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General Discussion / Re: Connection with your partner
« on: October 20, 2011, 10:42:34 PM »
oceanemotion, did you have a channeling done on how many lives have you met your husband in?

I am not in a relationship now, but I had a quite strong connection with my previous partner and still do (we have children together). Our charts were done by different channels and I have not yet fully validated mine, let alone his, so I don't take any of it as the ultimate truth, but it has been channeled as:
me: Artisan, Sage Casting, 2/6, 45m/55f, 50 freq., 3rd Old, sliding to 5th Mature
him: Warrior, Sage Casting, 2/7, 65m/35f, 60 freq., 6th Mature, manifesting Mature
We have not been channeled as either ETs or TCs and I felt disappointed about that too. Once upon a time he used to channel some sort of guide, who told him that he and I were "soulmates". That term is not used in MT, and one day I might ask Michael what was it that he channeled, and what did they mean by this.
When I had his chart done, I have also asked for 4 other most significant family members' charts. With the exception of one (my sister), who was channeled to be from Cadre 3, all others were channeled to be in Cadre 2, like me (my kids, mother and my ex (above)). My mother was channeled to be from the same Entity as me, which was a strange thing to be told. But like I said different channels have done mine and their charts, so the Cadre info is not necessarily matching.

jo, I assume that by spiritually older you mean older in Soul Age. It has nothing to do with frequency or spirituality. Old Soul Level 3 and Mature Level 6 are not million miles away from each other and from what I have seen, it is not unlikely that there is that much difference in Soul Age in the same Entity. Soul Age is based on amount of experience, and has to do with completing monads.

Artisan / Re: something tangible?
« on: September 25, 2011, 09:01:36 AM »
Do artisans live in their heads a lot?
I definitely do, but I don't know whether it is because I am an Artisan.

General Discussion / Re: What is your diet?
« on: September 24, 2011, 02:15:56 PM »
Pescaterian would describe it, Elisa. I also avoid dairy and eggs but not strictly and only eat small amount of fish/seafood.

I have only recently heard of paleo (on a macrobiotics forum), but not yet of WAPF.

The poll only allows a limited number of options, it it were not so, I would have included some other options too.

Those of you who select "Other", what is that Other?

Artisan / Re: something tangible?
« on: September 23, 2011, 10:16:12 AM »
Jo, you cant take it like something written in stone, always applicable, and to every Artisan. Moreover, just because someone is channeled as something, does not mean its correct. Most people take the seven Roles WAY to stereotypically. As I said elsewhere, that is about as accurate as doing the same with 12 sun signs. Things are way more complicated.

I am channeled as an Artisan and so is my mum. I am good at making things with my hands, but I can certainly go a long long time without making any. I mean years. I am more compelled to write, play, sing and express verbally. I am channeled as Sage casted.

My mum does none of that, and she nearly hates making things with her hands. She will do it, if its a necessity. She is also really rough with things. She is channeled as Warrior cast. She is definitely restless, alright. But the way to discharge that for her is being out and about, definitely not to sit and do crafts.
She is not even lost in her own world and all that. She also does not seem to display multiple inputs (which I do). She cooks, but is not a fan, and keeps moaning about it. And again, is really rough with it. "Ants in your pants" would describe her well.

As for rising to fame - do you mean in a particular area? Because there seemed to have been quite a few late Olds that were famous, however i think it was usually in a field having to do with spirituality/therapy/healing/ etc.

Soul Age / Re: Old souls living a normal family life??
« on: September 19, 2011, 04:36:00 PM »
I have been channeled as Old. I never cared for marriage, but always wanted children. Marriage was important to my ex, so we did marry. We have kids too. He left 4 years ago, but we are cool.

General Discussion / What is your diet?
« on: September 19, 2011, 04:32:52 PM »
Hi everyone  :D

I would be interested to know what an average Michael student eats. It comes up in Michaelite discussions every now and then - so I would like to see some stats

False Personality / Re: Attraction to things, that don't make you happy
« on: August 17, 2011, 07:52:00 PM »
Synchronicity working as usual. Yesterday I have started listening to my audio book Four Agreements. Heard about it long time ago, finally got it few days ago, because I have found out that the Czech version of the audio book is read by my favourite actor Jaroslav Dusek (definitely an old soul and some sort of kindred spirit) who has also created some other projects related to it. And I always read English stuff in original, but I had to get this in Czech just because he reads it.

Well, basically part of what is said there, is that we have a large amount of agreements with ourself, with others etc. Most of them are agreed to unconsciously. In Michael speak, lot of them come under Imprinting, but others don't and can be created consciously.

So if you were imprinted ("signed" and internal agreement) that you deserve to suffer, then you are acting according to that agreement. From what I can tell, most people have been more or less imprinted this way, although the strength of that imprinting/agreement differs, and also what differs is whether/how much that agreement/imprinting has been reinforced during the life.

You mention religion. Think just for a typical example about someone growing up under Christianity influence. I mean what can you glean from being told, as a child, that you are basically a sinner by nature. And if you think that this does not influence you if you did not grow up in Christian home, think again. It's pervasive. Nonetheless, it's only one of many ways we are being made to feel like s%#@ from the second we are born. Average parent also does a fair bit in this, no matter how unintentionally, unless they use very conscious methods of parenting, but even then, as humans, they will at times make their kids feel like crap in some way. And as if that was not enough, unless we are consciously working on ourselves, we of course pass such emotional poisonings on, making other people feel bad. We even do this if we work on ourselves, but in general, less then when acting completely out of unconscious programs.

Agreements tend to be self-reinforcing. What we have agreed to/believe, attracts more of the same, which then reinforces that agreement further as an experience.

Reasons for such imprinting can be numerous and I cannot think of a generalisation here. Some people may have for example grown up in a Baby Soul culture with a lot of "shoulds" and strict norms of behaviour. Imagine that there is something they need to go against in that culture. Not at all because they are much of a rebel, but imagine that the "rules" are impossible to obey for some reason. Now imagine that this going against those rules has some negative consequences (as it would have more or less). Through subtle or less subtle imprinting, messages would be incoming that the person basically deserves to suffer. Of course the person does not HAVE to accept it, but it is rather difficult not to, if the influence is very strong.

Or you happen to be born into an abusive family. Throughout your formative years, your life will be suffering. It would be pretty much impossible to grow up without self-worth issues. And if you feel worthless, you don't believe you deserve better. This shines from you unmistakably. If you ever met a person who feels worthless, I am certain you were able to tell. And if you had to interact with them, you might have even mistreat them yourself or find it very hard not to. Not by far soon into the relationship, but eventually it is difficult not to reflect their own belief. Or at least this has been my experience.

As for expressing strange thoughts, best thing in my experience is to acknowledge to myself that i have them. So what. They are just weird thoughts. Nothing else. They cannot do anything. Acknowledge them. In my experience, they tend to go away when you do, and they stay the more you refuse them and deny them. I don't think you have to understand them. Just acknowledge they are there and that it's okay and you are okay.

Spirituality / Re: Practice
« on: August 13, 2011, 11:22:21 AM »
Actually, in the TOMG transcripts, Michael very much keeps urging the group to meditate and even makes claims such as if 60% of the world population would meditate, there would be no wars, we would have answers to interstellar travel and stopped wasting our time on crap (my words - they said it differently and basically meant various ways of hostility, separation and maya) and more. I don't know how much of that is really Michael or why this has not made it into MFM or why later channels don't get this through that much, but I think it has to do with tailoring it to the audience and with what do people ask about. If people asked more of the questions you have just asked or even requested a more thematic and systematic sessions about this, I am pretty sure Michael would deliver.

As to what sort of meditation to choose or practice - I think whatever suits you really and that they all accomplish some sort of Essence contact. For some people sitting in a lotus position would work (I am not one of those, lol), for others, swimming would do the trick better. For others, lying position is best. Sometimes guided meditation is good, sometimes just some music, other times drumming, really it depends and does not matter in my opinion.

Channeling / Re: Channeling: Fact or Fiction
« on: August 13, 2011, 11:07:04 AM »
Personally, I don't think channeling belongs into either category - fact or fiction. And it does not bother me. Neither was literature always so strictly categorised.
It is simply not possible to pass channeling as facts the same way like we can pass for example some book on carpentry as such. Neither is it fiction, clearly at least not to us Michael Students, otherwise we would hardly even be here and discuss it. At the end of the day, I agree it is the content, not the source that matters. And I am perfectly fine to be left to figure out its veracity for myself. Most of Michael Teachings would be something like "self-help", which belongs into non-fiction, but what does that really matter?

General Discussion / Re: The "I" of it all
« on: July 30, 2011, 08:08:55 PM »
Quote from: Kenneth Margo
New to the Michael channel (though not the messages) I (pardon) am surprised at the need that  so many supposedly advanced souls have to attach labels to their infinity  and advertise it . Eg 'I am a 6th level mature soul, I have difficulty with..etc'.).   Is it loneliness ?, confusion about identity?, hoping that this label will provide the answer since my last one   'a Libra'   or a  Sethite , or  Woman or Caregiver or Father or Writer or  whatever didnt 'give' me what I need ? . Or is it a desire for contact  with others by letting it all hang out? (in which case for me it would have the opposite effect.) How many I's do we and society attach to ourselves and still we know it does not tell a millionth about what we really are (potential infinite souls). So for me (here I go again) , its more important to understand from within, ie   develop intuition as to how to act, be , in a given situation . And since this depends on the moment there is no label which suffices.
$60 later, to know  one is a third  level whatever  with such and such overleaves and chief features and other terms which I never read in the original Michael books makes no difference,might only  be making someone else richer, and can be used as an excuse for not empathising , acting for the good and  extending ones awareness.     
kenneth Margo, when I publish my overleaves on sites such as this one, I do so because I enjoy checking out overleaves of others and I let others do the same. I do not do it as an advert for anything, expression of loneliness, or the other things you mention.

I enjoy Michael Teachings and learning about the Overleaves system and I attempt and strive (don't always succeed) to use it as means of understanding myself and others. As I progress in the study of it and learning what each overleaf means, where better to get a practise in this then observing it in people and then checking out my perception agains the channeling they have got? I have a long way to go to get good at this, but I can now spot couple of overleaves quite well and guess a Role, Casting or ET Role somewhere in the mixture in about 50% of cases. The overleaves that others publish allow me to check against - they provide study material in short. So I provide mine. That is my reason. 

I certainly did not get my overleaves with the intention to publish them, but as another way to get myself better. But I do understand why someone would have a rant about labels. But then - everything is a label if you wish to perceive it that way and you can find many for each and every one of us, some that we would wear proudly, some that get hidden very deep inside. Michael did not provide overleaves for that use.

I am getting a little tired of people treating Yarbro books as a Bible and all that comes after as invalid. Yarbro is excellent, but it is basic, especially with all the editing done to the material that came through. The fact that she claims that "her" group or "her" channels are the only "real" ones or whatever, certainly does not make it true. I did not even get that vibe from these claims. What I got was - there is a lot of crap out there. Well sure, but leave it upto me to tell for myself. I can do so.

Channels getting richer? I seriously doubt you can get rich from channeling for money.

Quote from: kenneth Margo
Soul evolution is about being beyond the I
Soul evolution is via experiences. That includes all experiences. Evolving beyond fragmentation happens on the way, and then we Fragment again. And then we reintegrate again. Over and over again. All of it is a valid part.

Quote from: John Roth
The point I'm trying to get across here is that "losing the 'I'" or "losing the ego" is not, and let me repeat that, NOT a goal of the Michael Teaching. It belongs to other paths.
Well I cannot recall of the top of my head how much of it has made it into Yarbro books, but TOMG channeling included a lot on the topic of individuality being an illusion, separateness being an illusion etc. It does not come off this strongly from other Michael materials I have come across so far, but it does permeate in gentle way through it in my opinion. The very word Fragment seems to have been chosen to show us and lead us to this understanding.
Michael also gives us exercises that help to transcend the feeling of separateness temporarily and at least one of those has made it into a Yarbro book (the one with experiencing the sun rays as various living things outside our selves).

Ego is a problematic word, because it is not used consistently. Mostly people use it to describe what Michael would call False Personality. But Michael would not call that "ego". Semantics aside, when used in the sense of "False Personality", yes I would say that fundamental part of the teaching is evolving towards positive poles, i.e. Wholeness, i.e. beyond False Personality.

General Discussion / Re: Self-Karma
« on: July 30, 2011, 07:27:16 PM »
The other day I was playing with words, and since Karma is generated when we remove someone else's choice, could it be that Self-Karma is generated when we remove our own choice? Oh hold on - we do that all the time...

General Discussion / Re: Extraterrestrial Souls
« on: July 26, 2011, 11:45:26 AM »
The glossary page of includes a definition of Extraterrestrial, and a page titled
Celebrity Overleaves offers examples of extraterrestrial souls. So there appears to have been some
channeling about extraterrestrials, but there doesn't seem to be much information about them on

How many extraterrestrial souls are on Earth presently? Where do they come from? Is there a table of data
about them? Is there a book about the Michael Teachings that covers this more in depth?

Does anyone have any ideas?
^ I remember one, and that was Yahweh (Jehovah). It has been channeled that not all of the "manifestations" or perhaps better word would be "encounters", with Yahweh, were with the same being, however that many of them were referring to one(?) extraterrestrial individual. Particularly I understand this to refer to Yahweh that has given Moses the 10 commandments, appearing as a burning bush. The channeling said that the Extraterrestrial in question was possibly of the older race John Roth's post above is referring to (from Sirius star system) and that these creatures are known to us as Big Foot. But that they have an ability to somehow block being seen in their actual physical form and that they have used this when intending to appear to us as a "God" - hence the burning bush. There is more channeling available about this race.

Soul Age / Re: POLL: What is Your Soul Age?
« on: July 26, 2011, 11:30:47 AM »
I dont know. how can I find out?
kenneth Margo, you find a channel and get a reading done. It is quite simple and costs somewhere around $55 - $60. That is for the whole chart, not just soul age, obviously. Channel names and their contact details are easy to look up on Michael Teaching sites or which there are several.

Soul Age / Re: Young Soul Contributions
« on: July 26, 2011, 11:25:40 AM »
To say that capitalism is purely perpetuated by Young souls is inaccurate. To say that Mature and Old souls often have no choice but to go with it is also inaccurate - and it is crucial to admit this. Because if you don't like it, then who is it up to to change it?

Actually for me to say that if it weren't for Young souls, not much would have been achieved in physical sense is equally inaccurate. I can be quite productive when I wish to. Personally though I lack the drive I see in some Young people. Or I am motivated by different things.

And then - we have to ask ourselves - when we are describing what Young souls have contributed to the world - aren't we already simplifying way too much for that question to even make sense? Nobody exists in isolation.

As for the human rights, personally I would say, if I am going to make a generalisation at all, that it is more of an arena of Mature soul, rather than Young.

I also don't think that exploitation is a necessary part of any planet's evolution. It may be something that often happens, but it is not necessary. A Young soul can evolve without exploiting anybody.

General Discussion / Re: Self-Karma
« on: July 24, 2011, 08:28:43 AM »
I am also in Flow/Rest/Stagnation, whatever one calls it. Rest makes sense to me. Recently I have read that the Goal is something we are usually lacking, hence it is a Goal. At the moment that makes sense to me. I have to make myself rest. It is not that I would not rest naturally, because I would. It is that I have to balance it with the imprinting of "you must do", which you are all discussing here.

Years ago my mother-in-law to be resentfully commented on my restful nature (it used to come to me more naturally as a kid and an adolescent). I have never had her overleaves channeled, but it would not surprise me if she had Martyrdom. She never rests and never takes any time for myself. And she resents it when others do, although she does not always show it. And I understand her too, because I know how this dynamic is created.

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