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Title: Forum Guidelines (Please Read)
Post by: Dave on April 07, 2011, 10:30:00 AM
Welcome to the Michael Teachings Forum!

First and foremost, this is a Michael teachings study group. The goal of this forum is to be as ON-TOPIC as possible. In other words, if your post is not related to the Michael teachings and the specific board you posted on, it will either be moved to a more appropriate board, or removed altogether. This forum is a place to ask questions and learn. It is not for idle discussion or off-topic banter. Everything here should be related to the Michael teachings, with the exception of the "General Discussion" board.

DISCUSS the teachings. Don't just post links to other sites

We would like this group to be a place where you roll up your sleeves and thoroughly DISCUSS a topic rather than redirect our members to an article on another site. The focus of the MT forum should be about the concepts, not the channels. There will always be enthusiastic students that want to promote a particular channel or favorite site, but the experiment of this forum is to be as concept-based as possible and avoid promotional posts.

This forum is also a no-spam zone, so please take that to heart as you read the following guidelines. 

Apologies if the above passage seems stern, but spam is a constant nemesis on discussion forums and without strict guidelines a forum can fall prey to the unscrupulous few who choose to abuse the privileges they were given.

Overall it is hoped that this forum serves as a useful resource in your continuing Michael teachings studies. My goal for this forum is to draw out the personal experiences and knowledge of our members and not rely so much on links to articles or what can be found on Google. I want to read what YOU have to say on a topic. Posted links that go outside this site are often dead in a year and that doesn't serve the new members that join this forum in the future. This is your study group. Make the most of it.

Thank you in advance for adding your shining light and uniqueness to this forum.

Dave :)