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Everyone Channels
« on: July 18, 2011, 11:09:33 PM »
I believe that everyone channels to some extent. I seem to remember hearing that messages from spirit are like
radio frequencies. Staying balanced helps the signal stay strong. Quality depends on how much an individual has exercised their ability to tune to specific frequencies. Messages come through any of the psychic means, and sometimes spillover into smell and taste for clarity according to JP. I find that flashbacks of prior experiences surface like daydreams to help clarify or bring the information closer to home.

I wonder how often we are actually channeling? Is imprinting a form of channeling? After all, we are energy, picking up patterns from energy. Depending on how large we wear our aura, we might pick up the mood of a crowd or the emotion of a person nearby. If I yawn because I saw someone yawn was that a channeled emotion? Is cording a form of channeling through a cord? Past, parallel, future life connection... channeling or not? Agape brings us closer and connects us deeper with others. Does this indicate that channeling is a fundamental aspect of life as a sentient being?

I've heard that magicians are people that specialize in synchronizing emotional responses. Do they facilitate channeling? Is channeling a specific aspect of psychic abilities? Is it the same as a musician that can hear a tune then play it? Movies make use of universal sounds and rhythms, provoking predicted emotions. We all know what the sound of breaking glass or a shriek conjures. For the sake of analogy is it the better channel that knows he is being fed emotional cues?

I have always been very intuitive. However this psychic ability doesn't lend itself to tangible evidence outside of
picking up on something physical that fills a need. I have always known it was more than just luck. Am I good at channeling my higher self? I suppose accuracy in the framework of Michael doctrine is the measuring stick, however I wouldn’t put it past spirit to insist on some internal struggle/interpretation for truth or right mindedness to be achieved.

Should I look only at the words that are channeled or should I look for mental emotional and physical symbolism
in my experience, before and after the event?

Everyone channels information from their higher-selves. In the arena of channeling messages for other people,
symbolic interpretation is more accurate if the client participates. In fact, I believe that helping the client learn to pay attention to their own channeling is more significant than creating a potentially addictive atmosphere where clients give up their power in a quest for the unknown.

If you channel a cure for someone, isn't that just karma completion?

I believe that when a channel’s motivation is to help others to help themselves and create self-empowerment for the client, they are closer to true channeling.

I think that “Maya” or the “Veil” is a fundamental rule that prevents nonbelievers from proving the existence of a spirit world.

So the big question is…What is it that leads people to take a leap of faith? (Enlightenment platform) This is probably unique to the individual and the pivotal facilitator. Darn it.

We are blessed to have the opportunity, clarity, and openness to recognize Michael's teachings. I try to use them as tools to gain insight on the ever-changing landscape of my life. Why do we bicker about the quality of channeled material? Is it because even though we do have faith, we still struggle with accepting divine order? Will the better channel give us a tighter grip over the mysteries behind a “Veil” that spirit has determined as necessary for soul advancement? Would life be more exciting or just boring if we knew everything? Do we still struggle with control over the unknown? Even the Infinite soul uses metaphor to communicate in such a way that you need to search within yourself to find deeper meanings.