7 Things You Should Know About Old Soul Love

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For the old soul, finding love is just as compelling as it is at the other soul ages. We all need to give and receive love. That is a fundamental part of being human. Without love, life would seem cold and cruel.

In this video, I will explore love at the old soul level, which includes channeling from Michael, and reveal some things that may surprise you. That’s coming up next.

7 Things You Should Know About Old Soul Love

While emotional intensity typically encapsulates the Mature soul stage, Old soul relationships in comparison are much more relaxed and nonchalant. There’s a coziness to them, like sinking into the luxurious cushion of a favorite armchair. Complications are fewer and personal demands are less. Old soul love can be romantic but it’s rarely clingy or possessive.

To illustrate, here’s a quick list of 7 things you should know about Old soul love. Keep in mind that this list displays old souls who are highly grounded and not leading ego-centered lives.

7 Things You Should Know About Old Soul Love

1) Old soul love is free-flowing. That is to say, it usually lacks the personal demands and conditions expected by other soul age stages.

2) Old soul love is built on a foundation of acceptance. There is more honesty in the relationship, with a concern for honoring the differences of the partner without judgment.

3) Old soul love is more fun. The lack of pretension in old soul relationships leads to more opportunities for playtime between partners.

4) Old soul love is longer lasting. Old souls do not need to maintain constant contact with another to sustain feelings of love. The old soul can easily resume loving connections with people, even if there has been considerable time apart.

5) Old soul love easily forgives. Emotional wounds are more easily let go and forgotten.

6) Old soul love is more sensual than physical. In other words, old souls favor elements of sensuality and closeness that doesn’t necessarily mean traditional forms of sex.

7) Old soul love honors the integrity of the other. Manipulative games, for instance, are less frequent at this soul age, with the well-being of the partner being a primary concern.

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