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  I had feelings from  past lives before I had heard about past lives and came to believe they are real.  I was a gang leader of some kind in a past life and was very angry when I got killed and some of that anger would come out in this life when I would get killed in -of all places- online games such as compuserve back around 1980.  The anger seemed out of place since I didn't know it was connected to a past life.  When I meditated in 1990 I started remembering past lives up to just over a dozen of them.  Michael backed me up on some memories when I asked about them. I remember destroying things in Atlantis in a war and was uncomfortable asking Michael about it at first as I think of myself now as relatively harmless.  I didn't want to accept at first that I was a bad guy in past lives but finally decided it is a natural part of evolution.  That helps me accept others who are younger souls and are bad guys now.   

I think it's a given that we have all had lives where our shadowy selves won out and considerable karma was created.    Just think of the learning curves necessary for each set of overleaves we choose. There are considerable opportunities to fall flat on our face and I think we do more often then we'd care to admit. But our essence is apparently remarkably resilient and we get back on our feet, brush ourselves off, and jump back into the game.



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