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Astrology and the King
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Kings have life tasks that involve leadership and enterprise. Their goal is self-expression and the advancement of new projects or ideas. Their accomplishments are varied, but the experience of leadership underlies them all. Their charts are chosen to develop self-confidence, self-assertion, proper use of power, organizational ability, foresight, and understanding, all qualities necessary for good leadership. Over the course of their lifetimes, Kings learn that good leaders promote what is best for the majority, and they develop the foresight to know what that is.
   Kings are fiery and cardinal, and they choose charts that reflect these qualities. The cardinal signs most suited to them are Capricorn (earth) and Aries (fire). They also favor Leo (fire) and Sagittarius (fire).
   Unless they find themselves leading in intellectual spheres, air is not likely to be prominent in their charts. This is true even though intelligence, education, and diplomacy are important in most leadership tasks. When diplomacy is important, Libra (air) is chosen.
   Earth signs, however, are likely. Earth signs give the practical know-how, logic, and realistic approach that form the basis of sound judgment. The earth signs, especially Capricorn, give the determination and desire for power and prestige, which stimulate the development of traits needed for strong leadership. The King’s least favorite signs are Cancer, Libra, Pisces, and Virgo. Sometimes Kings have to choose these signs for a few lifetimes to learn to share power, to develop compassion, or to learn humility or other basic lessons. They may have difficulty with humility in particular. It is easy for them to assume that they are superior when they attract power so easily. The lesson of humility is their biggest challenge, one they may not entirely master, even in their later lifetimes.
   The King’s North Node is likely to be in Leo or Capricorn, occasionally in Aries, and less frequently in Taurus, though a Taurus placement is favorable for the King because of its ability to accumulate wealth, which gives Kings power in most societies. Taurus also supplies the persistence and determination needed to accomplish great deeds. When the North Node is in Aries, it usually symbolizes the need to develop ego strength before being ready to lead. This is more of a preparatory placement for Kings than one chosen in later lifetimes, when they are actually in positions of authority. In later lifetimes, the North Node is often in Leo or Capricorn. However, if their life task involves spiritual leadership, for instance, the North Node may be in Pisces. Obviously, the particular life task influences the nodal placement.

Signs Most Frequently Chosen by Kings (fire and cardinal):
Leo, Aries, Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Libra

Talents of King: leadership, political prowess, speaking, executive ability, a flair for drama

Tendencies That May Need Balancing: lack of compassion and sensitivity to others; needs to develop compassion, empathy, and equality in relationships