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How do I figure out my Role?

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Hi Drury,

If you know anything about astrology, it's kind of similar in that your role is like your sun sign, and the other overleaves, like the other planet placements develop a theme or a signature unique to you.

In figuring it out I think it's best to think about it for a while.
Read and re-read the material and see what really fits and feels normal.

I believe I'm a Scholar for the same reasons you stated.
I do like to communicate when I can be helpful, which I think is a Server influence...likewise I think you can best identify the ingredients of your make-up if you take the time to really take inventory and notice your tendencies, habits, likes/dislikes, pacing, etc. I believe it's an ongoing process, self-awareness, so just develop some patience, and it will eventually pay off.

Let me know what you think. I'm interested.


Regarding channels, try reading some of the articles and channeled transcripts at the MT site, and also peruse the channels listed on the resource page. If one has a style that resonates with you, give him/her a try. I'd be leery of personal plugs because you're getting bias that may or may not serve you. And channel shopping, where you have multiple channels doing your chart, or you jump from one to the next, can lead to mixed results.

Once you get your chart done you need to live with it for a while and see if you can personally validate the results. This requires some soul searching, patience, and probably further research.  ;D

If you're still uncertain after all of that, contact me privately with further questions and I'll try to help.


Helenread, it took me 3 years and 9-10 books to find out my Myers-Briggs type, and it’s still a little shaky. aargh!  I know this will go at least a little faster, if for no other reason than I can have a channeler help me.

I think deep inside I feel more like a Sage, but I don't really fit a lot of what the info says about Sages.  I am very expressive in real life and I *live* for insights, but I don't like to be the center of attention and don't tell stories very often.  Even though I'm older, I still bounce around and get excited a lot - I also live for fun and excitement - and I don't know if that equates to Sage or is entirely separate from Michael Teachings.  Are Scholars ever like that, I wonder?  I'm female, but don't usually know how to talk to females, and I'm an absolutely whiz at one-on-ones with males - they think I'm fascinating.  This isn't bragging but trying to figure out the Sage thingy, since I'm a Sage one-on-one but not much in groups - I wonder if that counts?  Edit to add:  I love large groups, I'm just better at one-on-one.  I'm definitely not a Server, though.  To confuse things, I also like to help people and do so mainly with logic.  I'd be a great philosopher if they hung out shingles the way psychologists do.

"Just develop some patience..."  Give me a few lifetimes and I likely will.   :D  Thanks for your comments!

Dave, this site is so extensive that I haven't seen the channeled transcripts yet, but will head over there.  I did find an article that discussed using multiple channels and why the first one has the best chance of being correct, and I hear what you're saying about the biases.  Once I have a report, or maybe a couple, from channelers, if it doesn't make sense I’ll contact you.  Thanks for the offer.  :)

Agree with John about the influence of overleaves... I felt pretty 'priesty' at times before (and after) I got my chart channeled, but it's because I'm at a soul level that corresponds with priest and am in passion mode, arrogance, and am emotionally centered. Also felt a bit sage-y because I have a mercurial body type. ;) Once you get a chart it's fun figuring out where all your intuitions are coming from, "that explains that... ah haaa!".

I personally was going between king and artisan before I got a chart done, and turns out I am a king role with a discarnate artisan essence twin. So you could be pretty on track with yourself too. But you never know. :)

I don't know why I keep saying in posts, AT the MT site, since this IS the MT site. But I guess this forum feels like a different place.  ;)



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