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Secondary Casting


Just saw how casting works in the role photos and then saw secondary casting and now I'm confused. How many times are we cast?

Hmm, you really need to read some basic Michael materials. It's not about how many times you are cast, but about positions within the structure of your cadence (primary casting), greater cadence (secondary casting) and group of greater cadences (tertiary).
Even your Entity number within its Cadre is a type of casting. All of these are 1 through to 7, which corresponds to the 7 Roles.

What does it mean for me if I have artisan-warrior-preist casting? How is this measured in the personality?

russsel, i'm interested in this thread as well since i'm having some trouble understanding this too. I'm doing some more research  on cadences now.

Here is a link with a sample chart and explanations from
If you scroll down, there is an explanation specifically for all of this - primary, secondary, tertiary casting, and more.


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