Author Topic: Random channelings from what I assume is Michael  (Read 8407 times)


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Random channelings from what I assume is Michael
« on: February 17, 2012, 07:25:56 AM »
Here is a small collection of randoms channelings I recently received from what I'm assuming is Michael. I suggest you use judgement when reading, as not 100% convinced I'm channeling very accurately.

Could the Michael foresee aliens coming to our planet soon? We can foresee that indeed aliens have been interested in coming to your planet as of lately, we don't however see them coming any time soon. We would make the prediction that its possible within the next 10 years that your specie will be at that point where aliens visitors could gracefully be welcomed, but until then, it just isn't within any agenda for contact to be made with human and alien species. It would upset too many of your religious fundamentalist and alike. Once turmoil amongst arid nations ceases and composure about new life being on the planet is brought to bare, aliens will gladly introduce themselves.

Would Michael comment on Houdini's and Jim Diamond's ability to dematerialize and materialize? Is it accurate? We will inform you that, yes dematerialization and re-materialization is possible and that more human fragments will and have successfully done so. The process to do such involves stilling the mind to such a degree it can transmigrate the atomic structure of the body and rehash the body at another location within the time space continuum. To explain any in detail will take a lot of effort and time to carefully delineate the process in linguistical format. Just know the process of such feats done by those fragments was carefully done over extended amounts of time and would take considerable perseverance and patience to perform accurately. That is to say it's a time consuming ordeal to promulgate hence why so few accurately do the process.

Could Michael please comment on the effects of Marijuana, what its good for? And should it ultimately be used? We will attempt to provide insight into the matter of cannabis consumption as you desire, keep in mind we are by no way  "telling you what to do" or attempting at altering your mind, but merely laying out objective information on the matter. We will begin by saying that yes Cannabis dose have benefits but the risks of long term effects are also high, by long term effects we mean undesirable and potentially hazardous to the human body. What Cannabis ultimately does is alter neurological components in the brain to withstand more influence by the subconscious mind and alike. We will state that because of these effects, it allows the fragment to experience a wide array of "colorful" sequences that lay impressions in your waking conscious life. Because of this effect, fragments enjoy the more mundanity of existence on the physical plane. However with the consumption of cannabis over extended periods, the body literal begins to mutate its symbiotic structure in such a way that it begins to significantly alter the mind's ability to think, do, and react. It's because of these detrimental effects, that we suggest it shouldn't ultimately be used. However we will again reiterate for you that we by no means are "telling you what to do" and the choice is ultimately yours to continue consuming it, but from our consultation we wouldn't condone the matter.