Stopping Anger

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How do I stop anger once It occurs?

Dealing with anger once caught within it's throes requires immediate action. Most fragments either express their rage with great abandon or repress the expression, storing it for later. A less stressful approach is to simply ground yourself against the charge. This idea is similar to the way a lightning rod works, where the rod offers a low resistance path that directs any harmful electrical currents away from a structure and into the ground.

To make yourself into a human lightning rod that neutralizes angry feelings, your body must become a conductor that re-directs the energy into the Earth.

We suggest the following:

Stand straight, but not rigid, and let your arms dangle loosely. The natural tendency during a bout of anger is to tense the body like a snake coiling to strike, but that only intensifies the anger and pushes it to the breaking point. Relaxing the muscles, however, stops the energy from reaching a critical mass, which then allows the negative charge to flow through your body unobstructed till it dissipates harmlessly. The angry feelings may run up and down your body for a short duration, but if you remain loose and relaxed -- almost like a rag doll -- your body will provide a low resistance path for the charge to pass through and eventually the intensity of the energy will fade.

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