Struggle Between False Personality and Essence

Question: Is this a struggle between false personality and true personality?

Michaelgrp: Yes, our false personality wants to believe that we are victims of circumstance. The truth is that each person is inherently priceless because the Universe has designed each of us to be doing an exact specific growth lesson that can be done by no one else, who is not us. When you can live in your pricelessness, you can achieve any goal. Unfortunately, many people equate pricelessness with an inability to see any value because there is not a specific price tag on invaluable merchandise. They consider themselves to be worth nothing instead of worth everything. Other people's opinions are simply that--their opinions. They have absolutely nothing to do with your inherent value. Someone else can think you have little or no value because they are simply not in touch Universal consciousness. The opinions of others, in this case, are irrelevant because many opinions are based on projection rather than reality. WE are here to tell you that every person on this planet is priceless even if they are having a lifetime as a homeless alcoholic. Yes, R and L, your energy shifted because you were ready to do this work and begin to drop low self-esteem and self-deprecation. This is a long term work for you and you will see many more shifts over the next three years.

Channeled by JP Van Hulle

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