Journey of Your Soul – by Shepherd Hoodwin (Review)

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Here’s my succinct video review of Shepherd Hoodwin’s Michael teachings book, Journey of Your Soul.

Next to the MFM books by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Shepherd’s book has been a longtime favorite among Michael students. In his newly revised edition, Shepherd has taken that tradition even further with more insights and depth. The book is available in both paperback and Kindle format.


Shepherd Hoodwin – Journey of Your Soul

Important questions addressed in the book include “Why are we here? and “Does our soul evolve?” Shepherd deftly explores all of these questions, looking at the meaning of existence and reincarnation as a whole.

Shepherd also goes into detail about the channeling process, shedding light on what channeling is and what we can reasonably hope to attain from the practice. He touches on more controversial areas, too, such as why Michael channels bring through conflicting information, and why channeling multiple times on the same topic may lead to unreliable results.

Overall, Shepherd brings true scholarship to this presentation of the Michael teachings. Enjoy the video!

Comments from others

  • According to another review, Shepherd Hoodwin has given us the best book to date about channeling and the Michael teachings. Since the publication of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s Messages From Michael, the teachings have offered a clear presentation about the psychology of the soul.
  • Michael student Gloria C. says This is the book — Journey of Your Soul — that introduced me to the Michael Teachings, and to channeler Shepherd Hoodwin. When I saw the book at the Boulder Bookstore I immediately took it off the shelf and had it half read before I purchased it. It was that engaging! It answered many of the questions I had about the journey of the soul, and Shepherd himself became a significant mentor as I continued to delve deeper into the evolution of consciousness through the varied experiences the soul undertakes in the course of its many incarnations. I’ve gone through several copies, as I keep giving them away. I recommend this book to both beginners and advanced students of the Michael Teachings for its excellent writing and comprehensive presentation.

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