The Michael Teachings: An Introduction

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Michael Teachings (An Introductory Video)

The Michael teachings are a fascinating channeled study that ponders the psychology of the soul.

First channeled about in the early 70’s and featured in a best-selling book by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Messages From Michael, the teachings are now available through numerous channels and new books are published each year.

The Michael Entity is a large soul group consisting of 1050 souls that teach about soul age, the 7 roles (or soul types), the overleaves (or personality traits), and why people and societies are the way that they are.

Learning about the teachings helps people develop greater tolerance and compassion for themselves and others. The system also explores the way false personality (or ego) affects the day-to-day choices people make in their lives and how to be in better alignment with essence (or the higher self).

In this introductory video about the Michael teachings, the basic concepts of the system are discussed, such as soul age, the seven roles, and the overleaves (which include the goals, the modes, the attitudes, the centers, and the chief features or fears). The internal monads (or life stages) are also addressed, as well as a brief discussion on the false personality.

More in-depth articles on the topics presented in the video are located on the following pages: soul age, the roles, the overleaves, the internal monads, and applying the teachings.

The video is an abridged version of a full-length introductory article about the Michael teachings, which can be found at the main site where a comprehensive library of material about the teachings are housed.

More videos about the teachings can be found at the YouTube Michael Teachings Channel, where new videos will be updated periodically about the teachings and other spiritual topics. To get the latest updates simply subscribe to the channel and notifications will be sent to your inbox. You can also go directly to the Michael teachings playlist.

Old Soul Love (Channeling)

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Here’s longer channeling about old soul love with audio, visuals, and music to lend inspiring theming to the channeled content.  The old soul can seem mysterious at times and I hoped to demystify the topic with this channeling. There are two segments of channeled material featured, as well as a closing summary.

I think you’ll love it. Enjoy!

Old Soul Channeling

Learn more at the Michael Teachings YouTube Channel

7 Things You Should Know About Old Soul Love

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For the old soul, finding love is just as compelling as it is at the other soul ages. We all need to give and receive love. That is a fundamental part of being human. Without love, life would seem cold and cruel.

In this video, I will explore love at the old soul level, which includes channeling from Michael, and reveal some things that may surprise you. That’s coming up next.

7 Things You Should Know About Old Soul Love

While emotional intensity typically encapsulates the Mature soul stage, Old soul relationships in comparison are much more relaxed and nonchalant. There’s a coziness to them, like sinking into the luxurious cushion of a favorite armchair. Complications are fewer and personal demands are less. Old soul love can be romantic but it’s rarely clingy or possessive.

To illustrate, here’s a quick list of 7 things you should know about Old soul love. Keep in mind that this list displays old souls who are highly grounded and not leading ego-centered lives.

7 Things You Should Know About Old Soul Love

1) Old soul love is free-flowing. That is to say, it usually lacks the personal demands and conditions expected by other soul age stages.

2) Old soul love is built on a foundation of acceptance. There is more honesty in the relationship, with a concern for honoring the differences of the partner without judgment.

3) Old soul love is more fun. The lack of pretension in old soul relationships leads to more opportunities for playtime between partners.

4) Old soul love is longer lasting. Old souls do not need to maintain constant contact with another to sustain feelings of love. The old soul can easily resume loving connections with people, even if there has been considerable time apart.

5) Old soul love easily forgives. Emotional wounds are more easily let go and forgotten.

6) Old soul love is more sensual than physical. In other words, old souls favor elements of sensuality and closeness that doesn’t necessarily mean traditional forms of sex.

7) Old soul love honors the integrity of the other. Manipulative games, for instance, are less frequent at this soul age, with the well-being of the partner being a primary concern.

Journey of Your Soul – by Shepherd Hoodwin (Review)

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Here’s my succinct video review of Shepherd Hoodwin’s Michael teachings book, Journey of Your Soul.

Next to the MFM books by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Shepherd’s book has been a longtime favorite among Michael students. In his newly revised edition, Shepherd has taken that tradition even further with more insights and depth. The book is available in both paperback and Kindle format.


Shepherd Hoodwin – Journey of Your Soul

Important questions addressed in the book include “Why are we here? and “Does our soul evolve?” Shepherd deftly explores all of these questions, looking at the meaning of existence and reincarnation as a whole.

Shepherd also goes into detail about the channeling process, shedding light on what channeling is and what we can reasonably hope to attain from the practice. He touches on more controversial areas, too, such as why Michael channels bring through conflicting information, and why channeling multiple times on the same topic may lead to unreliable results.

Overall, Shepherd brings true scholarship to this presentation of the Michael teachings. Enjoy the video!

Comments from others

  • According to another review, Shepherd Hoodwin has given us the best book to date about channeling and the Michael teachings. Since the publication of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s Messages From Michael, the teachings have offered a clear presentation about the psychology of the soul.
  • Michael student Gloria C. says This is the book — Journey of Your Soul — that introduced me to the Michael Teachings, and to channeler Shepherd Hoodwin. When I saw the book at the Boulder Bookstore I immediately took it off the shelf and had it half read before I purchased it. It was that engaging! It answered many of the questions I had about the journey of the soul, and Shepherd himself became a significant mentor as I continued to delve deeper into the evolution of consciousness through the varied experiences the soul undertakes in the course of its many incarnations. I’ve gone through several copies, as I keep giving them away. I recommend this book to both beginners and advanced students of the Michael Teachings for its excellent writing and comprehensive presentation.

➜ Buy the book on Amazon:

Find more videos at the Michael teachings playlist.

Gloria Constantin (Spiritual Counselor) A REVIEW

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Gloria Constantin (Spiritual Counselor) 

In this video, spiritual counselor Gloria Constantin is reviewed, focusing on the services she offers at her site,

Gloria is a longtime spiritual counselor and practitioner who is certified in past life and life between lives regressions, transformational coaching, hypnosis and Human Design. She offers services in these areas as well as Gauquelin astrology and spiritual counseling and guidance.

Visit Gloria’s site to learn more about her services and see what they have to offer for you.

I found Gloria’s prices to be quite reasonable, but where she stands apart from other spiritual counselors — at least in my opinion — is in her ability to communicate deep and intuitive wisdom to her clients in a way that provides an uncanny understanding of the problems or issues that they face.

I found her insights to be on the mark and her guidance was conveyed with considerable compassion and kindness.

Delving deeper into Gloria’s site, the articles on her blog are beautifully written and brimming with inspiring gems of wisdom. I give Gloria the highest superlatives regarding her expertise with the written word. She is definitely making a difference in the lives of others.

Gloria’s spiritual counseling is influential in all the services she provides, blending her unique and sometimes startling gifts of perception with more traditional venues. I have not encountered other practitioners who bring this level of experience to their work. In this regard, Gloria Constantin is a true original.

At her site, Gloria currently offers the following services:

  • Life Purpose reading (directs you back to your inborn wisdom)
  • Human Design reading (includes a chart and fascinating details about your personality)
  • Gauquelin Astrology (an interpretation of your Natal chart not offered anywhere else)
  • Spiritual Counseling & Guidance (when you just need to talk things out)
  • Past Life Regression session (discover who you once were)
  • Life Between Lives session (discover the life you lead in between lives)

Learn more at Gloria Constantin’s site:


Abbey Normal (Spiritual Healer) | A REVIEW

Abbey Normal Review

Abbey Normal – Spiritual Healer & Psychic

Here are my thoughts on the spiritual healer, Abbey Normal. I have had four sessions with her now and decided it was time to introduce her as a new and exciting practitioner in the field.

My brief testimonial about her services follows below.

After managing a spiritual website and community for close to two decades, I have seen it all when it comes to psychics and spiritual healers. In other words, I am not easily impressed.

To my delight, however, I found Abbey’s services refreshingly unique. The healing effects of her energy work and the meaningful imagery she used to describe my spiritual atmosphere during our sessions were beautiful and profound.

We should all be thankful that Abbey Normal exists. Her message of love to the world is immeasurable and I highly recommend her services.

She offers the following services:

  • soul rebirth journeys (fascinating explorations of the soul)
  • psychic medium work
  • spiritual healing
  • past life readings
  • healing crystal activations
  • spiritual home cleansing
  • and even spiritual paintings.

Her sessions are all recorded to video, which may seem different from others, but the approach allows her to explore the spiritual issues of her clients without interruption. I think that helps her get a deeper connection, and the quality of her work speaks for itself.

What I found particularly charming about Abbey Normal was her homespun approach and unusually affable personality. That is a welcome touch.

In all the sessions I had with her, she presented information and imagery that I was able to personally validate as authentic. This has rarely been the case with practitioners I’ve worked with in the past.

Abbey is clearly committed to the spiritual well-being of her clients, and in my case, for instance, played a decided role in helping me turn the corner on several issues.

Learn more about Abbey’s spiritual healing services at her site, Wisdom Quest.

Peace to you,

Shirley Maclaine Recalls Past Life During The Sinking Of Atlantis

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In Shirley Maclaine’s new book, “Above The Line,” a memoir about her adventures  filming the movie Wild Oats in the Canary Islands, she vividly recalls the sinking of Atlantis — which apparently sunk nearby.

“I was hung by a rope in a pool of water, in a position similar to that of people who are hanged to death. . . . The feeling, when I first dropped into the water by my head, made me remember all the times I had been hanged in past lives!”

MacLaine is certainly not new to a recall of past life memories, having written numerous books on the subject throughout her career.

For more information, read the article about her book at the Washington Post.

Get the book at Amazon