More On The Causal

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Do you have a place of residence? 

Michaelgrp: Michael lives on the Causal Plane 

Tell us about the Causal plane? 

Michaelgrp: The causal plane is an intellectual plane of existence. We study the truth whereas here, you study physical lessons, and on the astral plane emotional lessons. Once you have gone through your physical experiences and graduated from them, you work on the astral plane to emotionally expand and learn to love more unconditionally and reunite with your fellow entity members and essence twins. Basically, about 1000 people that you came to the physical plane to work with in the first place. Once you are reintegrated like ourselves into an entity consciousness then you go to the causal plane and study the truth about what is so about the universe and how it works. You also teach in order to better learn.

Channeled by JP Van Hulle

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