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Past Life Regression Therapists in Washington DC area?

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The friend who facilitated my session trained with a woman who used to work with Newton.


Wow, that must have been fascinating to experience!  I've read his books a couple times and would love to try it out some day, especially since I've spent years trying to figure out which of two directions to go as my life purpose - I'm equally drawn to both.  I did read your article about it - thanks for posting!

I went to Michael Newton's site and didn't see any hypnotists in the Washington D.C. area specifically, but maybe there are some nearby.

I have had several sessions in the DC (Northern VA off Dulles Toll Rd) with Rose Rosetree,  My sessions were interesting and productive.  She is very kind and empathetic.  I recommend her.

Thank you for all the thoughtful replies!

I have read the Newton books, albeit a long time ago.  Sounds like I may need to reread them

I do remember that it was suggested to me to investigate past lives and their impact on my current life in a channeling session with Shepherd once. 

Maybe the purpose was to tell me about procrastination...  doh!

Susan (the oboist)

I'm not sure that everyone newly arrived and off-loafed, is aware of the ongoing Sunday Night Live Chat Room Channeling sessions, provided free of charge for years* at the 'other 'MT' Site.  This has been one of the most "demonstrative of egalitarian intent" indicators I have experienced in my 40 year struggle to "know myself".  These sessions can provide one answer per session, either general or personal, on specific Past Life information. "Overleaves" are generally better provided, for a nominal fee, by one of the revered longtime Michael Channels (of which I am NOT one, BTW, I have an occasional epiphany and many theories. only)  I'll never forget the amazed satisfaction I finally felt, in 1995, as I read an e-mail containing the Overleaves a Michael Channel named Ted Fontaine had cheerfully sent my way, no charge.  I had at that point, never met the man, or had any interaction other than mutual recommendations for esoteric spiritual datasites, like the few upon which we had met.  Needless to say, they are still the most effective spiritual tool I have EVER come across, and still MORE than 90% accurate.    - theDalphe

(I thought I had noticed the singular presence of an oboist recently, which means I could deliver the ONE piece of Oboist data that has persisted in remaining accessible to my recollection for more than 20+ years now. This is one of the most notable indicators of '"Sage"Mind': storing up little pieces of data - sometimes just a word or phrase to be passed on to someone you know you will meet.)

*(donations cheerfully accepted);{>  


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