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General Discussion / The "I" of it all
« on: July 07, 2011, 03:48:38 PM »
After pondering this for a long, long while - intensely for the last few months - it seems to me that we are all spinning our wheels somewhat.  Everyone is giving forth their opinions and descriptions of everything and they all start with "I" - simply because, as human physical beings, that's ALL we can understand.  How does one describe what happens in the silence of meditation when a huge breakthrough occurs and understanding just IS?  How do "I" tell "you" with words when all either of us can communicate is our human understanding - only our soul/essence/inner being/fragment can know what's beyond the veil and the physical "I" is allowed only a mere peek from time to time. 

That said, I (the physical one) find it rather amusing and perhaps a bit pompous when someone deigns to tell us all how it is - here, in the hereafter, worldly or astral.  When I hear someone describe the astral, the TAO, the akashic library, the meaning of life, what the perfect world would be like, etc, etc, my first thought is "How do you KNOW?"    I read somewhere that even the Michaels can't describe the TAO at this point in their evolution.

But still we try.  We are all in this together and the search for the WHY is great.  The desire to understand is overwhelming sometimes.  All humans are searching - not all from the same viewpoint but all for the answers that slake their own personal thirst.  And, because the answers we arrive at appease us, it is human to think they are the right answers and try to get others to join us in our "knowledge" - whether we be scientist, pastor, housewife, artist or guru - or whomever!  So "I" sit here and think "Wow, "I" don't know!!!" and somewhere deep inside of me there is something saying "It doesn't matter that "you" don't know - I know!!!"

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