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Essence Twins / Re: Essence Twins/Couldn't Care Less
« on: May 29, 2011, 12:39:43 AM »
That is a wonderful story Nicholas. Do you think we meet our essence twin in every life? How is this meant to work?

Russell, apparently, we don't meet our essence twin in every lifetime.  Michael has said through various channels that sometimes essence twins take breaks from each other due to the intensity of experiences that they share during their lifetimes.  Also, sometimes, one essence twin will be incarnated, and the other will act as a spirit guide.  I think I remember Michael saying that essence twins, on average, tend to share about 73% of all their lifetimes together in some capacity and relationship.  We only "meet" our essence twins when we have agreements with them to do so.  Because of the intense and all-encompassing nature of the essence twin relationship, we don't always choose to focus on it during a lifetime.  Michael has said that it can get in the way of others tasks and our growth during a lifetime...

Essence Twins / Re: Essence Twins/Couldn't Care Less
« on: May 27, 2011, 03:46:27 PM »
Chiara!!!  Button pushing, FOR REAL! LOL!  Viktor and I haven't lived together since Winter 2009, and I will be moving in with him and some other roomates later this year.  Sometimes I think to myself, "What are you doing? Are you CRAZY!!!" But it is also true what you said about once you start interacting with your ET that it can be like a rollercoaster ride that you can't get off of.  This is so true for me.  My feelings for him are to the bone, and I can't imagine him not being in my life anymore.  Though we can and will be apart at times, I'm sure, as we have an open relationship, and we are both very free-independent-spirits, it's like the deal has been sealed! lol!

I very much like the way you understand and communicate your insights:-)

Thanks Nicholas, I feel the same about you -- your writing is colorful and emotional - must be that Sage/Priest thing coming to bear!

It's so neat to talk to someone else who has their ET as a romantic partner -- it's such a singular and all-encompassing experience, and so hard to communicate to others! During our first 10 years or so we also had an open (more or less) relationship. Especially in the beginning, we actually needed to have at least a third person to kind of "ground" the insane energy that was generated between us but never seemed to be able to find a constructive place to go. I don't think we would have stuck together if we didn't have other relationships during that time, because the tension was so high and felt so immovable - yet we knew that something extremely good and right was at the heart of our connection and we had to keep time went on and we worked through our individual karma and thus were able to see each other more clearly (and not just as a reflective mirror of OMG EVERYTHING I HAVE LEARNED TO HATE/FEAR/RUN FAR FAR AWAY FROM IS DISPLAYED IN YOU), we found that outside relationships became more trouble than they were worth. Now, we're largely happy and harmonious, though we have our fights and disagreements like everyone else. And we're still open to having outside relationships, though our experience has shown that it's going to take an extremely special person or persons to make that work well - and under those conditions, it may well never even happen again, which would be fine too.

Anyway, I'm so happy you guys have also found a form that works for you, and that you are making it work to be able to have your ET in your life! That's just awesome :)

Oh, this IS neat!  It is very nice to be able to talk to another who is in a romantic relationship with their ET.  I feel the same way about it being hard to communicate it all to others, but you describe it perfectly-"all-encompasing!"  Things have gotten better since we both have validated this bond together and accepted it.  It will be quite an adventure, nonetheless!  We have never been on the same page in the sexual department, and that has been more frustrating for me than for him, as I am the one who was wanting it all the time, and he was the one who didn't appear to be as interested in it...with me at least!  lol!  So, that is something right there that I have always been bothered by, but it is getting better.  I hadn't thought about it the way you put it, but it makes complete sense having a 3rd person involved to dissipate some of the energy.  It is just intense, and it is like we are joined at the hip, for better or worse! Before we got back together, I decided that it would be better if we had separate bedrooms so that we can have our own spaces.  Seems like SPACE is even more important for an ET relationship than it is for relationships, in general.  But the OPEN part seems to be "just right" least for right now.  One thing that has also been hard for me in the relationship is that I have felt like I am the only one going through dramatic shifts and changes and constantly having to face my vulnerabilities and insecurities.  But I have a sneaking suspicion that he is, too-it's just that he's not that expressive about it as a SERVER.  Anywho…

And if you are interested, I can send you a channeling transcript from a session that was all about Viktor and I and essence twins in general.  Just send me your personal email, and I will send it to you.

Also, if you have any info about essence twins (and/or you and your partner), channeled or not, and wouldn't mind sharing, I'd love to read it.

Nicholas "babylove"

Essence Twins / Re: Essence Twins/Couldn't Care Less
« on: May 26, 2011, 05:48:09 PM »
I'm married to my ET, and we've been in each others' lives for the last 13 years. I would guess that your ET just isn't interested in doing the ET thing with you. Once you start engaging with your ET, it's like a rollercoaster you can't get off of. Every button that can be pushed by each other will be pushed, all the time, almost without relief. Understandably, most people aren't interested in that.

Um, YES, Chiara!!!  Button pushing, FOR REAL! LOL!  Viktor and I haven't lived together since Winter 2009, and I will be moving in with him and some other roomates later this year.  Sometimes I think to myself, "What are you doing? Are you CRAZY!!!" But it is also true what you said about once you start interacting with your ET that it can be like a rollercoaster ride that you can't get off of.  This is so true for me.  My feelings for him are to the bone, and I can't imagine him not being in my life anymore.  Though we can and will be apart at times, I'm sure, as we have an open relationship, and we are both very free-independent-spirits, it's like the deal has been sealed! lol!

I very much like the way you understand and communicate your insights:-)

Nicholas "babylove"

Essence Twins / Re: Essence Twins/Couldn't Care Less
« on: May 26, 2011, 05:27:57 PM »
I'm sure others here will have a more definitive response, but I'll jump in and mention that your ET can be like a mirror of your deepest personal issues, so it's not always the most comfortable pairing. There can be an intensity involved that the average person might find daunting, and it wouldn't be surprising to see some ETs keep a wide berth when they can. Perhaps the connection is too much for him, and his indifference is really a defense mechanism, of sorts.


I can so validate this, Dave.  I have been one of those people who from an early age longed to find my "other half" or "twin-flame."  Careful what you wish for!

We found each other in the Spring of 2008.  Everything happened very fast.  We were calling each other boyfriend after 2wk, and about another wk into our knowing each other, we were talking about the inevitability of me moving into his apt in Astoria, NY.  At first, everything was pretty blissful.  I knew that I "knew" him and that he was either a task companion or essence twin.  But our relations deteriorated pretty quickly, and only now do I understand that what was going on between us was exactly what you described above.  I was drawn to him like a moth to a flame and then equally as repulsed by what I saw.  In the negative, I found him to be superficial, ungrounded, arrogant, commitment-phobic, and a deceptive chameleon.  There were lots of positives, too, but they got eclipsed by all the negatives that I focused on.

This relationship brought up all of my insecurities and vulnerabilities and past was intense and dramatic.

I'm happy to say that this relationship was/is a huge boost to my self-awareness and growth, and Michael has said to me that it is impossible to meet with an essence twin without it being considered (in retrospect) to have been a pivotal encounter.  This is so true.

Now, that I am more than halfway through my 4th internal monad, I have so much more clarity and awareness about myself and Viktor.  I also experience the positive poles of my overleaves with much more consistency, and for this reason, I am able to be with him in more of a harmonious and unconditionally loving space.  Accepting that he is truly my equal has helped, as well as accepting that he is my MIRROR in a most intense way.  Finally, accepting that this relationship, by its very essence twin nature, is a catalyst for my personal growth, has helped me to cherish this bond.  I feel so much more myself when I am with him (and since having met him!), and everything, all my perceptions are/have been heightened.

There has been a great deal of disagreement about the Michael Math and characteristics that help to validate essence twins.  So, I think it might be helpful to share our profiles, here.  The way I validated Viktor as my essence twin was quite profound for me.  As I said above, when we first met, I knew he was either my ET or a Task Companion.  Why?  I just knew.  There was a timelessness and intensity that was experienced along with a great deal of love.  Well, I received my profile and saw that my essence twin had been channeled as a male SERVER living in NYC.  I had moved away from NYC by this time, and I knew immediately upon receiving that tidbit that Viktor was my ET.  So, I ordered his profile because I knew that once I saw his profile, I would have my validation due to the channeled info about the characteristic "signatures" of essence twins.  Sure enough, when I received Viktor's profile, I had been correct.  In one fell swoop Michael, the teachings, and Viktor being my essence twin were validated.

Our profiles:

Role: SAGE
Casting: PRIEST (Raw number #993)
Cadre/Entity: 1/7
E-ratio: 20 focused/ 80 creative
Freq: 88
Soul Age/Level: Old/6
Manifested Age: Mature to Old

Goal: FLOW >Growth/Acceptance
Mode: OBSERVATION > Reserve/Passion
Center/Part: Moving/Intellectual

Casting: PRIEST (raw number #993)
Cadre/Entity: 2/7
E-Ratio: 80 focused/ 20 creative
Freq: 85
Soul Age/Level: Old/6
Manifested Age: Mature to Old

Goal: FLOW > Growth/Acceptance
Centering/Part: Emotional/Intellectual

Nicholas "Babylove"

Soul Age / Re: Soul Age of Jesse Woodson James
« on: May 26, 2011, 02:43:56 PM »
I say early young for this guy...

Nicholas "Babylove"

Soul Age / Re: How Important Is Soul Age?
« on: May 26, 2011, 02:35:45 PM »
Is soul age the most important thing in the michael teachings?

The core of the teachings hangs together as a whole. It's like asking whether your head or your stomach is more important; they're both necessary but they serve different purposes.


John Roth

NB. Then there's the old story about when various body parts got together and argued about which was most important. The asshole won.

LOL! I've never heard that one before!  I love it!

Nicolas, I've also been channeled as a Warrior, a Server, and a King! The King was the latest diagnosis and the one that I think is actually correct, with Server casting. I think it took a while for me to throw off family imprinting to get to show what I really was.

Unlike Nicholas, I do not love telling people about my non-physical teacher! There is so much incredibly useful and life-changing information in the MT, I wish I could tell everyone about it without having to say it's channeled and immediately turn it into something kooky in the eyes of people who aren't into the new age thing, but could seriously use the information the Michaels present. I just call it my "philosophical system" and if people ask I tell them more about it. Most are nice, but I still think the channeled thing keeps them away.

Chiara, the imprinting and conditioning made it hard for me to discern my role, as well.  I had actually skipped over SAGE in all my efforts to identify my role.  The SAGE was the part of me that made my family very uncomfortable.  So I learned to NOT be a sage as much as possible...except in ways that they could accept-like performing on stage.

The priest energy was easy to identify.  I thought I was a priest!

I like your phrasing-"philosophical system."  I don't actually tell everyone that I have a non-physical teacher.  I am quite discerning about how I share my information and whether or not someone can receive it.  But for those that I can be more open and honest with, I do take a certain pleaure in appearing more eccentric;-)


The benefits...
Well, I first discovered the Michaels in the Fall of 2007 and immediately began absorbing as much info as I could.

Before that, I had studied astrology, numerology, Reiki, psychic awareness, intuition, tarot, the eneagram, and various forms of meditation.

The Michael teachings stood out to me because it was a coherent map of the evolution of the soul and how the personality is designed by the soul.

I have been channeled as 1st old, 5-6 old, and 6 old...and as an Artisan, a King, and a Sage (channeled as Priest-cast all 3 times!).  Through my own validation process, I've accepted that I am a 6th old priest-cast SAGE.

Without going into the profound experiences of validation for my overleaves, the michaels, and the teachings, I can say that the benefits have been more clarity within my own being, experiencing AGAPE for myself and my life, and a great deal of healing.  Also, I have a much greater awareness of when I am coming from personality/false personality and when I am coming/acting from true personality and essence.  This awareness is part of what I mean when I say a "greater clarity in my being." 

I found these teachings in the middle of my 4th Internal Monad, and they were pivotal for me in working through the monad with a greater grace and ease.  I'm still in the monad (5th stage, apparently...).  Meeting my essence twin in the middle of this monad was also a great boost to my self-awareness, growth, and progression through this monad.

I continue to soak up, apply, and validate these teachings.  I love telling people about my non-physical teacher and seeing how they react;-)


General Discussion / Re: My Michael Chart
« on: May 25, 2011, 06:18:54 PM »
Drury wrote:

"This is what I read regarding 7th Entity:  “Though, don't expect to find them on a peace march, or saving the whales. The 7th entity would rather serve others in a more intimate way.”  That’s me, and though I don’t see myself as a Server, I do act like one at times when it comes to helping people with psychological or spiritual issues.  But William Dafoe?  I’m holding out for Keanu."

Hey, Drury.  I'm in cadre 1/entity 7.  Here is more info on entity7 (though, I don't know if we are in the same cadre due to the different cadre/entity "maps" that channels use):

<NichSweeney> Could you describe Cadre 1/Entity 7?  Our themes, traits & areas of interest?  How we are currently manifesting?
<MEntity> On a "technical" level, we can describe your Entity 7 as having 1177 fragments, 745 cycled off, 432 incarnating, and 327 currently in Physical form.  Of those 327, 177 of you are working through multiple bodies (concurrents).
<MEntity> Your entity is comprised primarily of Servers and Priest, giving this entity a "flavor" that has prompted many students to refer to this entity as "the sweetheart entity."
<MEntity> Despite the predominance of Servers and Priests, this entity actually has representatives of every Role.
<MEntity> Cadre 2, Entity 7 is where most of the fragments from Cadre 1, Entity 7 are twinned, making Cadre 2, Entity 7 your Entity Twin.
<MEntity> Most entity 7's are twinned with other Entity 7's, which is how Cadres are merged in higher planes.
<MEntity> All Entity 7s have a positive pole of Inculcation and a negative pole of Ecclecticism.
<MEntity> The difference between those poles is the difference between a comprehensive method for teaching and learning vs a random, scattered, piece-meal method.
<MEntity> The difference between completion of an interest and study or experience vs a distraction for the next "exciting" or popular or enticing draw.
<MEntity> In the case with your Entity, there is a strong theme of HEALING.  Every fragment from your Entity is exploring all concepts and experiences regarding Healing, across the entire spectrum of self-healing to mass healing.
<MEntity> Because of the combination of Inculcation/Ecclecticism and Healing, most from this entity tend to be extremely self-conscious, fully aware of their presence in the eyes of others, with behaviors monitored, measured, valued, etc. often to the point of distraction.
<MEntity> There tends to be a strong rejection or a strong sensitivity to the feelings of others, either blocking them entirely and shunning the chaotic world of feelings, or fully sensitive to a point that makes it "important" to regard all feelings with respect.
<MEntity> Most relationships for those who come from this entity will always have a baseline that asks, "what is most necessary for the healing of this person?"
<MEntity> This can tend to create imbalances in relationships for the fragments of this entity as this can lead to a constant sense of needing to rescue, provide, nurture, etc. and this can leave the fragment feeling that love flows FROM but not TO the self.
<MEntity> Even when these fragments do not choose to be in these positions, they tend to find others turning to them for that very thing.
<MEntity> There is an irresistability to the fragments of this entity, a charm and magnetism, that draws others to them, even if that entity 7 member is in the negative poles.
<MEntity> Even the most arrogant and angry members of entity 7 can tend to find others doing their best to accommodate them, be close to them, embrace them.
<MEntity> We believe this is a fair enough look at entity 7 without further questioning.

Channeled by Troy Tolley



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