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What Attracted You To The Michael Teachings?

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John Roth:
Welcome aboard!

John Roth

I discovered this teaching three years ago at a point that I later learned was the end of my fourth internal monad, which is not surprising in retrospect. I'd been raised Protestant Christian and slowly moved away from dogma during the last decade until I'd come to a tipping point where I would rather adopt atheism than continue to go along with dogma. I'd accepted evolution, but could not accept oblivion.

It was while in this philosophical no-man's-land that I was spending the day with my wife and kids, and she remarked that our daughter is an old soul in a baby body (not philosophical, a turn of phrase). That was a light bulb moment, my eyes grew wide, and I went online. My first search result was, so I read everything the site had to offer. A couple days later, I purchased MFM. I was stunned by the information that so corresponded with my own worldview at that point in time.


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