Abbey Normal (Spiritual Healer) | A REVIEW

Abbey Normal Review

Abbey Normal – Spiritual Healer & Psychic

Here are my thoughts on the spiritual healer, Abbey Normal. I have had four sessions with her now and decided it was time to introduce her as a new and exciting practitioner in the field.

My brief testimonial about her services follows below.

After managing a spiritual website and community for close to two decades, I have seen it all when it comes to psychics and spiritual healers. In other words, I am not easily impressed.

To my delight, however, I found Abbey’s services refreshingly unique. The healing effects of her energy work and the meaningful imagery she used to describe my spiritual atmosphere during our sessions were beautiful and profound.

We should all be thankful that Abbey Normal exists. Her message of love to the world is immeasurable and I highly recommend her services.

She offers the following services:

  • soul rebirth journeys (fascinating explorations of the soul)
  • psychic medium work
  • spiritual healing
  • past life readings
  • healing crystal activations
  • spiritual home cleansing
  • and even spiritual paintings.

Her sessions are all recorded to video, which may seem different from others, but the approach allows her to explore the spiritual issues of her clients without interruption. I think that helps her get a deeper connection, and the quality of her work speaks for itself.

What I found particularly charming about Abbey Normal was her homespun approach and unusually affable personality. That is a welcome touch.

In all the sessions I had with her, she presented information and imagery that I was able to personally validate as authentic. This has rarely been the case with practitioners I’ve worked with in the past.

Abbey is clearly committed to the spiritual well-being of her clients, and in my case, for instance, played a decided role in helping me turn the corner on several issues.

Learn more about Abbey’s spiritual healing services at her site, Wisdom Quest.

Peace to you,

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