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General Discussion / My Michael Chart
« on: April 27, 2011, 08:47:23 PM »
I received my chart last night, done by Shepherd Hoodwin, and much faster than I expected!  The following is what I wrote a few days ago, which disappeared when the server went down, and I didn’t replace it:

“Okay, after talking to forum people, reading this site, other sites, some of the Yahoo list, and a couple books, plus having some insights about myself, my best guess for Role is Sage, since I see it manifesting more than other Roles throughout much of my life.  Maybe my Role will be something different and Sage is the Casting, so I'll see what my Michael Chart says.  Thanks for helping, everyone!  :)”  It turns out I was right, which I was very happy to hear!

The following is what my chart says, and since I’ve spent 2-3 weeks researching Roles, I’m not sure what all the other categories mean.  “The Michael Handbook,” by Jose Stevens, arrived a couple days ago so I skimmed ahead to get some clues.  I can see already that it’s going to take some study to understand the chart fully.  If anything looks weird in the chart, it’s likely that I didn’t understand what I was typing, so maybe someone can say something.

Role:  Sage
Essence Twin:  Priest, Discarnate
Cadence Position:  6
Cadence:  1
Greater Cadence:  4
Position Resonates With:  Priest (“Honorary Priest”)
Cadre/Entity:  9/7, Love/Beauty Side
Task Companion:  Sage, Discarnate
Male/Female Energy:  48/52
Frequency:  47
Previous Cycles:  10
Needs:  Expansion, Adventure, Expression
Life Quadrant:  Power
Goal:  Dominance
Attitude:  Spiritualist
Mode:  Observation
Center:  Intellectual, Moving Part
Chief Obstacle:  Impatience
Body Type:  Saturnian, Secondary Mercurial
Soul Age:  6th Level Mature
Manifesting:  3rd Level Mature

Of the categories I understand, the only one I'm not sure about is Frequency 47 - I wonder if it should be a little faster, but it’s hard to say.  Parts of my life have always been high frequently, and others lower.  Some categories, such as Cadence and Cadre, I’m taking as being accurate.  I thought I might be 5th Entity and have a need for Freedom, but what shows up in the chart also fits.  Overall, the chart is amazingly accurate with regard to every category I understand, and Soul Age and Manifesting Soul Age both explain exactly what’s been going on in my life.  So I’m very pleased with Shepherd’s reading.  It’s also given me a direction to go for my growth.

If anyone has comments on anything in the chart, please feel free to post!

Edit:  What is Casting?  Would that be Cadence Position, in my case 6/Priest?

The Roles (or Soul Types) / Questions About Roles
« on: April 21, 2011, 11:43:16 PM »
[After multiple tries, I could only get half this message to show.  Even subsequent posts, which I deleted, wouldn't allow the rest of the message, though when I try to modify, the entire message is there.  Maybe Dave can either help me show all the info in this post or delete the thread and tell me what I'm doing wrong?]

Since I’m new to MT, maybe this has been thoroughly discussed already.  I’ve been thinking the last few days about Roles in general and my Role in particular.  Much of what I’ve read about Roles over the last couple weeks, since I learned about MT, seems to describe the extremes of Roles so they’re easier to tell apart, not necessary how they always play out in real life.  For example, according to what I’ve read, Warriors are in-your-face people, Sages need to have center stage with as many people as possibly admiring them, and Priests are driven and need to be leaders over as large a group as possible in order for their mission to be achieved.  If I go by what I’ve read so far about all Roles, my husband and I don’t fit any type.  Since I’m so new, I can’t speak with authority on anything connected to MT and maybe people can set me straight, but I wonder if many of the descriptions are leaving out a much broader spectrum of how Roles manifest, thus confusing people and making it harder to spot their Roles.  It’s true that the Overleaves modify Roles, but it seems Roles should be distinctive enough to be able to stand alone as archetypes without studying the rest of the MT categories.  I googled, trying to find answers, and came up with some quotes from Shepherd Hoodwin.  He said what I’d come to:

“One Michael student attending a workshop I did is a gregarious, sociable scholar; because of her outgoing personality, some assumed she had to be a sage.  Similarly, shy, reserved sages are guessed to be servers or scholars.  There is often an inability to go deeper to see the real energies.”

Under “Learning To See Roles”:  “Behavior results from many factors, including overleaves, body type, astrology, imprinting, and past?lives, but your essence is what you *are*, not what you do.  Behavior often but doesn't always reflect your essence, so you have to look deeper to see essence.”

“Your essence is what you *are*, not what you do.”  Those were the thoughts I’d come to, that behavior can be a strong indication but is not the definitive marker for any particular Role, that it’s the underlying drive toward Expression, Inspiration, etc., in Ordinal, Cardinal and Neutral that delineate the Roles.  There has to be a line when the behavior is so far off that it falls into another Role, but I don’t know where that line is and I don’t know how much emphasis to put on behavior.  There are so many ways of manifesting, say, Inspirational Cardinal, that I don’t understand why most writings say they are leaders and prefer to inspire as large of groups as possible.  What about lower-key Cardinals - does that not happen?  Do all Sages want to be the center of attention and love to tell stories?  Is it possible to be a lower-key fun-loving type who loves to express themselves to a wide range of people, but more one-on-one, bouncing around in a group?

Another question I have, is it possible that I have a Role but I haven’t manifested it this lifetime, such as I’m a Priest but haven’t found my mission, or do Roles always seep through and show up strongly one way or another, since that’s who the person is at heart?  Right now, I don’t seem to fit any of the Roles and I’m not sure if anyone watching me would do much better.  Saying I’m an Artisan, Server, Warrior or King would have everyone who knows me rolling their eyes.  If I’m a Sage, then I’d be, “Oh no, now I have to care about material things and clothes and tell stories and try to be the center of attention for anyone to realize I’m a Sage.”  If I’m a Priest it’s, “Oh great, now I have to be driven instead of fun loving.”  And if I was with a group of Scholars, they’d all be eying this weird goofy person who’s constantly saying, “Wow, that’s amazing/interesting!”  I wish there was an eighth category for a fun-loving, freedom-loving, change-addicted, learning-addicted, dancing, hiking, nature-loving, emotional/logical, spiritually-oriented person who loves to share ideas and go into depth about who I am/you are and give emotional help where needed without wanting to stand out or be a leader.  I think that about covers it.  :D  It may seem like I’m frustrated, but I’m not.  It’s more an interesting learning experience and I’m trying to sort out the info.

If anyone would like to comment on any of the above, I’d be very interested.


Bodytypes / Question about a Joel Friedlander book
« on: April 20, 2011, 10:40:01 PM »
I checked a book out from the library called Body Types, by Joel Friedlander.  It was published in 1986, is based on Gurdjieff's Fourth Way, and covers body types such as Lunar, Venusian, etc.  If I study this book, will it send me in the wrong direction when it comes to Michael Teachings, as in, did MT break away somewhat from these ideas or change or expand on them?  The only thing I know at this point is that the names of the body types are the same in the book and MT.

The Roles (or Soul Types) / How do I figure out my Role?
« on: April 15, 2011, 07:42:49 PM »
Hi!  I've been reading "7 Personality Types," by Elizabeth Puttick, and the Michael Teachings were mentioned so I googled and found this website.  After reading through part of this site (which is extensive and great! btw) and jumping ahead in the book, I've decided either I'm a goofy Scholar or an expressive but shy and not always wanting to be center of attention Sage.  I live for insights, ideas, knowledge and hanging out in nature (for excitement over plants, animals and backcountry sports, not as much for peace), and I pretty much don't ever like being alone, though I'm somewhat in the middle of introvert and extrovert when it comes to talking to people, partly because I'm so alternative it's hard to find people with my interests and values and partly because of the shyness.  To cover both eventualities, I found an AV that expresses both Roles.   :D

So do most people get a channeling in order to sort out their Role?  I'm a little hesitant to just pick one, in case it's wrong.

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