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The michael teachings website makes it clear that essence twin and casting influence personality. Is there any influence that comes from the task companion?

Hi Doris,

JP VanHulle channeled years ago that my husband and I are Task Companions.  I can say from my own experience that "there is always a flavor of what are we going to do to move forward and support our task" which happens to be in this lifetime, to build community.  Where ever we go and live, we are the primary people that gather people together and usually from that comes great connections for those who meet.  Currently, (I am 60) and Peter is a bit younger, we have begun the pioneering, propagating and cultivating of the Dao.  We were given this energy transmission last June, and since that time we have brought the Dien Chuan Shr (the Master) to Las Vegas four times for almost 100 people to receive the Dao Blessing.  We also just finished a trip to No. California (Benicia) where we participated in a Dao Ceremony.  I am not completely sure "this is the ultimate in our building (Spiritual) community, but it certainly adds to our task as Task Companions.

Hope this helps,


I've wondered this too. My task companion is a discarnate artisan (as is my essence twin), and so far in my life I've been drawn to artsy people and creative areas, so I wonder if artisans in general feel more supportive to me, having a surrogate effect on the physical plane of my astral artisan energies. I haven't really known my 'spirit guides', but my dreams are pretty artisan-like, chock full of multi-faceted and inventive symbols. Very colorful as well and like miniature films.

My life-task and other things also suggest that my artisans are pretty influential with those areas. i.e. Art and creating makes me very happy/fulfilled, and is used a lot in my life task.

Oh yeah, I've also done quite a few art pieces that were based off of dreams, and they all turned out really well and art-people didn't know where I came up with the ideas, "I've never seen something like that before". :P ;) So yes, thanks discarnate artisan essence twin! It's amazing to realize what a rich resource dreams are, mine are much more artisan-y than my daily art-thinking, I probably don't often take advantage of them as much as I should.

Do other people seem to feel their task companion through dreams, if discarnate? My 'support' (ET/task c's etc) are not here, so it feels like I got an extra heap (of artisan-ness), along with an intense imagination (and very rich dreamworld).

Michael has told me that my TC is incarnate and is a Priest by Role and actual priest as a job. I myself am an Artisan. As I have mentioned on the Goading thread, what is being assigned there as a Priestly quality, I can see in myself. I have no other Priestly/no 6 overleaves except being from Entity 6.


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