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How do you go about telling people about the Michael teachings?

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--- Quote from: Dave on January 27, 2012, 12:29:01 AM ---I'd guess that most of us have had experiences like that when we shared the MT. I think it's always easier to spark interest than retain it, however. One obvious hitch is that once students get beyond the theoretical side of the MT they inevitably face the task of doing the inner work necessary to live the teachings. That's daunting for some, and they will either fall back to the theoretical or quit studying the material altogether.

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I agree with all of these points.  I have not had any interest in sharing the teaching because I so loathe religious proselytizing. But, a loved one who lost a dear friend to cancer has been grieving for 2 years and could not overcome the grief. I slowly began introducing her to agape, of a 'God' who does not condemn sinners, that there was no original sin, and no eternal judgment. That we are here to learn, grow, find peace within, to be a better person. Ultimately, to learn unconditional love, the ability to love the unlovable. Over time, she has come to agree. I explained my belief that her dear friend is right here with us, any time you think of her, that is her saying hello. At one recent resurgence of grief, I gently suggested that I believe this is not a one-shot life, but that we eventually return to continue our path of learning to love the unlovable.


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