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Introductions / Dave's Intro
« on: April 20, 2011, 04:01:51 AM »
I guess I'll add my particulars for those that don't know.

I'm a 4th level old artisan with a scholar ET and sage casting (5/7/1). My overleaves are flow, passion, realist, intellectual/moving, stubbornness, venusian/solar/neptunian. I'm in cadre 1, entity 5. I have 13 previous cycles, 922 past lives, a m/f ratio of 41/59, a frequency of 67, and needs of acceptance, power, and adventure. Oh, and I'm the truth side of my entity.

I'm also the webmaster of (Hi!) and I fiddle with other Michael related sites that never seem to get finished because I tend to take on too many projects at once. Though, I did a parody of the MT that's mostly finished,

I was born in Burlington, Iowa, a place where it's against the law if kisses last longer than 5 minutes.  Hey, I'm not making that up. It's an Iowa law!  But I shouldn't pick on Iowans too much. After all, they do some amazing things with corn, and statistics show that the largest segment of the population abducted by UFOs are from the Hawkeye state. I think the record speaks for itself.  ;-p

After my tour of duty in Iowa, I migrated to Southern California, where I still reside. No, I don't own a pair of Birkenstocks, nor have I experienced the pleasures of a west coast colonic, but my cat has his own psychiatrist, and as they say, it can only happen in...

Currently, I'm a nonspecifically destinationed individual, or in other words, a musician (sax, clarinet, flute). I freelance in the LA and Palm Springs area of Southern California, and have performed in everything from big bands to orchestras, in nice venues like the Kodak Theater or Roy Thomson Hall, to small, dingy dives that I wouldn't even tell my worst enemy about.

When I'm not playing the sax or engaging in mental masturbation on the Michael list, I enjoy writing short stories -- and like most people who read, want to write a couple novels. I have two in the works right now.

I'll read anything I can get my hands on if given the opportunity, from the poetry of Emily Dickinson, to the side of a deodorant can. I'll even read the dictionary, but have been waiting till they turn it into a movie. 

I'm not entirely sure what my future plans will be, but I hope they include traveling to exotic locations where I can pursue my favorite activity in life: breathing.

Oh, and I channel as a hobby. You can read some of my stuff on the channeling page at the MT site.

Life Task

My life task is to discard parts of self that no longer serve a useful purpose, or that don't fit into my overall whole. I guess like Humpty Dumpty I'm slowly putting my soul back together again. On the surface that doesn't sound as exciting as writing the great American novel, but for an Old soul in Flow it's the perfect time to do a little house cleaning. 

A minor life task is networking. With my many past lives, Michael said I know a lot of souls. They said it's like I carry a notebook around with the names of people who are supposed to meet, and I help bring them together. Perhaps I'm fulfilling this task with the Michael site, the discussion list, and now the forum.

Recently someone channeled additional info about my life task, so I'll include it here: 

"To bring diverse perspectives, ideas, concepts, contexts, and people together into a balanced and integrated whole, and to decipher/reveal the "gems" and/or the "pearls" of wisdom discovered therein."

My Four Pillars

True work:
- Teaching -- both individuals and through media.

True play:
- Musical performance, especially in an intimate setting; creative writing, both musical and verbal; leisurely travel and exploring.

True rest:
- Sleep coupled with massage or other body work; t'ai chi and similar slow-movement moving meditations.

True study:
- The use of technology for spiritual purposes; vocal techniques through the ages; principles that cross disciplines.

How I found the Michael Teachings

I was a long-time Seth devotee, and when my sister dropped a copy of Messages From Michael into my lap it was love at first...okay, so I hated the book the first time I read it. I thought the concept tried to compartmentalize people and place them in boxes. But years later (around 1995) I rediscovered the teachings and the second time around was the proverbial charm. 

I've had readings by Ted Fontaine, Joya Pope, and Shepherd Hoodwin, and found them all to be excellent channels. In fact, I still remember my first session with Shepherd when he arrived at my house riding butt naked on a gangly, cud-chewing camel. Only Lawrence of Arabia could make an entrance like that, or perhaps...a Sage. Yes, if it wasn't for Shepherd I'd still be taking accordion lessons and wearing lime green polyester suits. The wisdom in his channeling changed my life for the better, e.g., I no longer suffer from problem drool, and I'm beginning to understand the convoluted plotline structure of "Three Stooges" episodes.  "Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!" 

Just kidding! ;-p 


Michael Books / Victoria Marina: SPIRITUAL TURNING POINTS
« on: April 19, 2011, 08:43:26 AM »
I read through Victoria's new book and decided to offer a couple comments about

First off, there hasn't been a deluge of material about the internal monads, so
Victoria definitely adds to the conversation here. I thought the book was clear,
well-written, substantive, and Victoria obviously knows what she is talking

There are seven chapters, with each covering a different monad, and while this
book attempts to reach beyond the confines of the community to a wider audience,
I didn't get the impression that the material was watered-down. You'll find core
information about the internal monads, as well as interesting correlations to
astrology and shamanism.

I'm not well-versed in astrology, so learning how each monad correlates to
various events in astrology was rather intriguing. Perhaps this won't appeal to
students that are limited to a Michael-or-nothing-at-all focus, but I'm okay
with the broadened scope. I certainly don't think it hurts anything, and it may
guide us to look at the teachings from a different perspective, which is always
helpful, in my opinion.

Congratulations to Victoria!


Soul Age / POLL: What is Your Soul Age?
« on: April 18, 2011, 09:35:28 AM »
In the interest of discovering the percentage of soul ages that visit this forum, I created the following poll.



The Roles (or Soul Types) / POLL: What is Your Role?
« on: April 18, 2011, 09:32:08 AM »
In the interest of discovering the percentages of roles that visit this forum, here's a quick poll.

Have fun!


Announcements! / New Poll: How Do You Like This Forum?
« on: April 18, 2011, 09:27:48 AM »
I'm still playing with the many features on this forum, and just discovered that it has polls. Now don't be too hard on me. Artisans are fragile.  ;-) 


Past Lives & Reincarnation / Two Past Life Regressions (Dave)
« on: April 17, 2011, 06:25:07 PM »
Here are two past life regressions I did several years ago. I've posted them to the MT list in the past, but thought I'd add them here as well.



Past Life as Native American

At first it felt like I was just making things up, but my past life regressionist, Shepherd Hoodwin, said that was ok. It's the gist of the lifetime that matters, not the exact details.

He had me walk down a path. I was in a forest with tall pine tress on either side, and a little bubbling creek to my right. I crossed a small bridge and entered what appeared to be an indian village (Native American, I think). I had apparently been collecting sticks and branches to burn in a fire. I was a woman. I was assisting several older woman in front of a large structure.

The village was full of mostly women and children playing nearby. Suddenly the men from the village raced into the camp, yelling at us to flee the village immediately. There was mass chaos as everyone tried to escape and didn't know entirely what they were trying to escape from. Soon after soldiers rode through the village on horseback, hacking at anyone they could with long swords. They ran children down with their horses and stabbed the older women to death. I just stood there and watched the carnage unfold for what seemed like an eternity.

Somehow I hid out in what appeared to be some sort of root cellar (or something similar), and watched as the villagers who stayed behind were systematically slaughtered. After the soldiers got off their horses, they walked around to the injured indians and shot them in the head. It was horrific imagery to see and I was greatly disturbed by it. It was then revealed that I was protecting a small child.

The soldiers set fire to the village and I think I died from smoke inhalation. I wasn't entirely sure. I remember looking through the thick blanket of smoke and seeing the soldiers laughing at those of us trapped inside. I did see that my limp body was eventually dragged out of the hole and the soldiers bashed my skull in with the butt of their rifles. The child survived and was standing next to my body. For some reason the soldiers left the child with me. The little girl stayed at my side for several days and my spirit remained with her. But she was eventually attacked and torn to pieces by wolves. This caused me extreme anguish and since I had no plan on bursting into tears in front of Shepherd, I had to bite my lip really hard to contain my emotions at that point.

Shepherd then tried to get me to move forward into the astral. I had trouble leaving the village but then a friend in my present lifetime showed up in the middle of the scene. Shepherd thought she was probably my spirit guide in that incarnation.

She somehow pulled me into the astral where we were walking outdoors in a beautiful field full of tall grass and wild flowers. The colors were stunning. We eventually arrived at a large building that looked like Greek architecture. Inside there was a huge hall with tables that appeared to go on for miles. She took me into a library which she said was her favorite place. She pulled out a book that had moving images on each page and we joked and laughed about what we were seeing. At times there were disturbing things that I didn't like, and she sat very close to me and hugged and comforted me. After that we went to another place where we met a tall humanoid figure, possibly 20 feet high (or more), that was just a dark silhouette with a thin outline of shimmering light. Shepherd was convinced this was Michael (from the Michael teachings) because that's how he'd seen him at times. There we talked about some of the lessons of that lifetime. Following that she took me to another hall were I was surrounded by many different people, all of them smiling at me and patting me on the back.

When Shepherd questioned the motives of my past life self, I actually saw her stomp her foot at Shepherd and yell, "You weren't there!"

We sent the Indian woman unconditional love and she responded by sending me an image of autumn leaves circling our bodies.

On a side note, I was surprised at how much I was able to retrieve during this session. I will definitely try more of these on my own.


Past Life as Island Native

I was interested in seeing if I had any incarnations in Atlantis. So I scheduled a PLR session with my friend, Gloria.

I didn't seem to get to Atlantis, though.

Here's what came through:

I was walking on a beach. The area appeared tropical and I think I was on an island. There was a thick, jungle-like area just beyond the beach, and not far beyond that there were jagged rock formations jutting high into the air, leading to a mountainous region.

I had black hair, brownish skin, and an athletic body that was nicely muscular but not overly bulky. I was only wearing what appeared to be a loincloth made out of animal skin. I was carrying a spear and a sack was hanging over my shoulder that contained freshly caught fish.

As I continued to walk along the beach I could see a small encampment of huts that were raised off the ground on poles. Each hut was connected by a central walkway. Inside my hut there were some jar-like containers in one corner, and a simple bed with no padding. It appeared to be a rectangular bedding woven out of cane and there were some colorful, ornamental designs painted on it. This was an atavistic existence.

Outside again, I came upon two young women. One of them was naked and the other wore a cloth around her waist similar to mine. I wasn't entirely certain, but I think they were my daughters. They both had venusian bodytypes. I was particularly close to the girl whom I called Suni. My name was something like Nomnin/Domnid. Anyhow, the girls were delighted to see me and the naked girl suddenly dashed into the water and splashed around in the waves. We all smiled and laughed at her playfulness. The life was a little routine and I felt bored at times, but it was very tranquil and serene, and the only demand was to just enjoy what it had to offer and go with the flow.

When I was moved 5 or 10 years ahead in the incarnation, however, I came upon a scene where I saw the huts burning, leaving black and charred remains. Caucasian men wearing silver helmets had arrived in boats, and they threw the two girls on the beach and brutally raped and sodomized them. I was restrained the entire time.

Moving further in the incarnation, I found myself on a boat with other men who were rowing together as a group. I had obviously been enslaved. I apparently did this until my body gave out due to exhaustion and old age, and then I was thrown overboard.

My death scene was quite peaceful. I was sinking in the water and looking up at the blue light from the water's surface. I once again felt the serenity that I had enjoyed earlier in my life and didn't fight this end to my incarnation.

Past Lives & Reincarnation / Dave's Life Between Lives Session
« on: April 16, 2011, 03:28:19 AM »
Yesterday I had an interesting and unusual "Life Between Lives" session. This is where you explore what you're doing when you're not incarnate. I must say that I was a bit surprised by the information, especially considering that I've never been one to embrace the more esoteric side of spiritual beliefs. I like to keep things real. So the following seemed weird to me, but I plan to do a follow-up session for additional clarification.

The session ran almost 4 hours, so I'm only posting a short excerpt here. The session was facilitated by my friend, Gloria Constantin.


Gloria asks for this being to identify itself in relation to Dave.
Dave says this being describes himself as Dave's Emissary. He bridges the gap between this world and the world from which Dave originally came.
Gloria asks if the Emissary is referring to the world of 3rd density in both places.
Dave says: No, this is a different system of experience.
Gloria asks what is the world that Dave originally came from.
Dave says that it is a place of existence that didn't require physical expression.
Gloria asks if it is a spiritual or physical world.
Dave says there is no physical at all in this world.
Gloria asks if this world would be a place for incarnation, for the purposes of soul continuing to develop.
Dave says it is a place where there was evolution based on the accumulation of knowledge and that it can't be easily compared to the experiences we have in this locale.
Gloria asks if this is Dave's original home (after being cast from the Tao.)
We are told by the Emissary that this is one of Dave's original homes, and it is also the place that he favors.
Does this favorite place have a name?
Dave's Guides: It does not have a name that can be readily defined in terms you would understand.
Gloria asks if it is hard to give a sound to; if it is conveyed through telepathy.
Emissary: It cannot be understood in our (Earth) terms.
Gloria asks the Emissary - when you say that this is one of Dave's original places, are you suggesting that Dave spent many periods of existence in evolution on other realms prior to the Earth experience?
Emissary: Dave's experience in physical terms was never a requirement.  He was invited.
Gloria: Who invited him?
Emissary: Other Elders who felt that Dave's grasp of universal knowledge would be limited by not fully experiencing everything it (the universe?) had to offer.
Gloria: Before we move on, is there other commentary or observations that Dave's Guides or the Emissary would be interested in putting forth?
No answer.
Gloria asks if this is a good time for Dave to meet with his Council
Response is yes.
Gloria asks who will volunteer to take Dave to the Council.
Lazarus responds: I, Lazarus.
Gloria asks Lazarus to do so.
Dave says the Council is sitting in a forum of benches that are connected in a circle.
Gloria asks if there is a table.
Dave says it reminds him of the Greek Senate, where benches wrapped around.  Dave is standing in their center.
Gloria asks the Council what percentage of soul energy Dave brought into this life.
Answer: 20%
Gloria asks if Dave has some of his soul energy in other contemporaneous incarnations?
Council: Dave is all over the place.
Gloria asks if this means he has other incarnations that are current with Dave?
Dave had 9 concurrent incarnations.  Two have already died. These are not 9 full incarnations; rather, a few are partial.  They involve teaming up with other fragments.
Gloria says it sounds like they are mixing soul energies from different fragments in one incarnation.
Dave is not sure what they mean.
Gloria: As you are his Council, on Dave's behalf we would like to know how Dave's soul spends his time between lives, and if he is part of any specialty groups?
Council: Dave works as an Ambassador to help connect other dimensional life forms that normally would not find themselves interacting with this plane of experience.
Gloria: Or perhaps with each other?
Gloria asks if Dave is an emissary that becomes acquainted with these persons of other-dimensional existences and is able to introduce them to each other - by describing perceptions and environments?
Does he also bring them physically together or is this done telepathically, or both?
Council: Dave was an other-dimensional being to start with, and has no formal ties with this world. He is here (on Earth) by invitation. He has normally not sought out this kind of experience, but given the nature of his work it was thought that becoming more acquainted, first-hand, with the nature of this realm would give him a greater understanding of the experience of the group with which he was attempting to connect.
Gloria: When you say the nature of Dave's work, you are referring to his work as Ambassador?
Gloria: Would it be correct to say that Dave is an interplanetary Ambassador as well as an intergalactic Ambassador?
Council: That is not correct. Dave helps bridge the gap between interplanetary worlds and worlds not based on traditional planetary systems - worlds that have no physical dimension, that is, worlds that exist through the process of pure thought.  These are worlds that cannot be readily defined in physical terms.
Gloria says that this is quite an endeavor to bridge the gap between physical worlds and worlds that exist only as thought.  What are the means by which Dave is able to bridge this gap? Does it, for example, have anything to do with music?
Council: The mere existence of being is all that is required in some systems of experience. What you are requesting cannot be translated into physical terms unless most of the physical is experienced by those who have never been physical before.
Gloria: And Dave is one such being?
Gloria: And this is why he can bridge the gap?
Council: He is attempting to be a pioneer in this regard.
Gloria: And how is he doing?
Council: He is doing this with some reluctance but understands that it is necessary to be thorough.

Announcements! / Live Michael Channeling with Shepherd Hoodwin
« on: April 11, 2011, 09:50:37 AM »
Join us!

Forum Guidelines (Please Read) / Forum Guidelines (Please Read)
« on: April 07, 2011, 10:30:00 AM »
Welcome to the Michael Teachings Forum!

First and foremost, this is a Michael teachings study group. The goal of this forum is to be as ON-TOPIC as possible. In other words, if your post is not related to the Michael teachings and the specific board you posted on, it will either be moved to a more appropriate board, or removed altogether. This forum is a place to ask questions and learn. It is not for idle discussion or off-topic banter. Everything here should be related to the Michael teachings, with the exception of the "General Discussion" board.

DISCUSS the teachings. Don't just post links to other sites

We would like this group to be a place where you roll up your sleeves and thoroughly DISCUSS a topic rather than redirect our members to an article on another site. The focus of the MT forum should be about the concepts, not the channels. There will always be enthusiastic students that want to promote a particular channel or favorite site, but the experiment of this forum is to be as concept-based as possible and avoid promotional posts.

This forum is also a no-spam zone, so please take that to heart as you read the following guidelines. 

  • Please "Be Polite." There is little tolerance for rudeness on this forum. Members who are intentionally disruptive may be banned without warning. If ever in doubt, "remember the human." It is okay to disagree, of course, but posts that are negative and discourteous -- or clearly designed to incite -- will promptly be removed.
  • Be open minded. Honor others for their differences and keep an open mind to all opinions, religions, and spiritual practices that are addressed here.
  • Do not SPAM our members. Do not contact anyone to suggest your product or service, or promote other forums, discussion lists, or social media sites. You may not post any message that is commercial by nature. A commercial domain is defined as a site that receives any type of income or links to any income producing properties. A post with even a hint of advertising may be subject to removal. For this reason, since signature files are often a spam vehicle, please do not post them on this forum.
  • Watch those links. Because spammers take advantage of loopholes in forum guidelines that involve promotion, please do not promote other sites, blogs, or forums. We want to set the example that this forum is a place for discussion, not promotion. We occasionally post links to pages on this site ( to offer further assistance, but overall this is a forum that's intended for discussion only, not a place that whirls our visitors off to other destinations in cyber space. There are better venues for promotion, such as bookmark sites, newsletters, or your own site. If you must share a passage from an article somewhere, please post the material to the forum as an excerpt. But do not include promotional links.
  • If your user name is the same as your URL or company name, you may be asked to use a personal name.
  • You may not direct others to contact you. That is a common ploy used by spammers.
  • Be a big fuse person. Don't earn the reputation of being "Mr. Meltdown" when people disagree with your opinions. There will always be members of the community who will criticize you, and sometimes they may be right. Accept this fact with grace and maturity, and use it as a way to model the standard of tolerance you want everyone in your community to adhere to.
  • Learn to paraphrase anything that seems ambiguous. If you're not exactly sure what someone means (or if you just want to verify your own suspicions), simply write back to the person what was said using your own words. This allows the person you're communicating with to verify their thoughts, or make corrections to the initial message. It's really as simple as saying, "Oh, so what you're saying is..."...or...."So essentially how you felt was.."...or....."Did you mean to say.....?" If further explanation is needed, it's always helpful to simply ASK questions. Ask, ask, askā€¦.
  • You may not solicit users for any project or purpose external to the forum; public, private, or commercial. Most importantly, our member base is not a resource to be "mined" by individuals, groups, or businesses, for profit or not for profit.
  • Please don't argue forum policy on the boards. That just clogs up any on-going discussion and it's off-topic. If you have an issue with the rules, contact me privately. If you need help with something, post that on the Help board.

Apologies if the above passage seems stern, but spam is a constant nemesis on discussion forums and without strict guidelines a forum can fall prey to the unscrupulous few who choose to abuse the privileges they were given.

Overall it is hoped that this forum serves as a useful resource in your continuing Michael teachings studies. My goal for this forum is to draw out the personal experiences and knowledge of our members and not rely so much on links to articles or what can be found on Google. I want to read what YOU have to say on a topic. Posted links that go outside this site are often dead in a year and that doesn't serve the new members that join this forum in the future. This is your study group. Make the most of it.

Thank you in advance for adding your shining light and uniqueness to this forum.

Dave :)

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