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The Seven Goals / Question to those with Goal of Growth
« on: July 20, 2011, 12:11:06 AM »
Do people with the goal of growth constantly want to expand - and grow? or is there a purpose to their growth?

I'm a King/warrior cast,
for example, I want to grow so that i can establish Dominance. And i do have a desire to grow - and i operate more on a Growth "mode" than I am a Growth "Goal" if that makes sense.

Do people on the goal of growth desire to simply grow with no discretion? or is growth used as a transitionary tool to attain something else?

As the Subject reads:

How much of an influence does casting have on the personality, over say - "Role"

Lets say we had an individual (Lets call him Subject A) who was a king "king(role)/warrior(casting)"

If subject A was seeking to advance/grow and become more in touch with Essence -  should Subject A seek to Grow and mature in his casting as well? even though it is not his role?
Also, how does the exact math with castings work?  I seem to have some trouble understanding it completley.

Thank you

Introductions / New To Micheal Teachings. Questions. Pictures.
« on: May 25, 2011, 03:30:38 AM »

I'm new to the micheal teachings. I do have experience with what new age calls channelling, I was a prophet (christian) But recently reclaimed my life.

my primary mode of prophecy/channeling is visionary (which amazed me since i have the creativity of a rock) i'm able to see things clearer than I can in real life while chanelling and it is often in colors and themes that I have not seen in the Physical Plane.

I can also sense and see what plagues a person or what demon they are battling by looking at their picture. I am hoping the same may be relativley true in reference to my picture / Role type.

 I'm considering weather or not I should attempt to see what these "Micheal" characters have to say First hand, i would be lying if I said i was not intrigued by the information and inteligence that is offered, however, i wanted to speak with and learn from people who have had experience first.

What interests me at the present time is the in-depth analysis of the human psyche and operating procedure. I need a solid understanding of it because not knowing bothers me and also because I need it to be effective in defending myself as a nation [which i believe every man is]

After REading and studying the graphs and soul charts, My curiosity is aroused.

What confuses me is that i seem to be all of the roles (excluding the creative/expression based roles)

I have the neutrality of a scholar, the agression and desire for mastery of a king, my lifes pretty much been warfare so naturally, i've taken up the cross of a warrior. I have a way of motivating and driving through love in the way of a priest.

right now, i'm inclined to see myself as a king, simply because i feel like that is what i am. I have a desire of mastering everything i touch and the world belongs to me. I feel like everything is within my power and stronghold and that everything that isn't should be. I feel like people constantly rebel against me, but my kingdom is not one of unprovoked force and persuasion - but one of justified agression and a safe haven.

also, Although i may be agressive and at times intimidating, the love in my heart is a burning flame that drives me to serve, but when i serve, I feel like a king serving through example to bring others up to my kingdom. perhaps that may be a chief flaw of arrogance, but i do not feel arrogant at all and I may even belittle myself intentionally so that I can show others the goodness of my power. To show them how a nation is Run. To show any man that he is a god unto himself and that the world is a conquerable piece of matter.



Drag racing,
I love shooting and military combat tactics.

I don't particularly enjoy fist fights, but I practice a lot of hand to hand combat (more so because I feel that EVERY man is a nation and that every nation should have a defensive capability - i don't particularly practice hand to hand combat for the physical enjoyment of it - although i do enjoy it)

i'm a bit of a tech geek

my dream job would be to become a police officer (which i am activley pursuing)

i'm 21 years old.


 * Organized to point of obsession. I cannot stand to see things out of place. my work space & posessions are without fault.

* i have a great ability to notice: creativity, quality and originality. so many creative people cannot see how wonderful there work is or notice quality of an object or build that someone else has created.

* constantly told i'm very smart. I'm really not. I just act from an intellectual sector.I performed average in school and I can't complete a simple algebraic equation without furstration. I am, however: well spoken and clear.

* i can't stand disrespect.

* my general attitude is very humble (dispite what this post may look like) I have a lot of warrior friends and I cannot stand that A-type personality they carry. I had that same personality at one point but i outgrew it. I cannot stand the constant bickering and fighting that warriors have within themselves. It's like all they know how to do is fight for something or some idea / ideal. They have no inner peace. And it disgusts me to the point that I have had to cut off relationships because of a lack of humility in who they are. It's like they are stuck in a cycle of themselves.

* I am an old soul at heart (if that makes sense) meaning - when i am myself, i am very boring, slow, methodical, i wake up in the mornings and simply sit on the porch and can spend hours there. I long for the days i can do that again, and one day when i purchase my home far - far away from society I will do that. unfortunatley, circumstances at the moment are not allowing that, and the circumstances are forcing me into a time of warfare and change instead of stability, structure and the boredom which i love.

Anyway friends, I figured that the men and women on this forum have a lot of experience with discerning soul types.

Any information on: Soul type/personality/body type - whatever; is appreciated.

I am ashamed to say that I do not have a lot of training in matters of personality and soul types, etc. But I would like to learn and grow in it.

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