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I've been curious about getting an inside view of the roles in Essence other than Scholar (my own). I'll try to explain as best I can. I mean: what do you think about all / much of the day? What's your default thought stream about?

I remember Dave G. saying he often has a jazz riff going on inside that head of is. Very Artisan-y. As a language-oriented Scholar, I think a lot about origins of words and how best to translate a particular phrase in English into French or Spanish. Or I think about history. If you're a Server, to take another role, what do you think about? I know the specific content varies tremendously by individual and current circumstances, but I'm curious to see if the content falls into a more general form. Eg one Server may think a lot about taking care of her elderly dad, while another Server may think a lot about a business project, but do they both think about these things in a way which reflects "serving the common good?"

Does this make sense? I'd love to know what your typical internal patter is.

Chiara DB:
Great idea, mtscholar! I guess the main track in my mind is the things I have to do and how I will best accomplish those things. I'm always looking for ways I can do the things I do better or more perfectly or aesthetically. I don't think this is necessarily the best way to be, because it ends up bringing me a lot of negative self-judgment and un-fun pragmatism. I see in this pattern not only my King-ness, but my Pragmatism, Arrogance and Impatience.

Similar here - I mostly think about what I "should" do. Also having Impatience I am having hard time staying in the moment and always running ahead with my thoughts. I don't really think this is related to my Role.

JK, what is your role again?

It's Artisan.


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