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Astrology and the Warrior
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Because Warriors and Kings are alike in their goals and styles, they choose similar charts. However, the Warrior’s purpose is not leadership but conquest and exploration. For them, leadership is merely a means to an end. Both Kings and Warriors are dynamic, assertive, confident, courageous, and unrelenting. Warriors apply these traits to exploration, adventure, and conquest for its own sake. Kings do these things only if they apply to the goal of rulership.
   The purpose of the Warrior’s many lifetimes is to build strength, courage, stamina, and physical prowess. Their life tasks may involve daring business ventures, athletic achievements, championing the weak, and courageous feats that inspire excellence in others. They stretch the limits of what humankind can accomplish, thus inspiring further achievements and expanding human capacities.
   Warriors’ charts emphasize fire and deemphasize water. Water does not help them attain their goals, nor do they particularly enjoy lifetimes with the water signs. Water requires involvement with family, friends, and emotional issues, which goes against their restless, independent, and conquering nature. To them, emotions are something to be overcome so that they do not interfere with their goals. Therefore, they spend as little time as possible developing this side of themselves. Instead, they devote themselves to strengthening the traits that will further their goals.    
   Air is helpful to them because it provides the objectivity and extroversion they need to disengage themselves from the emotional realm and from people whose fear may inhibit their courage. A strong Uranus, characteristic of Warriors, is often chosen to enhance their daring and adventuresome spirit.
   Earth is not often found in Warriors’ charts except in their early lifetimes, when it provides the common sense and stability needed for good judgment and the physical skills needed for their later life tasks. Once enough lifetimes have been spent with the earth signs, Warriors avoid them. Earth signs provide too much caution and practicality, which can interfere with their achieving their superhuman goals. Nevertheless, sometimes earth is just what they need to balance their overly zealous nature and sense of invincibility, and to keep them from overstepping the bounds of good judgment.

Signs Most Frequently Chosen by Warriors (fire and Uranus):
Aries, Sagittarius, Leo, and Capricorn

Talents of Warrior: military expertise, leadership, courage, strength, self-assertion, championing causes

Tendencies That May Need Balancing: lack of compassion and sensitivity to others; needs to develop compassion, empathy, and cooperation