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List Of Famous Sages In History (Overleaves available, just to many to type)


Abzug, Bella
Andrews, Anthony
Andrew, Prince
Aquino, Corazon
Astaire, Fred
Ackroyd, Dan
Ball, Lucille
Barr, Rosanne
Belafonte, Harry
Belli, Melvin
Belushi, John
Benny, Jack
Bergen, Candice
Berle, Milton
Bernhard, Sandra
Bernstein, Leonard
Berry, Chuck
Blades, Ruben
Bogart, Humphrey
Borgnine, Ernest
Bridges, Jeff
Brinckley, Christie
Brokaw, Tom
Brooks, Albert
Brooks, Mel
Brosnan, Pierce
Brown, James
Bruce, Lennie
Buckley, William
Burns, George
Burton, Richard
Caen, Herb
Cagney, James
Capote, Truman
Carlin, George
Carson, Johnny
Carter, Lynda
Cavette, Dick
Cervantes, Miguel
Chamberlin, Richard
Chaplin, Charlie
Charles I, King
Chase, Chevy
Clark, Dick
Cleese, John
Coleman, Dabney
Connally, John
Cooper, Gary
Cosby, Bill
Cosell, Howard
Costner, Kevin
Cronkite, Walter
Crosby, Bing
Crosby, David
Crystal, Billy
Dali, Salvador
Dangerfield, Rodney
Davis, Sammy Jr.
De Louise, Dom
De Vito, Danny
Dean, James
Dennehy, Brian
Dickens, Charles
Diller, Phyllis

more soon

Given his outrageous behavior, Truman Capote seems like he should be a poster child for Sage, but Yarbro channeled him as a Scholar, and I agree. Richard Burton also gets the Sage role attached to him, but I just don't see anything in his eyes to suggest Sage.


Dave, thanks for the info.  Is I have said, I don't know from where these xeroxed pages of 100 famous folk's Overleaves came.  I have a vague memory of Ted Fontaine maybe copying them for me in '95. I have most of the Overleaves for all these, as well as folk other than Sages, and will type them in when my neck allows.

Burton, BTW, is listed here as:   4th. Level Mature Sage w/Artisan ET; Goal of Dominance; Attitude of Idealist; Emotional Center;  Chief Feature of Greed

Capote here gets:   Mature Sage; Goal of Discrimination/Acceptance; Passion Mode; Attitude of Skeptic; (no more)


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