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Astrology and the Server
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Servants, also known as Slaves, have a goal of service, too. However, their service is not limited to serving the spiritual needs of others as it is with Priests. In early incarnations, their service is likely to entail menial duties and subservient roles, which teach them to love service for service’s sake. In later incarnations, after they have learned to serve humbly and happily, they serve by choice and may even become famous for their selfless acts. They never seek notoriety, however, unless it helps their life task by allowing them to reach more people.
   Virgo (earth), Pisces (water), Cancer (water), and Libra (air) are common in Servants’ charts. Their charts usually have both earth and water signs. The earth signs afford them the practical know-how and determination to dedicate themselves to helping others. If their service depends on mental activity, air signs will be highlighted as well. Because water signs develop the compassion, love, and kindness so necessary to service, they are the cornerstones of this Role.
   It is rare for Servants not to have water in their charts. If it becomes necessary for a Servant to balance an overly watery nature by eliminating water signs from the chart for a while, the qualities of water will still be apparent in the personality. When a balancing life is chosen, it is usually to gain more self-confidence and independence, for which the fire signs are useful. Otherwise, fire signs are not helpful to them.
   The Servant’s Moon’s nodes are most often in Pisces/Virgo, but Cancer/Capricorn is fairly common as well. The Pisces/Virgo axis represents service, and these are their two favorite signs. However, Cancer/Capricorn nodes also allow them to serve others, particularly family members. When the North Node is in Capricorn, which is rare, it is usually to balance overly dependent and self-sacrificing behavior. Giving too much of ourselves to others is not service, but dishonoring ourselves. This is one of their major lessons, which even advanced Servants may struggle with. Shifting the North Node from Cancer to Capricorn and adding fire signs to the chart are the methods most often used to overcome this tendency.

Signs Most Frequently Chosen by Servants (water and earth):
Pisces, Virgo, Cancer, and Libra

Talents of Servant: efficient and thorough service, dedication to a task, humility

Tendencies That May Need Balancing: lack of identity and self-esteem; needs to develop an identity, confidence, and assertiveness