Other Sources of Wisdom

"Given that so many of our students have sought our advice through various channels and teachers, we feel it's prudent to make them aware of other sources they could tap into on their own.

We're not suggesting they should all channel spiritual entities, but merely connect to the wealth of knowledge that lies just beneath the veil of their own waking consciousness. Retrieving answers to the daily questions that daunt them may be achieved as easily as switching on a light and availing themselves to the illumination of their collective selves, a source of extensive wisdom and innumerable experience.

Learning to retrieve this information, however, need not be an arduous process requiring deep meditation and complicated connections to the higher planes. Students could simply open themselves to the gifts of essence and ask their questions in a state of open-minded awareness that's allowing of the process and willing to receive the information without biased expectations or prefabricated desires.

It can be as simple as that.

Once again, we only offer this message because some students seem overly dependent on our words and perhaps need to gain a greater independence of their own using wisdom that, unbeknownst to them, is freely harbored within."

Channeled by Dave Gregg

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