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I have known my ET since the early 1980s, but I didn't know he was my ET until the 2000s. I wouldn't say the relationship is "too intense" - I'd say the opposite is true.  It seems like I'm the one who is always initiating contact and conversations - if I didn't, there would be no contact at all, and my ET would be perfectly fine with that.  What does it mean when one side of the ET equation is the one who does all the caring? According to Michael channelings, he and I were male twins in Africa that were sacrificed at age 19 for the good of the tribe (and then we became totem spirits of the tribe for 400 years) and we also had a life where I was the male and was killed for my heretical beliefs, leaving my ET destitute until death occured a year after my own. To me, this history doesn't warrant him being so indifferent to me in this life. It matters a great deal to me that he think well of me and etc. but like I said, he doesn't care. It's not that he doesn't like me as a person, it's just that he is so into his own life that he's his own "one and only." Oh yeah, I'm a 4th mature priest and he's an artisan ( I don't know what level he's at - ETs are not necessarily at the same levels, yes?)

I'm sure others here will have a more definitive response, but I'll jump in and mention that your ET can be like a mirror of your deepest personal issues, so it's not always the most comfortable pairing. There can be an intensity involved that the average person might find daunting, and it wouldn't be surprising to see some ETs keep a wide berth when they can. Perhaps the connection is too much for him, and his indifference is really a defense mechanism, of sorts.


My ET is equally fascinated by the study of religion as I am, but he keeps it at a scholarly level and has a Christopher Hitchens attitude, whereas I'm a believer with a Shirley MacLaine outlook, so I always thought that maybe this aspect of me makes him uncomfortable - sort of like a city slicker with a bumpkin cousin.  Or, maybe he does find the energy daunting. Some people have said I'm intimidating and that really surprises me - little ol' me, a Priest, intimidating?  Yet I remember this one person with an intermittant stuttering issue would always end up stuttering really bad whenever he tried to communicate with me, so maybe there is something in that observation.  I also find it odd that I am such a fan of the Michael Teachings yet my ET isn't - I thought that ETs would share spiritual affinity, but perhaps I'm wrong about that, too?

It's the same story with me, Rosey. I've done all the initiating with her, and she could care less. I don't bother much anymore.

It's not a particularly intense relationship, as we don't know each other well, but there have been validations, and we have similarities (we both studied voice, for example).

One point is that personality isn't essence, and everyone has free will.

Like soul age, ETs are not as big a deal as many think.

Chiara DB:
I'm married to my ET, and we've been in each others' lives for the last 13 years. I would guess that your ET just isn't interested in doing the ET thing with you. Once you start engaging with your ET, it's like a rollercoaster you can't get off of. Every button that can be pushed by each other will be pushed, all the time, almost without relief. Understandably, most people aren't interested in that.


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