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General Discussion / Re: My Michael Chart
« on: May 05, 2011, 07:35:29 PM »
Thanks, Jana!  You also covered the other side, what it can be like for others with regard to expressiveness, and you’re right, it’s not only a Sage quality.  Finding my best gift in order to help others is the main reason I requested a chart.  After receiving the chart, in hindsight it’s now clear that I live to sort out ideas for myself and share them with people when I think it might help them with their lives, plus I love to help people have fun and make them laugh.  New ideas and insights give me a high, as does helping others gain insights about themselves and their lives.

My husband and I are so different when it comes to communication needs and I was curious as to what other people, and Sages in particular, experience inwardly when it comes to understanding and expression.  My husband has said talking doesn’t usually help him much, that he needs to mull things over.  My guess is that it does help him more than he realizes, but I’m not positive.  I seem to be at the opposite end, where I need to talk over the majority of what I’ve experienced in order to sort it out.

Until about 3 years ago I hadn’t spent much time looking at my own or others’ personalities and more or less divided the inward state of people into spiritual and earthly.  When I came across personality typing, it was like a miracle, finally understanding others’ needs and how they view and thus interact with the world.  I still have a fascination with people’s inward differences.  When I first came across Myers-Briggs on the Internet and read that extroverts sometimes need to talk out loud in order to understand what they’re thinking, I thought I was an introvert and that it was kind of strange to have to talk to understand.  A couple months down the road and with more study, I realized I'm an extrovert, which I hadn’t seen at first because of lifelong habits of viewing myself in certain ways, and I was shocked to realize I also needed to talk in order to understand.  My husband still teases me about it.  :D  Since, according to Myers-Briggs, not all extroverts need to talk in order to know what they’re thinking, I was curious as to whether it was mainly a Sage phenomenon, if other roles experience the same need on a regular basis, or if it’s not divided by role.

This is one of the definitions I came across for “audience”:  “opportunity to be heard; chance to speak to or before a person or group.”  So when you're speaking and other developers are listening, they could be considered your audience.  My husband is a system architect/developer and I’ve heard so much about it over the years that I consider myself an honorary IT person.  :D

Introductions / Re: Introductions
« on: May 05, 2011, 05:19:16 AM »
I am an old Sage, with strong overleaves in growth and spirituality.  I am also competent in several personality tools, such as Myers-Briggs, Keirseyian temperaments, and the Enneagram.  The Michael teachings is excellent to deepen the study of each of these.

I forgot this thread was here!  I'm a 6th level mature Sage and am also interested in personality typing.  I've read multiple books on Myers-Briggs, Keirsey (I come across as NF but believe I might be NT - not sure), Enneagrams (I'm 7w6), Carol Tuttle Energy Typing (I'm Type 1 then 4) and other methodologies.  A month ago while reading "7 Personality Types," by Elizabeth Puttick, I discovered the Michael Teachings.

Welcome everyone!

General Discussion / Re: My Michael Chart
« on: May 04, 2011, 10:21:17 PM »
This joke is from Dave’s blog:

What do you call it when a sage has nothing to say?


Though I'm not a non-stop talker, I showed the joke to my husband and he could totally identify.  ;)  I realized a while back that unless I've talked over with someone an idea I've had or what I've physically experienced or emotionally felt, the experience or thought isn't as real as it could be, and definitely isn't complete.  My husband jokingly complained that I can't just tell him while he's sleeping, he has to be awake so it can be put into his brain and he's acknowledged it.  I’ve found that most of my important insights come when I’m talking things over with someone.  My thoughts can be a tangled mess, but when I discuss them with someone else it’s as if once they get communicated, either spoken or written, they straighten themselves out and it becomes easier to see the heart of the matter.

The following is from an article written by Shepherd:

“Ed Hamerstrom suggested that...the three inputs of sages relate to 1) current reality (the setting or basic situation), 2) what is being expressed, and 3) the audience.  Michael said that that is a valid way of looking at their inputs.”

Since I’m new to the teachings, I’m not sure, but I’m wondering if it’s this way for Sages in general, that the input of needing an audience is partly for the purposes of detangling their thoughts, gaining insights, and making things more real, almost like a grounding.  My husband (not sure of his role yet, but he’s not a Sage) needs time to think things through and come to conclusions by himself, and I need outward communication to get to the same place.

General Discussion / Re: My Michael Chart
« on: May 02, 2011, 05:35:51 PM »

I just went back to page 1 of this thread and realized you'd already given me the same numbers, but I didn't realize those were the numbers people were putting together in the x-x-x format.  Those links are also helping quite a bit.  Thank you for all the info!  :)

General Discussion / Re: My Michael Chart
« on: May 02, 2011, 12:04:21 AM »
On the Yahoo list, Shepherd Hoodwin said someone's casting was channeled as 7-7-3.  Using that method, what do the three numbers stand for and what would mine be?

Suggestions/Help / Re: Page Numbers
« on: May 01, 2011, 05:43:44 PM »
I'd like to weigh in on the side of not having "like" and "dislike" buttons.  If this site is here for teaching and sharing purposes, it would add an unnecessary discordant note to be able to negatively judge posts with the push of a button, rather than quietly informing Dave if a post steps over a line.

Edit:  I just realized, if the buttons are meant to judge threads as a whole rather than posts or individuals, I still feel the same.  Everyone has a different opinion as to what is interesting or important, and I don't see any need to sit in judgment with the push of a button rather than just not posting on the thread or talking to the person.

General Discussion / Re: My Michael Chart
« on: May 01, 2011, 04:29:33 AM »
Drury, yes, the Entity numbers are meaningful and would be the same channel to channel. And I know exactly what you mean about checking your email 5-6 times a day :)

I'm glad to hear that, since the 5th and 7th Entities are the only ones I resonate with.

I have a good excuse for frequent checking of e-mail - impatience is my Chief Obstacle.  :D  Impatience started coming up very strongly for me a few years ago and I've wondered, "What the heck?"  It's not like my life is so crammed full of things to do that impatience is understandable.  Maybe when it's time to be dealt with it's going to manifest, no matter what the life is like.  Now I'm waiting for my husband's chart, and yep, I'm checking e-mail a lot.   ;)  I'm not quite as impatient as with my chart, which I'd hoped would answer some years-long questions (which it did!).  I'm more on the curious side with his - what he's like with regard to MT and how it relates to our interactions.

General Discussion / Re: My Michael Chart
« on: May 01, 2011, 12:25:17 AM »
I'm editing this because my comment is out of date.  However, I am using this post to bump myself to Jr. Member.   ;)

General Discussion / Re: My Michael Chart
« on: April 29, 2011, 03:34:16 AM »
Some of the stuff from the Chelsea Quinn Yarbro books has been shown to be inaccurate, such as that Essence Twins have the same role, or that Old Souls are so laid back and uninterested in the physical plane that they are often homeless people, stuff like that.

Chiara, I'm sorry I missed your post, but at least this extra one will almost flip me into Jr. Member.   :D

After reading what you said, I'm glad I decided to read The Michael Handbook first.  You know that I ordered Tao to Earth after you told me about it?  It should have shown up today but the used bookseller sent me the wrong book.  But that's okay, since I have two Michael books to read before that one, plus I now have my Role sorted out.  :)  I'm going to e-mail Shepherd tonight and see if he's available to send his book, also.

General Discussion / Re: My Michael Chart
« on: April 29, 2011, 03:04:45 AM »
Thanks, Shepherd!  This MT info has entirely gripped me and I already know it won’t let me go until I learn all I can about it.  Both personality typing and spirituality have been passions of mine.  I own dozens of personality typing books and have read even more on spirituality over the years, and MT combines my two interests better than any method I’ve found.

I didn’t say why I chose you to do my chart, but after reading multiple articles written by you, we seem to have many of the same viewpoints, you’ve been studying Michael for a long time, and I like the clarity of your writing, and clarity is a characteristic important to me.

Thanks for explaining Frequency, so I’m not confusing it with Role or this-lifetime characteristics.

This is what I read regarding 7th Entity:  “Though, don't expect to find them on a peace march, or saving the whales. The 7th entity would rather serve others in a more intimate way.”  That’s me, and though I don’t see myself as a Server, I do act like one at times when it comes to helping people with psychological or spiritual issues.  But William Dafoe?  I’m holding out for Keanu.  ;)

General Discussion / Re: My Michael Chart
« on: April 28, 2011, 11:06:03 PM »
Okay, this is a little confusing to me.  You said you read that essence twins are of the same role.  But you are channeled as a sage and your essence twin is a priest.  I've seen others (including myself) who have essence twins with different roles.  Can someone explain this to me?

Essence twins are very seldom of the same role. I'm sure there are some that are, but I can't think of a case offhand.


John Roth

Thanks re Entity number info.   :)  The info on Essence Twins was on this website.

Since you, Betty and I have had different experiences, then I'll go by that instead.

General Discussion / Re: My Michael Chart
« on: April 28, 2011, 09:04:11 PM »
I’m not going to answer everyone individually because there’s so much information.  I really appreciate it!  Anything to help clarify my chart and the Michael Teachings in general is of great interest to me.  One question I have is whether Shepherd’s Entity number is the same as other channelers’, as in, am I a 7th Entity in pretty much everyone’s system?  Cadre, Cadence, etc. - it’s all of interest to me, though it’s true, there is no way to verify.  It’s interesting and a little comforting that MT agrees so well with Michael Newton’s books, and when Robert A. Monroe was talking about the larger entities he stumbled upon at one point.

Thanks for the link, Dave!  I’d come across that info at one point and then couldn’t remember where I’d seen it.  I’m using your site and The Michael Handbook as my two main resources.

It is *very* exciting to receive my chart.  Having Impatience as my Chief Obstacle, I was checking my e-mail 5-6 times a day and counting down the days and bugging my husband with, “I wonder when I’ll get it?” so my husband is grateful to Shepherd for being so fast.  ;)  In fact my husband was so impressed with the accuracy that he’s having his chart done, too.  We were especially impressed with the 48/52 male/female energy, since I get excited like a female, I post like a female and the pictures I sent to Shepherd look female, yet inside I’m very close to center and the way I think is a little more male.

I came across some charts and did my best to sort out who I am overall.  I might have made some mistakes, but this is what I came up with:

Server:  0
Artisan:  2
Warrior:  0
Scholar:  2
Sage:  1
Priest:  5
King:  3


Ordinal:  2  (15%)
Cardinal:  9  (69%)
Neutral:  2  (15%)

Trap, Family Imprinting, Other Imprinting, Global Job and Family Block weren’t channeled, so I couldn’t add those to the results.  My guess is that my Family Imprinting was Server, and there was no space for either Sage Task Companion or Power as Life Quadrant and I’m not sure what Role it is, but one site said it was King.  If so, then I’d be adding one more Ordinal and possibly two more Cardinals.  It’s no wonder that Dave and Chiara saw Priest in me as well as Sage, since I do have quite a bit of Priest this lifetime.  One of my main life regrets is that I’ve been so busy with personal karma that I haven’t been able to express Priest nearly as much as I’ve wanted to, in particular within a career setting.

Thanks everyone, for your comments and info - as I said earlier, they're much appreciated!  :)

General Discussion / Re: My Michael Chart
« on: April 28, 2011, 05:11:49 AM »
Thanks for info, John - I didn't realize Shepherd's was different.  I'll check into his system so I can learn it accurately.  I don't want to end up in the wrong cadre, pounding on the doors and insisting they let me in.   ;)

General Discussion / Re: My Michael Chart
« on: April 28, 2011, 03:35:18 AM »
6th level mature has been quite an experience!  I'm working at going out of this life in better spiritual shape than I entered, but there's a lot of karma to deal with.

The reason I was confused about the 47 frequency is that in my personal life, when it's been my choice I move fast and keep my life full of experiences.  But then I thought about work-related issues and I'm a different person there - more of a plodder, or at least it feels like it - so maybe when the two parts of me/my life are averaged, it would come out to be about the middle.  I was actually expecting something in the 60s, taking only my personal life into account.  I'm not particularly solid and calm, but then I have the Impatience and Power issues that could have me moving faster than my typical frequency.

Thanks for explaining about casting.  :)  I read this today:  "The bond of 'Essence Twins' is the strongest possible for souls. They are of the same Role, in the same location in Casting in different Entities....  [Edit:  This is open to question and was discussed below.]  The second strongest soul bond is with the 'Task Companion'. Task Companions are in the same Entity, usually of opposite Roles...."  I have the opposite, an Essence Twin of a different Role and a Task Companion of the same Role, something I'll try to figure out the meaning of at some point.  I do seem to have a lot of Priest in my chart, but you're right, a Sage is who I am and who I feel the most like.  The Priest part of me seems to support Sage.

Thanks, Elizabeth!

General Discussion / My Michael Chart
« on: April 27, 2011, 08:47:23 PM »
I received my chart last night, done by Shepherd Hoodwin, and much faster than I expected!  The following is what I wrote a few days ago, which disappeared when the server went down, and I didn’t replace it:

“Okay, after talking to forum people, reading this site, other sites, some of the Yahoo list, and a couple books, plus having some insights about myself, my best guess for Role is Sage, since I see it manifesting more than other Roles throughout much of my life.  Maybe my Role will be something different and Sage is the Casting, so I'll see what my Michael Chart says.  Thanks for helping, everyone!  :)”  It turns out I was right, which I was very happy to hear!

The following is what my chart says, and since I’ve spent 2-3 weeks researching Roles, I’m not sure what all the other categories mean.  “The Michael Handbook,” by Jose Stevens, arrived a couple days ago so I skimmed ahead to get some clues.  I can see already that it’s going to take some study to understand the chart fully.  If anything looks weird in the chart, it’s likely that I didn’t understand what I was typing, so maybe someone can say something.

Role:  Sage
Essence Twin:  Priest, Discarnate
Cadence Position:  6
Cadence:  1
Greater Cadence:  4
Position Resonates With:  Priest (“Honorary Priest”)
Cadre/Entity:  9/7, Love/Beauty Side
Task Companion:  Sage, Discarnate
Male/Female Energy:  48/52
Frequency:  47
Previous Cycles:  10
Needs:  Expansion, Adventure, Expression
Life Quadrant:  Power
Goal:  Dominance
Attitude:  Spiritualist
Mode:  Observation
Center:  Intellectual, Moving Part
Chief Obstacle:  Impatience
Body Type:  Saturnian, Secondary Mercurial
Soul Age:  6th Level Mature
Manifesting:  3rd Level Mature

Of the categories I understand, the only one I'm not sure about is Frequency 47 - I wonder if it should be a little faster, but it’s hard to say.  Parts of my life have always been high frequently, and others lower.  Some categories, such as Cadence and Cadre, I’m taking as being accurate.  I thought I might be 5th Entity and have a need for Freedom, but what shows up in the chart also fits.  Overall, the chart is amazingly accurate with regard to every category I understand, and Soul Age and Manifesting Soul Age both explain exactly what’s been going on in my life.  So I’m very pleased with Shepherd’s reading.  It’s also given me a direction to go for my growth.

If anyone has comments on anything in the chart, please feel free to post!

Edit:  What is Casting?  Would that be Cadence Position, in my case 6/Priest?

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