Learning Through Joy

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What would be the best way for me to achieve peace of mind, happiness, and learning through joy in this lifetime?

MICHAEL: The goal of living in love is one for the whole cycle of the physical plane experience. It is not just for this lifetime. One way that one can experience 'living through joy' is to cherish each small element of each day. Now, that sounds very easy. But we suggest that you try it for one day. The problem is that human beings tend to suppose that everything that happens to them is in fact a deliberate act, aimed at them. Take for instance the nuisance of finding yourself in a slow moving stream of motor traffic and you are already late for an appointment. It is easy to say Stay calm, you won't be able to change anything anyway, so don't let your anger or resentment bubble up. This, however, is never easy. The stresses of the various elements in this little scene come together to loosen the negative aspects to the point that it is very hard to find any joy in it. We understand this and we sympathize. Do not suppose that we did not have similar experiences any number of lives any number of times. This is a very small example of what may prevent the joy of life from being apparent.

But consider, if you can see through the Maya of the moment and remind yourself of the positive aspects, joy will not be far behind. But, you say, this is not what I had in mind. We know that. But we are using this as a stepping stone toward the larger elements of living in joy. Practice at the lowest levels of life will take you through the harder parts where joy is even less apparent. Just as letting a child choose between a green shirt and a blue one sets him up for making much more demanding choices in later life, so dealing with the small irritations of daily life exercises your ability to maintain your equilibrium and to find yourself balanced. That is the major prerequisite for living in joy: balance. Without it joy cannot be experienced.

Channeled by Nancy Gordon
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