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I don't know if others feel this way, but I'd be interested in knowing where in the country forum members are from. I'm not asking for "identifying information," just city and state kind of thing.

Why this interest? A) I'm just curious - a scholar. B) It'd be interesting to see if there are any patterns (see A). C) For me, knowing where folks are located helps me make the material more concrete somehow, less disembodied (all puns intended). D) Perhaps folks in nearby locales want to get together to discuss the teachings.

I know some posters have included their whereabouts. I thought a gathering of such info could be fun.

I'm a Jersey boy, living in St. Louis, MO for the last 4.5 years.

I am from UK, or at least that is where I have been living since 1999. I was born and grew up in Czech Republic / formerly Czechoslovakia.

Chiara DB:
I'm in Northern California in a town called Chico, about a 3-hour drive north of San Francisco. Born and raised in California, and determined to live here always (except for the odd month or so in Italy from time to time ;D).

John Roth:
At the moment I'm in Albuquerque, having taken a wrong turn on the road to Reality.

John Roth

I've only been in and around Albuquerque twice, once just transiting through the airport, the other driving nearby. The surroundings look beautiful, although an acquaintance of mine left it recently, saying it didn't offer that much culturally. I can't opine about this, just reporting.


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