The Michael Teachings: An Introduction

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Michael Teachings (An Introductory Video)

The Michael teachings are a fascinating channeled study that ponders the psychology of the soul.

First channeled about in the early 70’s and featured in a best-selling book by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Messages From Michael, the teachings are now available through numerous channels and new books are published each year.

The Michael Entity is a large soul group consisting of 1050 souls that teach about soul age, the 7 roles (or soul types), the overleaves (or personality traits), and why people and societies are the way that they are.

Learning about the teachings helps people develop greater tolerance and compassion for themselves and others. The system also explores the way false personality (or ego) affects the day-to-day choices people make in their lives and how to be in better alignment with essence (or the higher self).

In this introductory video about the Michael teachings, the basic concepts of the system are discussed, such as soul age, the seven roles, and the overleaves (which include the goals, the modes, the attitudes, the centers, and the chief features or fears). The internal monads (or life stages) are also addressed, as well as a brief discussion on the false personality.

More in-depth articles on the topics presented in the video are located on the following pages: soul age, the roles, the overleaves, the internal monads, and applying the teachings.

The video is an abridged version of a full-length introductory article about the Michael teachings, which can be found at the main site where a comprehensive library of material about the teachings are housed.

More videos about the teachings can be found at the YouTube Michael Teachings Channel, where new videos will be updated periodically about the teachings and other spiritual topics. To get the latest updates simply subscribe to the channel and notifications will be sent to your inbox. You can also go directly to the Michael teachings playlist.

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