, I had my own questions and decided to ask the Michael Entity for their input. I suspect some of the answers will differ from accepted norms, but I was more interested in taking a new channeled exploration rather than toeing old party lines. I don't know if the channeling will definitively answer if aliens are real -- channeling is rarely definitive about anything -- but it might give you further thoughts to consider.

What follows is everything that was channeled. Enjoy! ūüĎĹ


Are We Alone in the Universe?

You are not alone. 

Life, as you define it, is scattered across the Universe, in every nook and cranny, in every physical shape and size that the gravitational forces of a planet will allow. Life is indeed abundant and far-reaching, with limits unknown that extend beyond the grasp of the human imagination.

To give an example, there exist forms of life that exceed the size of mountain ranges, great networks of consciousness that live as one but expand into expressions of life united yet sprawling in unfathomable ways. Other forms of life are mere globules of gas that have formed cloud-like shapes in alien atmospheres, aimlessly gliding along but consciously aware.

Considering the vastness of the Universe, the ingredients of life are common and the recipes created are as limitless as the ingredients themselves.

The physical constrictions of life, however, can leave many incarnated souls with the feeling that they are indeed alone. The blackness of space that looms above is so large and unyielding that it is possible, in a psychological sense, to be swallowed by the immensity of it all.

Yes, you are not alone, yet the human soul often lives as if it is. Being contained in a physical body is a fundamental lesson -- but it also makes emotional connections with others more profound and moving when they are encountered.

Each soul, with its collective experiences that span numerous grand cycles and multiple past lives, is like a universe of its own. When the soul gazes at the stars it is not just stars that are visible, but a panorama of billions of other souls having their own universal experiences that stare back with the same question and plaintively ask: Are we alone in the Universe?


Why Haven't We Found Evidence of Extraterrestrials?

While life in the Universe is common (athough a fair amount of it is microbial), the sheer size of the universe is a precluding factor. Visible light (and other celestial clues) that reveal the trappings of life existing elsewhere, may never reach the earth's night sky during the arc of human existence. In other words, some civilizations are so many light years away that they cannot be detected. Considering that your own galaxy is around a 100,000 light years across, being neighborly easily becomes an insurmountable task if you foolishly need to borrow a cup of sugar. The expansion of the soul is indeed infinite in expression, but the reach of a civilization is finite.

The varying degree of technology also plays a role in discovering evidence of alien civilization, at least from afar. An alien version of a sea anemone, although it may possess intelligence and telepathy, would lack the physical capacity to construct the infrastructure and technology necessary to be detected light years away by another civilization. What many seekers fail to realize is that while life in the universe is widespread, advanced technology is much rarer.

Also, keep in mind that some of the alien life visiting your planet originates from the astral plane. Unless you are particularly sensitive to this realm, you cannot see them.


Did Ancient Aliens Contribute to the Advancement of Our Civilization?

Alien contributions have been minimal. Isolated experiments involving gene splicing were conducted but not on a large scale, and they were not allowed to influence the evolutionary progression of the early hominids. The experiments were geared toward testing the viability of certain hominids as receptors of sentience. It was more about curiosity than anything else.

The emerging sentience of a species does attract the attention of advanced life forms who understand the importance and ramifications of the event. The transition was observed with considerable interest and excitement.

Alien contributions as a whole, especially with a new sentient species, are frowned on as interstellar meddling. The beauty of a new sentient species at such a pristine level of development is in observing how the act of sentience animates living tissue with a consciousness that makes choices and decisions commensurate with the evolution of that life form.

Interference, even for beneficial reasons, is considered an unpardonable transgression. Individual choice is paramount.

Did aliens seed the Earth? If not, how did life get started?

Aliens did not seed the Earth.

Understand that the emergence of life on a planet runs its own course, with no physical interference from other species. In fact, they could not interfere even if they wanted. There exists a randomness in the initial spark of a new life form, beginning with the smallest one-celled organism. All life begins in this way, a perfect mimic of the natural cellular divisions of the Tao and individual souls, but on a physical level.

Once random chemical processes spark an organic (or non-organic) vehicle, the organism is infused with energy from the spiritual counterpart of itself. This may seem contradictory but all life begins first in a spiritual realm. Life cannot exist independently without spirit. The physical apparatus may appear randomly, but as soon as a suitable body is chemically created, that expression of life becomes conscious on a spiritual level and then merges with its mirror image on the physical. From there this continued expansion evolves on its own, subject to the compositional elements of the physical world and any surrounding environmental conditions.

The incubation of a new world is an interminably slow process in human terms, sometimes taking billions of years. Some planetary systems are destroyed before ever reaching a sizable diversity of physical life. Nothing is wasted, however.


Did Aliens Help Create the Pyramids?

These technological marvels were both envisioned by, and created by, the Egyptians. The larger pyramids were usually built in a span of 15-20 years, with a workforce of around 20,000 men. Most Egyptians volunteered for the work and saw it as a noble contribution to both pharaoh and kingdom.  The skilled workers and craftsman often made a career out of the work, while the unskilled only served for a specified duration.

The blocks used in the construction were mostly cut from local quarries.  Sheer manpower, of course, was required to move these stones, but what most people don't realize is that these two-ton blocks would slide quite easily when liquid was added to lubricate the path. Various ramp designs, levers, and pulleys were used in raising the blocks, and the pyramids were ingeniously built from the inside-out to better accommodate construction challenges.

The Egyptian engineers and foreman were remarkably efficient and all workers under their control were broken into teams specifically trained to do a particular job. Nothing was left to chance in this enterprise. The level of cooperation by the Egyptian people was on a colossal scale.

Magic played a pivotal role in the religious beliefs of the Egyptians. More than just tombs, the pyramids were created as portals to the afterlife that could transform their Pharaohs into immortal gods. 


Are There Distinct Alien Races?

The beauty of the universe is that it is so varied in its expression. Distinct alien cultures cut wide swaths across the universe, and they are more startling and unimaginable than the human mind could possibly conceive.

While some aliens demonstrate the bi-symmetry (two eyes, opposing limbs, etc..) so familiar on Earth, larger numbers of aliens exist that would barely be considered alive by earthly standards. Life cycles have been created using a variety of chemical elements that abundantly exist in the universe (some more successful than others).

There are, for instance, aliens that consist in a pure liquid form, and there are even aliens that are invisible. Many of the current depictions of aliens in popular media are unrealistically human-centric and do not exist. Your tales of science fiction, while entertaining and thought-provoking, are poor approximations of alien life.


Alien Civilizations are Categorized as a Particular Density, such as 4D or 5D. Does this Correlate with the Seven Planes of Existence?

Although the terminology between the seven planes of existence and 3rd density, 4th density, etc., is different (on the surface at least), the conceptual overlap seems similar to many. Thus, we wish to clarify how this evolution of consciousness evolves, and correct any misconceptions that have distorted this information for several decades now. 

First off, as a spark from the Tao accumulates more grand cycles -- and in so doing, expands upon its level of depth and consciousness -- entering into a planetary system at a lower vibrational consciousness would be counter-productive. Therefore, the concept of densities is valid in this sense, as these higher vibrational states would appropriately match an evolving soul looking for an incarnational experience best suited for its level of development. A civilization over a million years old, for instance, would not fit the spiritual development of a fragment still incarnating on Earth. It would be like finishing kindergarten and entering a Ph.D. program. 

What has been misunderstood about densities, however, is that they correlate with the planes of experience (physical, astral, causal, and so on). This is not valid. The 4th density, for example, is not the realm known as the astral plane. The 4th density is simply a higher vibrational rate of consciousness, the next step up from 3rd density. As mentioned earlier, as a spark from the Tao continues to progress and accumulate more experience, it will choose planetary systems that correlate with its vibrational rate. For example, younger sparks will gravitate to 3rd density civilizations learning about early technology and the formation of societal structures. Third density correlates, in some degrees, with the conceptual framework of the young soul, and this correlation may be matched with the other soul age stages as the densities ascend.

There are seven densities as a whole. The focus of each level is as follows:

‚óŹ 3rd Density/Consciousness - Competition

‚óŹ 4th Density/Consciousness - Cooperation

‚óŹ 5th Density/Consciousness - Conceptualization

‚óŹ 6th Density/Consciousness - Unification

‚óŹ 7th Density/Consciousness - Oneness

Once an evolving spark has evolved through each density level, the impetus is to cease the cycle of physical incarnations altogether and explore other realms of spiritual existence. 

This brings up a brief discussion about the 12 dimensions. Since everything that exists in the Universe is a vibration, it might be helpful to differentiate some of the terminology that is frequently used interchangeably. The terms density and dimensions, for instance, are often considered the same. This is not valid. 

‚óŹ Densities denote a vibrational rate of consciousness.

‚óŹ Dimensions denote a vibrational rate of locality.¬†

Some conceptual overlap does exist between the planes of existence and the dimensions. The fourth dimension, for example, could be said to align with the astral. Continuing to align the planes with the dimensions eventually leads to a mathematical impossibility, however. 

The discrepancy lies in establishing the borders of each level. Where the planes are clearly delineated, the 12 dimensions are more diffuse in their perimeters and represent structures more suited for levels of consciousness beyond the incarnational cycle followed on earth. The sentient game that includes a physical body is not the only experiential platform and there are other forms of spiritual existence that evolve using different scales of progression. 

The 12 dimensions are one such example, and the model is more relevant to advanced alien civilizations or those sentient experiments that don't involve physicality at all. 

Regarding density transitions, for sentient consciousness to transition from 3rd density to 4th density, the incarnating fragments of that planet must largely progress through the five soul age stages, where a state of old soul consciousness (at least for the level of that planet) has been achieved. This, in effect, means that no soul is left behind. This is not a situation where a select group of incarnating fragments evolve while others flounder in the darkness of a limited perception. The transition is collective. 

This does not mean that all incarnating fragments are ready to cycle off. Those fragments still progressing through lower soul age levels will return in their next lifetime at the higher level of consciousness -- or density, if you will. At this point, the doors reopen on the planet to a new round of incarnational cycles, attracting souls coming from other planetary systems that wish to explore the Earthly experience. These souls will all come from 4th density systems. The average number of previous cycles of these fragments will also tend to be higher. 

Our preferred categorization of these terms would be to change third density to third consciousness, fourth consciousness, and so on. 

As for a time frame, if your civilization doesn't manage to extinguish itself, we see this transition occurring in about a thousand years or more.


How Many "Technologically Advanced" Alien Cultures Exist?

Remember that life as you know it is more abundant than technology. Technology is not a prerequisite for the advancement of a species or its evolution of consciousness. Each species has its own incarnational agenda before beginning a grand cycle, and that doesn't always include the spectacle of competition and division seen on earth, often aided and abetted by advancements in technology.

Among the billions of lifeforms, we currently estimate a thousand civilizations of technological advancement far exceeding your own, and perhaps several million other species with physical bodies capable of matching the current technology seen on earth. Although your definition of technology may differ from theirs.

In many alien cultures, though, technology is not the measure of an advanced civilization, and in numerous instances, it has purposely been avoided. Spiritual evolvement can be just as challenging and meaningful for an alien sea anemone as it is for an astronaut flying to Mars -- and in many cases, the sea anemone may be far more advanced.


What About Popular Alien Races Widely Discussed in UFO and Channeling Communities? Examples include the Greys, the Pleiadians, the Syrians, the Reptilians, the Andromedans, the Nordics, the Arcturians, and so on...

All of the races mentioned, except for the Reptilians, have some validity. First off, the creative energy that forms the clay of these beings (through concentrated belief), has created a virtual reality, so to speak, where these aliens exist as crystallized thought-forms in the mass consciousness. They are not real, however, in the sense that these are actual beings visiting earth in flying saucers that mysteriously burn crop circles into fields at night, abduct unsuspecting victims from their beds, or participate in cattle mutilations.

Beyond that esoteric representation, many of these alien races contact humans via astral interaction, where they now reside. The names ascribed to them are nothing more than stage names, in a way. These are not their true place of origin. The Pleiadian and Sirius star sectors, for example, are too chaotic to support the long-term development of an advanced civilization. These popular names were designated by numerous channels over the years, and for whatever reason, they fired the imagination of others and managed to stick.


Explain the Eyewitness Testimonials of UFOs?

We remind you that UFO stands for an unidentified flying object. In many sightings, this is all the explanation needed. Eyewitness accounts are notoriously inaccurate, unreliable, and certainly not proof that alien space ships are criss-crossing the skies of your lovely planet.

Have alien crafts ever orbited the earth or landed on the soil? YES.

Have these visits been an ongoing part of a government conspiracy actively attempting to suppress this activity?

The answer (and a regrettable one for some) is NO.

It might be instructive to understand that once a particular sighting enters the consciousness of a large group of people, similar sightings invariably unfold. Excitement is generated around the event and new sightings are reported, sometimes through mistaken identity, sometimes through falsified claims.

With UFOs connected to alien activity, the sightings have largely been fueled by over-active imaginations inspired by books, movies, and people with too much time on their hands.

What about the many photographs taken of flying saucers and other alien spacecraft?

These are mostly the work of clever hoaxers that swindle your rationality.


Are Aliens Creating Crop Circles?

These are man-made formations of sometimes extraordinary geometric beauty and design. Over the years they have increased in complexity as the techniques used to create them have been refined. The use of computer software has aided in the overall ingenuity of these creations, but the actual tools used in flattening the crops are often as simple as a couple wood planks tethered to rope. Tractor lines are used to navigate through the crops to avoid disturbing areas not part of the intended design.

We are aware of the extensive studies conducted by those that believe the intricate patterns are the product of alien design, but too often they ignore the obvious and only look for evidence that supports their desired conclusion.


What About Alien Abductions?

Visitations by extraterrestrials have been exceedingly rare. Much of the contact is in the form of astral interaction, and while the Universe is indeed abundant with life, we do not see a high probability of physical contact with any extraterrestrial civilization in the near future.

In many ways extraterrestrials now serve as the latest archetype of fear, mirroring the beliefs and mindset of your culture. In earlier history, your society was haunted by hallucinations of evil spirits or the devil, and not surprisingly, impressionable townsfolk then believed they had been possessed by demons. Technological advances in your world have simply updated the phenomena in the guise of alien abductions, giving a new face to old cultural fears and beliefs. 

We assure you that extraterrestrials have never abducted any life forms from your planet. They would have no reason to do so. Their technology could extract everything they need to know about your world in one infinitesimal sample. Nightmares, hypnogogic states, sleep paralysis, astral projection, are all valid explanations to take into account when reviewing this data.

We ask you to consider the following: What lessons have you learned from history that you do not wish to repeat? How many steps removed do you feel you are from the phobias that gripped societies in the past? Alien abductions are simply a cultural reincarnation of the same anxieties and fears that once led to the wide-spread persecution of pagan cults and accusations of witchcraft. It is your choice, of course, what you ultimately choose to believe. We just wish to remind you that there are other choices to consider.


Is Nibiru (or Planet X), that Rogue Planetary Body that Criss-Crosses our Solar System every 3600 Years, the Real Deal?

We are aware of the interest in this astronomical anomaly, but we must state that Nibiru does not exist.

The mythology created around this fictitious planet is largely the result of the bungled Sumerian translations (and occasional falsifications) of Zecharia Sitchen. Further distortions of the tale were spread by the media, numerous channels and the ambitions of sensationalist entrepreneurs.

For the skeptical among you, consider the disruptive effects of a planet like Nibiru crossing through your solar system. The gravitational displacement would be noticeable in the orbits of the other planets, and the orbit of Nibiru would find its own trajectory altered over time. Your scientists would have observed these effects had they occurred in the past.

There are, in fact, planetary bodies well beyond the orbit of Pluto that will eventually be discovered. These bear no relationship to Nibiru and one of them is a sizable, gaseous giant.


What About Roswell or the Alien Autopsy Footage?

We sense this is not the answer many will want to hear, but the Roswell crash was a government cover-up of top-secret surveillance balloons that were used to spy on the Soviet Union. The flying saucer and alien cadavers were optional.

When reviewing the Roswell crash, it may be instructive to see how missing gaps of information -- in this case the government cover-up -- incited people to piece together their own scenarios, some entirely plausible, some sheer lunacy. The human imagination is always spurred when a vacuum is created, and your government's seal of secrecy and botched attempts at public relations led to decades of intense speculation from minds justifiably curious about what really happened at Roswell.

The alien autopsy footage was just an elaborate hoax engineered to accrue financial gain.


Is Bigfoot an Extraterrestrial?

In a discussion on Bigfoot, we must allude to the nature of mythology and how fanciful tales -- some call them tall-tales -- become prominent fixtures in folklore and the public perception.

Bigfoot, either as a primate, early hominid, or alien, does not exist. There once lived an enormous primate that matched the physical attributes associated with Bigfoot (Gigantopithecus), but that species went extinct in your distant past.

Today, the allure of Bigfoot stirs the souls of those who still long for a great adventure, both of the mind and the body. The unsolved mystery is a compelling lure of the human species, a lure that has led to a high number of hoaxes and false testimonies. We do not see the search for Bigfoot to end anytime soon. And this is more than a search for a hairy bi-pedal primate of towering stature. The search is for that elusive part of self that still longs to roam in the wild, living off Nature by wit and brawn. With the current advances in technology and the numerous conveniences of the modern world, there remains a repressed desire to follow in the footsteps of those hunter-gatherers that survived in the world through instinct and a respectful knowledge and appreciation of Nature.


Are Aliens Responsible For Psychic Attacks?

This question speaks to the fear generated by the public regarding the unknown. Your folklore is rife with tales about creatures of the night that stalk the living and covens of witches that conjure demons. Too often, that which is not understood is attributed to something evil.

Alien visitors do frequent the astral regions surrounding the earth. These are largely voyages of curiosity and no malicious mischief is intended. Human beings more sensitive to the astral realms may sense their presence and react with fear. This fear of the unknown is visceral and overwhelming.

Aliens on the astral, however, are not psychically attacking human beings. For one, to even exist on the astral, an elevated awareness persists that sees beyond the illusions of darker motives. Without the usual amnesia that pervades the physical plane, access to the true self is readily available and negative intentions from false personality (what a psychic attack would be) have no energetic foundation to stand on.

The prevailing frame of mind ubiquitously in bloom on the astral is LOVE. Love penetrates and reveals the truth and any darkened corners that momentarily conceal negative machinations are rare and short-lived.


How Might Humans Contact an Alien Race and Establish a Meaningful Connection in the Short to Medium Term?

At this point in your technological development, contact with an alien race is solely at the discretion of the other party. With the limitations of your species, successfully making contact with an alien civilization many light-years away would be an impossible feat in the short term.

Less conventional means of communication are already occurring between your species and others via channeling, astral projection, and between life states. In fact, future encounters between your species and an advanced alien culture will likely be negotiated in the astral, where key souls skilled in facilitating the encounter are aligned and vectored to be in positions where gaps between the two cultures may be bridged for a successful exchange.


Are Aliens Benevolent Beings or Do Evil Empires (as Depicted in "Star Wars") Rule the Universe?

All sentient forms of life are subject to the negative influences of false personality. The aggressive instincts of the human body, so prone to the fight or flight syndrome, is perhaps more susceptible than most, but false personality is, to coin a phrase in the channel's mind, a dark passenger that panders to the base choices of every incarnating soul.

That said, there are no evil empires controlling the universe. Advanced civilizations, given the experience of surviving their own technological birth throes, have grown beyond their predatorial impulses of yesteryear and embrace the world with more tolerance and compassion.

We wish to instruct that acts of aggression are not a natural choice for all species where survival of the fittest is not the law of the land. Competition is a useful lesson for a species like your own, but there are other ways to influence the world, ways of comportment that your species may learn if you manage to survive your own technological birth throes. The choice is yours.


Do Aliens Know That We Exist?

Of course, some alien civilizations are so advanced intellectually (by millions of years) that the people of earth are insignificant to them. They would have no reason to visit. For them, it would be like having a conversation with a flatworm.

As we alluded to earlier, though, at least one alien race has landed on earth's soil. Other visits, all of them instruments of artificial intelligence, have surveyed and monitored your planet occasionally, mostly for cataloging the earth and its inhabitants. In short, several alien races are aware of earth and astral visitations are common, with an intention to learn from the incarnational journeys of the earth's inhabitants.

We assure you -- and we convey this with considerable levity -- that despite these visits, an alien invasion is not in your imminent future. You may dispense with the tin-foil hats.

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