Evil Spirits

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Could you discuss the existence of malicious discarnates - their activity among us, and their intentions, as well as their origins?

Malicious discarnates, as you call them, often exist in two forms. The first are fragments blinded by excessive Maya during an incarnation. Upon death these discarnates literally become shackled to the physical in a delusional prison of their own making. With the assistance of guides they eventually escape this self-inflicted miasma that clouds their thinking, but it can take some time depending on the severity of their delusion. Anger and a sense of desperation may add to the confusion and terror they feel, and many of your biblical depictions of Hell have originated from this condition.

These discarnates are not malicious in the true definition of the word, but in their rage they may occasionally lash out at those still living that appear indifferent to their struggles. In a similar sense, discarnates who have become earthbound due to physical plane addictions can also be the cause of considerable mischief.

Our second example consists of an improper use of astral matter. These emanations are not sentient beings -- or what we'd even consider a consciousness -- but negatively charged thought-forms that exist in ephemeral states, feeding off the fear of others like starving animals. Negative projections like this are created from the malleable matter in the lower astral plane, and may either reside there or intrude into the physical space of others. Physical intrusions, however, are usually generated by a living person or persons. Some group incantations of so-called demons have been created in this way.

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