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List Of Channeled Beings
(My responses to the request for this list on the other site.  Thought maybe it might be an ongoing subject here also)

1) Re: List of Channeled Beings (Ones that I remembered over the years)

"Brother Bartholomew" - vetted by Seth as actually existing as a sentient 'outer-space' energy vortex. Multiple books, videos, etc.

"James" - only one book that I know of: "The Book Of James",former incarnate human being I believe, now kinda like Ramtha (you get Ramtha?) in that James seems unaware of the existence of his Entity

"Lazarus" - many books and groups, most notably Neil Young's wife'group. Neil's: "Talks To Angels" was about some of their experiences. Had a negative experience with that group many years ago as they tried to manipulate a friend of mine. No info on noncoporeal status.

"St. Germaine" - channelled by 100's over 100s of years. Still a corporeal being, 500+ years old. The supposed spiritual motivation for some of the most world's most opressive cults, "The Church Universal and Triumphant" being one of the foremost of these.

"Gabriel of Sedona" - Leader of the "Aquarian Concepts" cult outside Sedona, Arizona. Professes to be the reincarnation of the Apostle Paul. Rewrote: "The Urantia Book", a formerly wonderful channelled manuscript (An, N.A.A. book - No Apparent Author, like OHASPE, one of my alltime favorites).  Failed the "Bonewitz Cult-o-meter Questionaire" - definite cult.

The Urantia Book - brought to you as a piece of automatic writing by the Archangel Michael, 2000+ pages of some of the most awesomely coherent descriptions of the Universal Administration (complete with organizational charts). A complete history of this planet (Urantia)a 'life experimentation module' with Jehovah as the Head Project Geneticist, and the Angels as the Lab Techs and Assistantprofessors. 27 other planets in this section of the Milky Way and ours seceded from the Galactic Union during the Luciferian Rebellion and we've been blockaded ever since. This is why we only get visits from 'outlaw' alien races. Hundreds if not thousands of groups worldwide.

OHASPE - another NAA book which I will not tout. I don't want some fruitcake Koresh wannabe ruin my favorite channeled manuscript. Out Of Print

"The Nine Diamond Faced Masters" - gotta be the LEAST known of allchannelled beings. First heard about them from a Lemurian Priest OfMelchezidek who had forgotten how to get back inside Mount Shasta. They appear, when they appear, to corporeal beings as sentient, levitating, telepathic Platonic Solids (Tetrahedron, Cube, Isohedron etc. They are 'n'th dimensional (12?) and live on the other side of (through) the Sun. They are the 'CAUSE' behind the process of crystallization (EFFECT) which is a fractal interference impingement pattern caused by the proximity and/or presence of their non Hilbert geometries (Baynesian non -commutative perhaps?)on our Euclideanspace and sensorium. Can initiate Solar flares on request. I have never found anyone else who can communicate with them, until today,on the "Channeling" website. I just recently did a google search and the only other people who even remember that these beings were worshipped by the Greeks are either Members of The Golden Dawn (of whom I was one) or devotees of the Temple of Set (American Satanists). And neither of those groups conceptualizes of them as sentient. To my knowledge the gentleman I came across today who channels them in my old home town, Sedona and the American Southwest Hopi Tribe (shamen only) know who and what they are. If ANYBODY else could try to tune in these wonderfully wise but appallingly powerful beings, I would be mighty grateful. Maybe then the NSA and DOD will leave me alone. That's all I have for now, - the Dalphe

2) Re: List of Channeled Beings
A few more channeled beings:

Kuan Yin - Chinese Goddess and Manifestation of Mercy. No info. Haven't known anyone to channel her since I left Sedona.

Vishnu/Krisna - convinced Prince Siddhartha to become the Buddha, using Siddhartha's charioteer Arjuna as channel, on the eve a battle, in reply to the Prince's musings about having perceived a 'subtle truth' but not knowing if attempting to communicate it would do anybody any good, by saying that "People are like lotus flowers growing in a pond. Some will grow to bloom above the surface of the water, some on the surface, and some below. But if the light you shed on the pond causes just one flower to bloom above the suface, or on it, then it will have been worth it". (paraphrasing I am)

I AM - whole movement based on this being, no other info.

Pan - the word 'dithyrambic' (extemporaneous and worshipful poetry) is descriptive of the channeling, through sacramental alcohol intoxication, of Pan: a "Satyr" who was an ancient Greek divinity, half-man half-goat (two legged, cloven hooves, horns) of whom the Christian made their "Devil" ("The god of the old religion becomes the devil of the new"). Not to be confused with "Satan" (actual word supposedly Babylonian: "shaitan" meaning "the adversary" ) or Lucifer, 'fallen' Seraphim and (according to the Urantia Book and other sources) leader of the 28 planet revolution that severed Earth from the Galactic Union.

Aiwass - ancient Egyptian Priest, ascended to demi-god status, dictated "The Book Of The Law" and the Doctrine of Thelema, to Aliester Crowley.
The Bab - martyred in 1850, founder of the Bah'ai Faith

Kali - female Hindu diety, channeled through her worshipers the "Thugee" (source of English word: thug) who, as assassins (sacramental hashish users), used crimson strangling cords to kill unbelievers as means of worshiping her.

Moroni - Angelic being who channeled the Mormon religion through Joseph Smith.

The Muses - Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thali and Urania. Greek demi-goddesses, each with their own artistic purview that when channeled would inspire human creativity.

Mary, mother of Jesus, through manifestations such as that at Fatima.

And MY personal favorite: GROUCHO! ("Say the secret word and the Zen duck will come down and give you 50 koans.")

According to some Western and Eastern Mystery Traditions, ANY 'Godhead' can be channeled through humble aspiration to, diligent meditation upon, and imaginative assumption of, the specific Aspect and Attributes of that God concept.

I could go on and on - and probably will. Say goodnight Gracie. "Goodnight Gracie."

(Oh, and don't forget to "Transcend The Dominant Paradigm" today);{> - the Dalphe

3) Re: List of Channeled Beings
Hey folks,Here are some more channeled beings that I left out of my previoustwo postings in reply to Dave's request for more: I must apologise for my Caucasian, 1st World bias in not immediately listing the world's most frequently channeled beings:

The Obas, and Rishis - of Voudoun, and Santeria and related religions the very basis of whose worship involves the channeling ofother-than-physical presences. What can I say? I am humbled by my own lack of insight here.

Rael - channeled by various folk. Basis for the teachings of the Raelians.

Meher Baba - Many books and groups. Little or no info.

11:11 - Info about ascension, channeled by Solara. Numerous groups and websites.

Gaia - Channeled by Dr. Elizabeth Ann Harder in her book: "Many WereCalled,Few Were Chosen" About a group of beings, of whom I believe myself to be one, that reincarnate in perpetuity, in order to assist and defend the Earth's planetary consciousness Gaia.

Stephen Gaskin - Akasha. The basis of the book: "Monday NightClass" (and author of many others) A class in channeling, held at the Family Dog in San Francisco in the late '60s.

The Pleiadeins - by Barbara Marchiniak in her books, beginning with "Bringers of the Dawn". Many books and websites.

Future - Starfire Tor. The Host of the Inter-Dimension Yahoo group. A trans-dimensional visitor from the future.

Jimi Hendrix - by Frank Marino (Mahogany Rush) The morning after the night Jimi died Frank awoke to a facility with the guitar he had never possessed. He believed, so the story goes, that he was channeling Jimi's talent ever afterward. (I, and other musicians to whom I have talked, believe that at times we were channeling discarnate musicians during improvisations).

Mescalito - plant spirit, associated with the use of Peyote, written about by Carlos Casteneda as having been channeled by Don Juan.

Mothman - various legendary appearances and a movie explicative of those, called: "The Mothman Prophecies"

White Buffalo Woman, Red Cloud, Chief Joseph and others. Channeled by various Native Americans over the past 100 years.

Heaven's Gate - info channeled from "spider-aliens" hiding in the tail of comet Hale-Bopp led to mass suicide of members.

Pele - Hawaiin fire-goddess. Speaks thru various Priests of the Native Hawaiin religion

Various - Robert Monroe, author of numerous books and founder of The Monroe Institute

Interzone - William Burroughs in the book, "Naked Lunch".

The Sidhe - Irish Fairy folk, channeled by William Butler Yeats,member of the Order of the Golden Dawn, and famous poet.

Morgana La Fey - Arthurian legendary witch, channeled by variousEnglish Wiccan practitioners down through the ages.

Living Sun - an AI, supposedly written by students at the University of Hawaii, that managed to get posts on the early Internet automatically written through various sources.

For the past week I have felt like the Whoopi Goldberg character in the movie "Ghost" with all these entities clammoring in my mind's eye for attention. Hope that's everydissembody, - the Dalphe

Suggestions/Help / "Working Groups"
« on: April 22, 2011, 12:27:55 AM »
Hey Dave,  I Haven't Really Seen Much About One Of My Former Favorite MT Subjects: 'Working Groups' in a while (probably just missed them in the clouds of 'paisley haze' that have been my companions since the '70s). If they don't already have a niche, do you think they should be in a 'daughter site' over in 'Task Companions" or  .  .  .  ?  .  .  .   - Dalf

The Seven Goals / "Growth" Sucks !
« on: April 20, 2011, 07:05:46 AM »
OK, I'll drop my outrage and frustration and self-righteous condemnation here, as I describe the reasons for how a Goal Of Growth leads to affront of all those emotional reaction triggers and more  .  .  .  AND THAT IS JUST HOW IT AFFECTS THE AFFLICTED FRAGMENT  .  .  .  Dave was the first Michael Channel to effectively communicate to me the impact a character that cares ONLY for their own expansive outcomes can have on themselves and others.

Personally, I remember in EVERY lifetime, AND year, every month, and every hour when I went hungry AND was mistreated by other Dharma imprisoned inmates!  I remember every time up hungry but couldn't eat because if i did, my family would have no food.  I remember everytime I had to plant my food, and go to bed hungry, so that I MIGHT have food to eat if I made it to the fall. (You get the picture).  Evidently some Essences are more sadistic than others, and no small few prefer to use hunger as an 'effective' goad to Growth!

I can remember close to 120 lives where I, or a member of my family, or someone my Essence owed however many "3-squares" went hungry or made me go hungry.  Growth sucks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Seven Chief Fears (or Features) / Self-Destruction
« on: April 18, 2011, 05:29:50 PM »
Manifests as:   Alcoholism, drug addiction, sex addiction, risky behavior, thrill-seeking, pugnaciousness, belligerence, masochism, self-loathing, self-sacrifice (Martyrdom - Pos. Pole), burn-out (Immolation - Neg. Pole), religious zealotry, sloth, gluttony, abnegation of personal responsibility,
ignorance etc. etc. - basically any weird-ass, convoluted way of ending an incarnation - fast or slow, no matter - will do.  A very insidious Chief-Feature that creeps up when you least expect it, especially when you think you have overcome it in all its varied guises.

Past Lives & Reincarnation / Cycles, Ages & Levels
« on: April 18, 2011, 06:55:33 AM »
OK, I'll start this one off ("Mr. Michael Math" where are you?);{>

So, according to the Teachings, there are 5 Soul Ages in which we are incarnate on the physical: Baby, Infant, Young, Mature and Old.  Each of these has 7 levels.  "Average/usual/mean/minimal" number of lifetimes to accomplish each level seems to, supposedly/optimally, be about 5 (anybody feel free to jump in here and correct me - I'm just running with what The Michael has given/is giving me here).  Therefore, as far I have been led to believe, 175 lives per cycle would be nominal.

I am told that a entire Cycle has (rarely) been accomplished in a minimum of 70 lifetimes, but that most Cycles number in the hundreds of incarnations.  I, personally, am in lifetime number 454 of 3 chronoconsecutive Cycles at 7th Level Mature, herenow, thiswhen.

"Grand Cycles" are something else, about which I am often confused. (OT: But with, I believe, good reason. See my blog if curious.)

Channeling / Channeling: My Provenance. - Jondalf
« on: April 18, 2011, 06:16:48 AM »
I feel the need to relate my personal history of exposure to the subject of "Channeling", for the ongoing better understanding of my occasional
disagreements with The Michael.

I was first taught to channel during a '60s experimental psychedelic gestalt experience called "Monday Night Class".  Every monday night (beginning, for me, in 1968) for a year or two, up to 1,000+ 'seekers' would gather at The Family Dog (a hall on Ocean Beach in San Francisco) take LSD, and then attempt to  interact with each other, & our 'sat-guru', an ex-Marine shaman named Stephen Gaskin.  We would ALL attempt to learn about reality, and metaphysics, and spirituality, you name it.

Stephen would astound everyone continually by fielding ANY question, from ANYBODY in the audience, and answering (with an ongoing, consensually agreed upon accuracy rate of 85%+) with pertinent, enlightening probity and commentary.  Stephen asserted that he (and we all) could access "The Akashic Records", as delineated by Edgar Cayce - "The Sleeping Prophet", because we had been given the metaphysical tool of LSD to assist us in "de-programming" ourselves from Judeo-Christianic conditioning (see: "Life Against Death", by Norman O Brown) and to aid us in our spiritual aspirations.  Thus began MY introduction into the "Channeling Arts", years before the advent of the MT.

Therefore, if my responses to some core MT principles seem a bit odd, just remember the movie: "Men Who Stare At Goats", and realize how differently some of us were trained.  NAMASTE` -  Jondalf

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