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What is your diet?

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Hi everyone  :D

I would be interested to know what an average Michael student eats. It comes up in Michaelite discussions every now and then - so I would like to see some stats

I don't have any special diet, I eat whatever I feel like eating and desire..I enjoy a wide variety of foods, but love my meat too much to be a vegetarian/vegan...+ I have tried to be vegetarian before and ended up severely anemic..

No special diet.  I like a variety of foods.  Anything from a PB&J to a full course dinner and everything in between.  I especially like Mexican, Chinese, and American.  Not crazy about seafood.

I'm currently trying a Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) diet.  It has a focus on traditional foods and avoiding antinutrients, but less restrictive than Paleo.  What's your diet, jk? 

Pescaterian would describe it, Elisa. I also avoid dairy and eggs but not strictly and only eat small amount of fish/seafood.

I have only recently heard of paleo (on a macrobiotics forum), but not yet of WAPF.

The poll only allows a limited number of options, it it were not so, I would have included some other options too.

Those of you who select "Other", what is that Other?


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