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General Discussion / Connection with your partner
« on: October 17, 2011, 05:39:09 AM »
I'd be interested to know how you are connected with your partner or a previous partner on the soul level.

I'm a warrior cast Artisan with a sage ET, old soul level 3 manifesting mature 5-6, while my husband is a scholar cast Artisan with a priest ET, mature level 6 manifesting same...we are from the same cadre and entityt (4/6). I'm feeling a certain sadness at the fact that we aren't each others task companions or essence twins, its like he is so great and I love him so much that I really wish we will get to be in some relationship again in the future. He is on the truth side and I am on the love side, raw numbers 298 (him) and 388 (me). His frequency is higher than mine and he has more feminine energy while I'm more on the male side.

Overleaves: We share two chief features (self-dep and martyrdom, while he has stubborness and i have arrogance on top of thosE), we have very different body types. Both have the goal of acceptance, while he goes about it in caution mode and I in passion mode. My attitude is cynic and his is spiritual...I guess those differences create the potential for growth between us.

Oh, and I've been thinking about one thing and that is the entity/cadre, for example my husband comes from another country and has lots of relatives ill probably never even I still most likely connected with them either through same entity or same cadre since they were atleast a part of his life while he was still living there. Or are some of these connections outside our cadre or cadre group, just a random connection during this life?

The Seven Goals / Discussion about Acceptance goal
« on: September 20, 2011, 08:57:25 AM »
Hey, anyone else with this Goal ? :) Would be nice to discuss about how it's manifesting in our lives...I've always been a bit of a people-pleaser and kind of wanted everyone to like me...Really trying to outgrow that...+ I never liked arguing much, just wanted to accept things whatever way they are...Interestingly my attitude is Cynicism so I'm negative a lot of times but then I'm like oh things suck but it's okay and sort of enjoy my life anyway...:D

General Discussion / My michael chart!!
« on: September 18, 2011, 05:56:01 AM »
Woohoo, I received my first-ever michael chart last it goes:

Soul Age : Old 3. Manifesting: Mature 5-6
Role : Artisan
Casting : Warrior
Cadence : King
Greater Cadence : Server
Side : Love
Essence Twin : Sage
Task Companion(s) : Warrior, Scholar, Priest
Goal : Acceptance
Mode : Passion
Attitude : Cynic
Centering : Intellectual part of Emotional Center
Chief Feature(s) : Arrogance, Martyrdom, Self-Deprecation

Body Types : Venusian/Jovial/Saturnine 45/30/25
Frequency : 44
Male / Female Ratio : 57/43
Grand Cycles : 12
# Lifetimes : 244
Cadre/Entity : 4/6

Life Task :

Establishing certainty in the spheres around you. This is about distilling the energies
around you and bringing it into more concrete being, dropping it down into physical
manifestation so that it can be felt palpably by people around you. You do this by seeing
the 'big picture' and sharing that information, also by organizing information into patterns
and seeing how they fit.

True Rest :

Feeling water on your hands and fingers.

True Play :

Imagining different worlds.

True Study :

The art of play.

True Work :

Singing your heart song.

Top Three Needs:

Expansion, Power, Exchange

Community Job:


Global Job:


Essence Twin Info:

Discarnate. Heavy influence. This gives you a cardinality you would not otherwise have
and brings weight to your interactions with others and wit the universe. You have shared
many lifetimes, so being in connection with this discarnate source is a different feel for you.
Causes you to feel a bit lonely at times, lonely for close connection.

Task Companion Info:

Scholar = male, living in Afghanistan. Close astral connection, fatherly energy. Appears in
your dreams frequently as a paternal figure. The other two are discarnate, though the
Warrior plans to reincarnate in the next five years or so, in Finland. Strong agreement to
meet, and strong potential for a child agreement between you.

Together as task companions you four seek to create harmony within groups. You could do
this literally through sound healing, vibratory work, or through creating intentions and
certain vibrations by connecting among the four of you (not necessarily consciously,
though now that you know of this you can increase its power) and sending pyramidal
energy between you.

Wow this was so interesting to me and first of all answered my question on how it seems I'm right now living a mature soul life, though I'm actually old soul 3. What I'm most wondering about is how can I be an Artisan when I hate all kinds of artsy things, like atleast making them. I have no artistic talent, I do enjoy looking at art and movies and theater plays but no desire to participate in making it...Otherwise I do resonate with being an artisan, not a fan of the 9 to 5 life or any routines and I am a drama queen at times :D (In numerology I'm a double 3, my personality and my life path are both 3..) Well, maybe my creativity is lying somewhere under all the conditioning of my life..or maybe creativity can be something else as well?

If anyone knows what for example global job and community job really are and whats the meaning of casting/cadence/greater cadence and side for example, how are they significant...also the cadre/entity numbers I'm not sure what those what is their significance..

It seems like my true rest/play/study/work are all about FUN lol!  ;D

Ocean ;)

Soul Age / Old souls living a normal family life??
« on: September 13, 2011, 05:03:43 AM »
Are there old souls (actually manifesting old soul age) who are living a so called normal family life, married with kids etc, with a job to provide for the family and actually feeling happy that way.  I was wondering if I can be an old soul since I'm living that type of life and for now enjoying it or am I just not manifesting the old soul in me right now?


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