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Astrology / Re: Astrology and the Seven Roles: Introduction
« on: March 15, 2012, 03:26:39 PM »
Hi Everybody,

I forgot to mention that my Astrology Report is a part of a series of statistical studies called the "Michael Student Database Study," which has 12 Parts to date. I've evaluated the Michael Student population, which has looked at all these aspects so far:

Part 1. Introduction (Study Population)
Part 2. Comparison of Cadre 1
Part 3. Comparison of Cadres 2-5
Part 4. Essence Dynamics
Part 5. Essence Twins
Part 6. Goals
Part 7. Modes
Part 8. Attitudes
Part 9. Obstacles
Part 10. Centering
Part 11. Body Types
Part 12. Integration (includes enneagram, astrology)
Part 13. Universal Concepts (in preparation)

All these Parts are available to read on the other two boards (TLE and MTSC), where they could be published as pdf files as is. I could not publish them here, because this board is so user- unfriendly for large documents like that (with lots of figures and tables).

If somebody knows how to do it here, please let me know and I'll publish them here as well.


Astrology / Re: Astrology and the Seven Roles: Introduction
« on: March 15, 2012, 02:42:24 PM »
Hi Everybody,

This week I've finished and published a huge study that examines Astrology and all the Michael Roles and Overleaves in the Michael student population. Unfortunately, I cannot publish it in this Forum, because the report has 17 figures and tables etc. that cannot be posted here. For more information, you'll have to check out the other Michael boards (TLE and MTSC), where I have posted the full report.

Perhaps Dave G. (or somebody) knows how to attach a pdf document here as is? If so, please let me know and I'll be happy to post the report here as well.


Spirituality / Re: Decording?
« on: January 19, 2012, 05:04:20 PM »
To Dave & All ,

Terri C. Benning posted something very insightful on another board, which has a group for discussing "Conscious Essence Contact," explaining:

"In the 80's I worked with both Jacob and Michael in the work I did with others and there were a group of students who worked with both of them as well. The way they explained it to us at the time, it cross-referenced thusly:

Integral Self Focus ~ Essence

Intrinsic Self Focus ~ Fragment

Distinct Self Focus ~ Personality

The Tao itself encompasses all three levels and would resonate to the "Spark" in the MTs.

We can shift our focus  to greater and lesser percentage of awareness in each level at will, according to Jacob and Abraham. We all have constantly fluctuating percentages of our focus "attuned" to each level at each moment and we can consciously CHOOSE to place our focus in any of these levels at any time. It takes practice, but they are all within our reach if we choose to work with them in this way.

This single most damaging "assumption" or "belief" that most people hold about this "higher self" notion is that it somehow exists OUTSIDE of our "normal" waking state of awareness, or "Outside" of our bodies, and that we have all been somehow cast "OUT" from the Tao. In truth we have been cast INTO the Tao, not OUT FROM it. The Tao, or the IS, permeates all states and levels of our being, and we operate completely WITHIN it rather than It, or we, existing in some separate state from it.

They further explained that the INTEGRAL self focus has 360 degree "vision" or perhaps even more accurately, possesses a kind of spherical, or "holistic" awareness of all of it's parts, including concurrents, parallels, past, present and even future selves.

The INTRINSIC self focus is that level that many think of as the "higher self" focus, which is what they termed our "communicator" focus. This level of the self focus is aware of BOTH the Integral self focus and the Distinct self focus at the same time, and runs "AC/DC" meaning it serves to inform each of these "focuses" of the other's perspectives and experiences of things, each from their own perspective. So it is the part of us that does the actual "translation" and "transmission" of information from Essence, or Integral Self Focus, to Personality, or the Distinct Self Focus, and visa versa. It is the INTRINSIC self focus, or the FRAGMENT focus that is used to communicate information from "Higher Plane Sources", according to the perceptions of the Essence/Fragment/Personality "complex" structure, as RA might term it.

The DISTINCT Self Focus is, of course, that part of us which is focused primarily into the physical plane reality, and is what we might term our basic "personality" focus, as it would manifest through the specific overleaves for any given lifetime. The distinct self focus "orders" perceptions into single "units" of perception that allows for the perception of both time and space here on the physical plane. It orders experiences in a primarily linear fashion, and serves to "sequence" events that take place in our lives in an orderly manner. It is that level of perception and awareness that is most easily recognizable as "The Self" here on the physical plane.

Together, all three levels comprise what Jacob termed "The True Self" which exists encompassed WITHIN the Tao Itself."

I think this kind of wisdom goes a long way to explain HOW we function on the Physical Plane.

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Spirituality / Re: Decording?
« on: January 18, 2012, 05:26:58 PM »
Thanks Chiara for being so honest and vulnerable with your situation, which may not be easy for a King in Power mode, but you have showed us courage!

You remind me of someone close to me, who is an enneatype 8 (Leader, Confronter, Asserter). His mother broke off all communications with him, despite his many attempts to re-establish some kind of a relationship. She has the goal of Rejection - maybe it's her lesson TO REJECT him (which she has all his life; he also felt invisible, never heard, so he learned to yell a lot!!!) AND also her lesson TO BE REJECTED by him and others now (since they've given up on her).

You can still attempt to "heal" or send love/forgiveness/compassion/whatever you feel like on the Astral level (after you protect yourself from any negative influences) even if you can never resolve it on the Physical Plane to your satisfaction.

I urge you to read more about the Enneatypes - here is a free test for starters:
I think you'll get a better perspective on yourself and others. For more on enneatype 8, please check this link at the same site:

Spirituality / Re: Decording?
« on: January 15, 2012, 05:28:17 PM »
Most people can relate to the "Wounded Child" archetype, as described by Caroline Myss at Myss Library | Sacred Contracts | A Gallery of Archetypes:

"Child: Wounded

The Wounded Child archetype holds the memories of the abuse, neglect, and other traumas that we have endured during childhood. This may be the pattern people relate to the most, particularly since it has become the focus of therapy and accepted as a major culprit in the analysis of adult suffering. Choosing the Wounded Child suggests that you credit the painful and abusive experiences of your childhood with having a substantial influence on your adult life. Many people blame their Wounded Child, for instance, for all their subsequent dysfunctional relationships.

The painful experiences of the Wounded Child archetype often awaken a deep sense of compassion and a desire to find a path of service aimed at helping other Wounded Children. From a spiritual perspective, a wounded childhood cracks open the learning path of forgiveness. The shadow aspect may manifest as an abiding sense of self-pity, a tendency to blame your parents for your current shortcomings and to resist moving on through forgiveness.

Films: Diana Scarwid in Mommie Dearest; Dean Stockwell in The Secret Garden; Linda Blair in The Exorcist; Natalie Wood in The Miracle on 34th Street; Leonardo di Caprio in This Boy's Life; Jon Voight in Midnight Cowboy.

Fiction: Native Son by Richard Wright; Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens."

Luckily, we have learned a few things from the Michael Teachings that will help us on our path. Here are a few excerpts from the Briggs transcripts (1982):

"All you need to know is you are your Overleaves.  You can be them actively or not.  But by not being them doesn’t mean they go away."

"No matter what another person’s Overleaves, we have to relate to them out of our own. So if a person is in Rejection, we need not worry about “saying” or “doing” something that may “cause” (make) them to feel rejected.  They will experience their Overleaves no matter how you/we act.  You truly do not have the power to “trigger” anyone’s reaction or action to anything."

“WHAT” is up to Essence.  When you’re not involved in an Essence “what”, you as a Personality get to play in a playground where thought turns into [a] physical object.  Whether you are enlightened or not, whether you live totally in balance or not, you will still create from thought, when you are not involved in an Essence “What.”  That’s the struggle.  “How do I know the difference between the B.S. I’m creating and the “What” Essence has chosen for me?”  You won’t.  It’s not your job to know the difference.  It’s up to Essence to know the difference, not you.  You don’t have to learn anything.  You didn’t reincarnate, Essence did."

"...the realm of the “WHAT” you are going to do is up to Essence.  The “HOW” is up to you.  A question like that is the “how” and there is an enormous amount of options, at a Personality level. And the more you allow Essence to flow on the Physical Plane, [the] larger your “how” gets, [the] more responsibly you will handle it and the simpler it looks."

So we can look at our relationships from the level of the Personality and get a lot of insight from studying personality typing systems, like the enneagram, card science, astrology etc., which help you see HOW you relate to others and they to you, each from their own perspective. Since most of us grow up in dysfunctional families, this is something we may have to do at point or another. It's difficult but necessary work to reflect on any painful childhood memories to acknowledge that, a) you're not crazy for feeling/thinking the way you do about the past; b) you need a witness (e.g. therapist, sibling, spouse, friend or other), somebody who understands and validates your feelings (even if the abusers themselves never will or never could with the knowledge, skills and experience they have); and c) you are in charge of your life now and can move on.

Once you have "processed" the situation at the level of Personalities, then you can "go to the balcony" and see your life as a stage play with Act I, Act II and Act III. Some people come and stay in your circles for your whole life. Some people come for one act, then leave. Others make cameo appearances here and there. But you are the director of your life, you are in charge. The people in your life are just actors, playing their bit parts. It really doesn't matter who got the part of "mother" or "ex-wife" in your life, because you made a pre-birth agreement to work together on relationships etc.

Then the focus will change to asking yourself:

WHAT lesson or goal did my Essence choose? Is it karma or a monad?

"It’s an Essence choice.  If it’s going to complete 75 Monads and one karma, it will pick Growth.  If it is going to complete 75 karmas and one Monad, it will choose Rejection."

"Each Essence chooses when to complete a karma prior to incarnation, and then chooses Overleaves it knows result in Personalities that will facilitate that karma getting completed.  When karma is complete, relationships can continue on.  So it’s up to the Personality whether the relationship continues.  It’s up to you and her."
(Briggs transcript, 1982).

Much food for thought here. Thanks, Chiara, for bringing this up for discussion.


Spirituality / Re: Decording?
« on: January 14, 2012, 04:31:13 PM »
Hi Chiara,

One book I'd recommend to read in your situation is "Toxic Parents: Overcoming Their Hurtful Legacy and Reclaiming Your Life" by Susan Forward. You can get is used for less than $3 - well worth it!

From Amazon:

"Are you the child of toxic parents?

When you were a child...

• Did your parents tell you you were bad or worthless?
• Did your parents use physical pain to discipline you?
• Did you have to take care of your parents because of their problems?
• Were you often frightened of your parents?
• Did your parents do anything to you that had to be kept secret?"

Here is the link (to copy and paste):

Spirituality / Re: Decording?
« on: January 10, 2012, 07:20:25 AM »
Jose Stevens has a section on "Cording and De-cording" in his book "Tao to Earth" (pp 233-238). In a nutshell, he says:

"De-cording is a simple mental exercise that is best done at the end of the day or after much interaction with other people. You may feel the presence of a painful or intense cord without knowing who it is from. Simply put your attention on the physical area where you feel the sensation and ask who it is. Ask what they want and what they are doing there. If you do not want them there, tell them to leave.

For de-cording follow this procedure: Simply close your eyes, visualize your seven chakras, and notice where that person has entered a cord. Gently, methodically remove all cords from all chakras, front and back, and send them back with a gentle goodbye. Fill in all openings with your essence. Leave any cords you have agreed to retain.

Occasionally de-cording will produce immediate reactions. If you have removed a persistent cord from your MOTHER, you may get a quick phone call from her asking if everything is alright. The same might be true for a mate or lover. De-cording will produce feelings of lightness, clarity, and relaxation."

Good luck with it!

To: All music lovers and others

This is one of the most inspiring things I've seen lately, so I wanted to share this video with you:
Upon previewing the video at TED 2011 in March, Eric Whitacre (and the choir) received two standing ovations - testimony to the power of the internet to connect people of all backgrounds and abilities and create something beautiful across time and space.
Here are 2 links to the video - the visuals are as stunning as the harmonies that stir the soul...
Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir:
(Also at


Announcements! / Re: New Poll: How Do You Like This Forum?
« on: June 10, 2011, 02:09:04 AM »
I'd like to know if it's possible to transport a table or figure (from outside) into the text box here? If so, please tell me how to do it.

I find the above tool buttons (e.g. bold) a bit clunky and cryptic, obviously not made for or by Macs!?


Astrology / Re: Astrology and the Seven Roles: Introduction
« on: June 10, 2011, 01:47:40 AM »
YES, I do have lots of data on correlating over 600 astrology charts with Michael overleaves information! It's been an ongoing pet project of mine and I'm just finalizing the data analysis and writeup, which will be very revealing to all. Frankly, as a research scientist, I didn't expect to find anything, but much to my surprise, I discovered a lot of things. :)

Also please know I have always believed that I have something to learn from everybody. I admire your decades of astrology studies and hope that you'll keep an open mind, so that we can start a dialogue about my findings.


Astrology / Re: Astrology and the Seven Roles: Introduction
« on: June 09, 2011, 02:17:39 AM »
Hi John,

You're entitled to your opinion, but I felt compelled to present this material to this group of Michael students, who might benefit from reading the brief overview of the role/sign descriptions and particularly the evolution of elements during different soul ages. I found that very insightful in the context of soul evolution and I hope others will, too.

I agree that astrology is a highly complex, often misunderstood cosmic science indeed. Sun sign astrology is just scratching the surface. Perhaps you missed reading the last sentence in the Introduction, where Gina clearly states:

"The descriptions of the signs apply not only to people with that Sun sign, but also to those who have that sign prominent in their chart" [as Ascendant, angles, aspects, etc.]. "

All is choice. Including your choice to read or not to read further excerpts from Gina Lake's book.


Excerpt from: Symbols of the Soul: Discovering Your Karma Through Astrology (2000)

AIR SIGNS:       Air signs play a role in each of the cycles, but they are not as common in the Baby and Young cycles as in the Mature and Old cycles. Air is needed to develop the intellect, sociability, and powers of reason. Air is most important in the Young cycle for its ability to strengthen family and community relationships and intellectual development. As the intellect develops, so do our opinions and ideas, which separate us from others. During the Baby and Young cycles, we hold our ideas as if they were law, with some difficulty in seeing other points of view. The polarization of ideas during this cycle stimulates our thought processes, and exercises our discrimination and logical analysis.


Teaches Us: intellectual development, curiosity, to sample life, communication, teaching, learning, transportation

Baby Cycle: rarely chosen

Young Cycle: favorite sign of the Young cycle, which is a time for exploring ideas, people, different ways of being in the world; Gemini provides curiosity and motivation to examine many facets of life, to sample life before settling down to one specific talent or set of life tasks; may display flightiness or superficiality

Mature Cycle: more common; Gemini chosen if the life task requires intellectual refinement, improved communication skills or extensive study of a particular subject; also chosen if the life task involves verbal communication, teaching, learning or transportation

Old Cycle: air signs are favored in the Old cycle for providing the intellectual development for highly complex tasks


Teaches Us: bonding, relationships, personal love, unconditional love

Baby Cycle: the beginnings of personal love begin in late Baby and Young cycle, following earlier dependency

Young Cycle: another favorite sign in the Young cycle; Libra teaches the lessons of personal love and relationship; chosen for its ability to strengthen love and bonding with partner

Mature Cycle: Libra is most emphasized in the Young and Mature cycles; usually chosen to develop artistic abilities or aesthetic appreciation, or to increase our ability to love

Old Cycle: those who have delayed the lessons of love because they have been developing a certain talent or quality will need to concentrate on these lessons in the Old cycle; sometime in the Old cycle, we develop the capacity for unconditional love; at this point, the lessons in personal love diminish and greater focus is placed on the life task; air signs are favored in the Old cycle for providing the intellectual development for highly complex tasks


Teaches Us: progressiveness, unconventionality, team and group activities, humanitarian efforts, politics, new technology, new ideas, discoveries, visionary

Baby Cycle: rarely chosen; Aquarius progressiveness and unconventionality are not advantageous in the Baby cycle, when conservatism and caution are needed to develop the means for survival and family relationships

Young Cycle: infrequently chosen by Young souls, usually for furthering our social conscience and group participation, which may be necessary if we are failing to develop naturally in these ways

Mature Cycle: likely to be chosen if life task pertains to to new discoveries, new ideas, advances in technology, humanitarian reform, politics, team or group endeavors; Mature cycle is a time of strengthening our intuition and creativity

Old Cycle: most favored sign in the Old cycle, as it supplies intuition, which begins to be consistently available to us; Aquarius also supplies the desire to serve humanity, and the vision for what is needed for the betterment of humanity

Excerpt from: Symbols of the Soul: Discovering Your Karma Through Astrology (2000)

FIRE SIGNS:   The element of fire serves a different purpose than earth or water. Fire is the inspirational element. It motivates, inspires, creates, and transforms. Fire brings into manifestation new insights, new approaches, new outlooks, and new ways of being in the world. With the addition of fire to the evolutionary process, we are able to grow and expand beyond what we have known or already created.

Fire has its place. Its place is not in the beginning stages of evolution, when stability and steadfastness are being learned. The qualities of fire - courage, extroversion, independence, initiative, and physical strength - can be dangerous unless we have gained some basic stability and emotional development. Because of this, fire is usually not chosen in the early cycles except to teach a particular lesson or balance dependency. Not until the Mature cycle are we apt to choose several lifetimes with the fire signs to expand our potentials.

When we first experience fire, we usually express it crudely and awkwardly. This is true of all the elements. However, fire has the potential of being more destructive than the other elements. It is expressive and active, and when expression and action are ill advised or poorly executed, the results can be devastating. Because of this, we may incur more karma in our first lifetimes with fire than with any other element.


Teaches Us: courage, extroversion, independence, initiative, physical strength, self-reliance, self-sufficiency

Baby Cycle: fire signs are unusual in the Baby and Young cycles, but if fire is needed, Aries is chosen because of its physical strength, prowess and strong ego, which aid survival; Aries (like Capricorn) develops the self-reliance and self-sufficiency needed in the early cycles

Young Cycle: Aries is less helpful in late Baby and Young cycles, as a major task then is bonding with family and community; Aries may be useful in transforming the dependency of many Cancer or Piscean lifetimes into caring for others 

Mature Cycle: Aries serves several purposes in the Mature cycle, even when the life task doesn’t entail leadership or exploration; Aries energizes our goals, drives us to expand our inner potentials; it fuels the drive to explore inner frontiers in mature souls; it may be used to overcome dependency or fearfulness; also chosen by mature souls whose life task involves scientific investigation, exploration, athletic prowess, business ventures, promotion, sales, political leadership, or inventing new products or technology

Old Cycle: fire signs motivate us to develop our talents and other potentials; encourage leadership needed by many life tasks; Old souls might avoid leadership and authority without fire signs


Teaches Us: leading, teaching, self-exploration, self-development, creative talents

Baby Cycle: Leo is not particularly helpful in the Baby cycle, because it does not enhance survival or relationships

Young Cycle: Leo is not particularly helpful in the Young cycle, because it does not enhance survival or relationships

Mature Cycle: favorite sign in the Mature cycle, chosen for leading, teaching, self-exploration and self-development; many choose Leo to develop their creative talents; Leo does not reflect the inward, psychological, and spiritual bent of Mature lifetimes

Old Cycle: fire signs motivate us to develop our talents and other potentials; encourage leadership needed by many life tasks; Old souls might avoid leadership and authority without fire signs


Teaches Us: extroversion, independence, exploration, understanding, optimism

Baby Cycle: Sagittarius is not particularly helpful in the Baby cycle, because it does not enhance survival or relationships not helpful, as does not enhance survival or relationships

Young Cycle: Sagittarius is not particularly helpful in the Young cycle, because it does not enhance survival or relationships

Mature Cycle: chosen by Mature and Old souls more frequently than any other sign, except Pisces and Scorpio, because it meets both their need for self-development and understanding

Old Cycle: fire signs motivate us to develop our talents and other potentials; encourage leadership needed by many life tasks; Old souls might avoid leadership and authority without fire signs; chosen most often by Mature & Old souls, except Pisces/Scorpio

Excerpt from: Symbols of the Soul: Discovering Your Karma Through Astrology (2000)

WATER SIGNS:   Water evolves next. Water signs pertain to developing the emotions, particularly those involved in loving others. Each water sign serves a special purpose in the evolution of water’s qualities. Cancer develops our ability to nurture and care for others. Scorpio develops our ability to share and be intimate with a partners, and Pisces develops our compassion and love for the broader family of humankind.

Dependency begets love. This is no less true in an evolutionary sense. In our earliest incarnations, love is learned within our first dependent relationships. Through our experiences of being loved and cared for, our ability to love grows. This is the purpose of our earliest Cancer lifetimes. Our ability to love is developed further by Scorpio lifetimes, which explore intimacy and love between equals. Through Scorpio lifetimes, we learn to share equally and lovingly with a partner. The love learned in these lifetimes become a model for the nonpersonal love of our Piscean lifetimes, which come later. In this way, personal love and its lessons lay the foundation for unconditional love and altruistic service.


Teaches Us: to develop emotions, dependency, love, nurture and loving care for others,  emotional side, intuition, compassion

Baby Cycle: several Cancer lifetimes are invariably chosen in the Baby cycle, but only after several Capricorn lifetimes (which are needed to develop ego strength before the dependency of a Cancer lifetime); otherwise, dependency may just foster more dependency (receiving support) rather than independence; Cancer lifetimes involve us in the emotional side of life, which earlier Capricorn lifetimes neglected, because of their focus on self-preservation and self-development

Young Cycle: Cancer lifetimes play an important role in the Baby and Young cycles in teaching us to love

Mature Cycle: we no longer choose Cancer to experience dependency, but to exercise caring for others; the compassion developed by being cared for is expressed through compassionate and loving care of others, mostly family members; emergence of the deeper, sensitive, intuitive side of Cancer by the Mature cycle

Old Cycle: deeper compassion, care of others may be extended to those outside of the family circle


Teaches Us: to share, cooperate and be intimate with others, intuition, introspection, understanding human nature, power struggles, jealousy, self-awareness

Baby Cycle: rarely chosen during the Baby cycle for two reasons: Cancer lifetimes of dependency must precede Scorpio lifetimes, and Scorpio’s deep, introspective nature does not suit the Baby cycle

Young Cycle: most highlighted in Young cycle when learning to trust, share, cooperate, be intimate; experiences with intimacy develops our understanding of human nature; Young cycle power struggles and jealousies teach us to love

Mature Cycle: favorite sign of Mature souls because this cycle is a time of psychological exploration and self-awareness; capable of giving to others in intimate relationships in ways not possible before; can form satisfying love relationships; emergence of the deeper, sensitive, intuitive side of Scorpio

Old Cycle: chosen to expand the search for understanding, psychological exploration, self-awareness, and metaphysical questions; favored in the Old cycle for building on the love and understanding begun in the Mature cycle; because love and understanding are the goals of life, Scorpio furthers our spiritual development and completes the purpose for our incarnations


Teaches Us: compassion, service, nonpersonal love, universal love, unconditional love for humankind, altruistic service, spiritual growth, inner growth, emotional growth, seek philosophy, metaphysical questions

Baby Cycle: less frequently chosen in our earliest lifetimes than the other water signs; baby souls need to be practical, and Pisces does not contribute to practicality

Young Cycle: chosen to develop compassion and love through dependency, as in Cancer lifetimes

Mature Cycle: highlighted in the Mature cycle because of this cycle’s concern with service and spiritual understanding; mature souls ask many questions about life and experience more anxiety, depression and neuroses than those in earlier cycles; by this time, their energy is freed from the demands of the basic lessons, including survival; growth is of an inner, emotional and spiritual nature; a philosophy is sought; through service to others, Pisceans gain in understanding and love

Old Cycle: favored in the Old cycle for building on the love and understanding begun in the Mature cycle; chosen for service; because love and understanding are the goals of life, Pisces furthers our spiritual development and completes the purpose for our incarnations

Excerpt from: Symbols of the Soul: Discovering Your Karma Through Astrology (2000)

“The elements play an important role in evolution. Earth and water preserve and maintain the status quo, fire strengthens our vision and capabilities, and air expands our mental abilities and social skills. Thus, earth and water are basic to human survival, and fire and air expand human potentials.

The lessons of some elements need to be learned before others. Earth is the element most crucial to survival, so its lessons must be learned first. Consequently, earth signs are prominent in the charts of those just beginning their evolutionary journey. Water is the element developed next. It provides the glue that binds social groups, which ensures their survival and advancement. Fire is next, providing the inspiration and energy to seek new ideas and avenues of expression that will expand the boundaries of society. Finally, Air develops intellect, allowing for refinement of social mores and improved technology, which frees people to seek goals beyond survival and maintenance.

The elements evolve in this general pattern, with each overlapping the next: earth continues to develop followed by water. Earth and water continue to develop followed by fire. Earth, water, and fire continue to develop followed by air. Please keep in mind that these are generalization and that you can’t determine how evolved someone is by the signs in his or her chart. Older souls choose earth signs, too, but for different reasons than younger souls do. The names used for the stages of evolution are the ones used in MFM (by C.Q. Yarbro), but for simplicity the Infant stage is included in the Baby stage, because there are very few infant souls on the planet today. Each stage - or cycle - of evolution has its own purpose and way of viewing the world, and its favorite signs or elements.

What follows is a description of how the elements evolve in each of the cycles and their role in evolution:

EARTH SIGNS:    The qualities developed over many lifetimes with the earth element ensure our survival. Earth signs teach us responsibility, reliability, practicality, realism, perseverance, patience and caution. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, in particular, develops these qualities through its transits to the natal chart. Because these qualities are essential to our survival, the earth signs are the signs chosen most frequently in the Baby cycle, with Capricorn being the first earth sign to be developed.


Teaches Us: to develop survival skills, self-preservation, self-development, caution, responsibility, patience, basic survival, social conscience, importance of law, structure and self-discipline, enterprising leadership, active citizenship, political/financial contribution to community

Baby Cycle: Capricorn is the first earth sign to be developed; particularly helpful in Baby and Young cycles, because it arouses distrust, fearfulness, pessimism, which inspire caution, responsibility and patience, which help us avoid what we fear; baby souls are destined to find out about life the hard way - through trial and error

Young Cycle: helpful in Young cycles to learn to value caution, responsibility and patience; once mastered in early lifetimes, provides a foundation to grow in other ways; nurtures a budding social awareness; we begin to function as members of society; social conscience is often not developed until we have first broken the law and learned respect for the law and convention

Mature Cycle: caution, responsibility and patience are deeply ingrained by the Mature soul stage if we have spent many lifetimes as a Capricorn; Mature souls choose Capricorn for its ability to contribute to society through enterprising leadership; skills acquired earlier are applied for the good of society and less for selfish reasons; capture positions of prominence in social and business world; become active citizens who contribute politically and financially to the community

Old Cycle: deeply ingrained by the Old soul stage once mastered in earlier lifetimes (qualities are available even when Capricorn is not in our chart); once in the Old cycle, need for earth signs diminishes unless they help with our life task


Teaches Us: to develop practical skills, comfortable living, sensual pleasures, lessons regarding values, fierce loyalty, love and responsibility within the family unit, family bonds, work/productivity, perseverance, determination

Baby Cycle: enhance our practical skills through Taurus lifetimes; focuses our energy on work and productivity for the benefit of our family and ourselves; late Baby and young Taureans often live simple lives within small communities; family unit begins to hold real meaning for us, and we feel fiercely loyal to those family bonds

Young Cycle: unlike Capricorn lifetimes, Taurus lifetimes are not as concerned with status and wealth as with comforts; want comfortable living; begin lessons about values; fierce family unit loyalty in Young cycles

Mature Cycle: increase our ability to produce something useful for others, to raise the standard of living and degree of comfort for others; mature Taureans are excellent workers, capable of great accomplishments through perseverance and sheer determination

Old Cycle: once in the Old cycle, need for earth signs diminishes unless they help with our life task


Teaches Us: to develop intellect and manual skills, basic hygiene, health care, common sense, planning, organizing, economizing, desire to serve, path of service, healing  professions, reliability

Baby Cycle: Virgo lifetimes usually follow Taurus lifetimes in the late Baby cycle; Virgo chosen in late Baby and Young cycles to develop the mind, manual skills, and attention to basic hygiene and health care; to develop and refine practical skills, e.g. sewing, blacksmithing, shoemaking, basket weaving, pottery, other crafts as a means of survival; Virgo teaches us to plan, organize and to economize; function more efficiently; become more self-sufficient

Young Cycle: continue to develop mind, manual skills, attention to hygiene, health care; better able to apply common sense and knowledge to refine specific skills; Virgo lifetimes in the late Young cycle enhance our desire to serve, and mark the beginning of the path of service

Mature Cycle: chosen to enhance service and intellectual accomplishment; efficiency and dedication developed in earlier lifetimes is applied to service in its many forms, especially in the healing professions

Old Cycle: chosen for the same reasons as in the Mature cycle; once in the Old cycle, need for earth signs diminishes unless they help with our life task

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