Author Topic: Astrology: Evolution of the Air Signs in Different Soul Ages  (Read 5911 times)


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Excerpt from: Symbols of the Soul: Discovering Your Karma Through Astrology (2000)

AIR SIGNS:       Air signs play a role in each of the cycles, but they are not as common in the Baby and Young cycles as in the Mature and Old cycles. Air is needed to develop the intellect, sociability, and powers of reason. Air is most important in the Young cycle for its ability to strengthen family and community relationships and intellectual development. As the intellect develops, so do our opinions and ideas, which separate us from others. During the Baby and Young cycles, we hold our ideas as if they were law, with some difficulty in seeing other points of view. The polarization of ideas during this cycle stimulates our thought processes, and exercises our discrimination and logical analysis.


Teaches Us: intellectual development, curiosity, to sample life, communication, teaching, learning, transportation

Baby Cycle: rarely chosen

Young Cycle: favorite sign of the Young cycle, which is a time for exploring ideas, people, different ways of being in the world; Gemini provides curiosity and motivation to examine many facets of life, to sample life before settling down to one specific talent or set of life tasks; may display flightiness or superficiality

Mature Cycle: more common; Gemini chosen if the life task requires intellectual refinement, improved communication skills or extensive study of a particular subject; also chosen if the life task involves verbal communication, teaching, learning or transportation

Old Cycle: air signs are favored in the Old cycle for providing the intellectual development for highly complex tasks


Teaches Us: bonding, relationships, personal love, unconditional love

Baby Cycle: the beginnings of personal love begin in late Baby and Young cycle, following earlier dependency

Young Cycle: another favorite sign in the Young cycle; Libra teaches the lessons of personal love and relationship; chosen for its ability to strengthen love and bonding with partner

Mature Cycle: Libra is most emphasized in the Young and Mature cycles; usually chosen to develop artistic abilities or aesthetic appreciation, or to increase our ability to love

Old Cycle: those who have delayed the lessons of love because they have been developing a certain talent or quality will need to concentrate on these lessons in the Old cycle; sometime in the Old cycle, we develop the capacity for unconditional love; at this point, the lessons in personal love diminish and greater focus is placed on the life task; air signs are favored in the Old cycle for providing the intellectual development for highly complex tasks


Teaches Us: progressiveness, unconventionality, team and group activities, humanitarian efforts, politics, new technology, new ideas, discoveries, visionary

Baby Cycle: rarely chosen; Aquarius progressiveness and unconventionality are not advantageous in the Baby cycle, when conservatism and caution are needed to develop the means for survival and family relationships

Young Cycle: infrequently chosen by Young souls, usually for furthering our social conscience and group participation, which may be necessary if we are failing to develop naturally in these ways

Mature Cycle: likely to be chosen if life task pertains to to new discoveries, new ideas, advances in technology, humanitarian reform, politics, team or group endeavors; Mature cycle is a time of strengthening our intuition and creativity

Old Cycle: most favored sign in the Old cycle, as it supplies intuition, which begins to be consistently available to us; Aquarius also supplies the desire to serve humanity, and the vision for what is needed for the betterment of humanity