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Do Priests tend to resemble Sages? With some ET stuff too.

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MBTI stands for Myers Briggs Type Indicator, but also is generally used to refer to the personality typology the 'indicator' covers (which involves 16 types of various functions).

For me my artisan ET comes through quite a bit, mostly because it's discarnate. And I think neutral scholar casting allows it to come through more clearly than it might otherwise. And it makes a LOT of sense for me, as I get some crazy dreams and very artisan-like things often coming through my sub-conscious. It's like my other half that exists in my head and helps me along in giving my king activities a creative twist.

Though that said, I also have sagey-priesty things going on because of my body type (mercurial) and being 6th level mature with some other inspirational overleaves. I thought I might have been a priest before I had my chart channeled as people always said I was very inspiring to be around (but I know now, that it's not in the same way that a priest goes about it, it's just that 6th mature thing).

But I also have a hard time sometimes teasing apart the differences in people who seem to possess both sage/priest elements. I think also perhaps they're similar because they can both be apt to spreading their word more verbally. My "word" as a king seems to be spread more through my energy and presence than by inspiring or writing (though I do write and inspire and art around). Though I know that priests and sages aren't necessarily outspoken or constantly talking (though some are, definitely). But yes, very similar because of the cardinality, definitely. And the weird undulating need to reach out to the "masses". Even though I'm very introverted, I still want my art someday to be influential to and seen by a mass of people, even if that's just in nz somewhere.


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