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Manifests as:   Alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, risky behavior, thrill-seeking, pugnaciousness, belligerence, masochism, self-loathing, self-sacrifice (Martyrdom - Pos. Pole), burn-out (Immolation - Neg. Pole), religious zealotry, sloth, gluttony, abnegation of personal responsibility,
ignorance etc. etc. - basically any weird-ass, convoluted way of ending an incarnation - fast or slow, no matter - will do.  A very insidious Chief-Feature that creeps up when you least expect it, especially when you think you have overcome it in all its varied guises.

John Roth:

--- Quote from: jo on August 19, 2011, 06:47:00 PM ---i think i can agree with this, especially insidous. If it should be true, that I have/had this feature. Symptomes was there. But I don't understand, why it's about the fear of losing control. Fear of loosing control about your "managing" of life and therefore, do not accomplish, what you want to in a lifetime?
I also read, that Self-Destruction reacts to stress with the false belief, that life isn't worth living and therefore you destroy yourself. So it's a way of justifying (for yourself), that you don't wanna deal with the stressy parts of your life?
And therefore, you could think, life is not worth living, because it's existencially stupid. (Just because you decide, that it is)
Don't know ??? I would have to think about this again, but not now  :)

Greeting, Raoul  :)

--- End quote ---

Jose Stevens' book, Transforming Your Dragons, is the most recommended text on the chief features. It's still in print and available from the usual suspects.

Thanks. Maybe I'm gonna take a look at it, from time to time.

Greeting, jo

Chiara DB:
I second the recommendation. In fact, I highly recommend all Jose Stevens' books. I find them the most useful and practical handbooks out there to using Michael in your every day life and thus making your life better, more whole, integrated, happy, and aligned with essence. And in my opinion, that's the actual point of the MT, not the speculating about aliens, etc. that many seem to do in tenuous connection to it.

I read somewhere about the negative resoucefullness of it. And that´s truly heavy. Just saw everything clearly and in a good way. And now all the strange ideas and thoughts come back. But it´s nice to have seen everything in the right way for a short time. It´s really insidious.


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